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Home lighting market outbreaks and LED panel light will no longer snubs

With the accelerating development of LED industry, the traditional lighting companies began to focus on the development of LED in recent years. Emerging LED companies also actively make a layout to seize market. However, relative to the heat production of LED companies, the public still concerns about the technical drawbacks of LED.
LED has the obvious advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection. However, the glare question is still a headache of LED production companies. How to solve the problem of glare and build a comfortable lighting environment for consumers is always the key point for LED companies to research and develop. By contrast, LED panel light has obvious advantages in this context. As a relative new type of light, LED panel light has began to replace the common grille lamp, ad has been widely used in high-grade hotels, offices, viewing balcony and corridor, etc. LED panel light uses LED strips as lighting source, plus a LGP or diffuser plate, can effectively disperse the light point-blank, make the light downy not dazzling. Besides, it has uniform illumination and high brightness. Compare to other kinds of lights, LED panel light has obvious advantages and the current application range has been expanded.
Take the LED table lamp for example, currently almost all LED table lamps on the market are adopted the use of LED flat light. Because the LED table lamp has a very high requirement to protect eyes, and LED panel light just can meet this need, so it is been widely used.
With the enlargement of the LED application range, indoor home lighting is the focus of many lighting companies. According to statistics, in 2012, the market penetration of LED panel light in building lighting is as high as 56%, but also due to the mature market, its growth has been slowed. Benefiting from the government’s policy to create the market demand, LED outdoor lighting makes the application of LED panel light grows slow. So the penetration of LED panel light in industrial lighting applications is only about 6%, while its market penetration has reached to 15% in commercial lighting.
House is one of the largest global application markets, LED panel light was firstly used as bulb to enter into residential lighting market and replace traditional incandescent lamps. But due to consumers’ sensitivity for the price is high, so the penetration of LED panel light in residential lighting market is only about 13% in 2012, it still has a vast space to be promoted.
With the improvement of public spending power, many people are willing to choose the LED lighting lamps, and now the main consumers who purchase house is the younger generation, their recognitions of the LED are high, and the future home lighting market should be the focus of lighting companies’ competition.
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Advantages of metal furniture

Metal tubes, plates or sticks and other materials for the main structure, wood, all kinds of plywood, glass, stone and other manufactured furniture, as well as a completely made of metal material, collectively referred to as Metal Furniture.
Commonly known as " Steel and wood furniture " from a professional understanding of the concept should be of metal furniture. Steel and Wooden Furniture manufacturers is only a kind of metal furniture. Metal furniture and Living Room Chair can be a good way to create a different atmosphere in different rooms of the family, but also make the home more diverse and richer modern style. The following is the advantages of metal furniture:
1. Greens environmental protection
Metal furniture raw materials are cold-rolled steel, mineral resources from the smelting, rolling. With the rise of steel industry "green revolution" and the production process promotion "zero energy", from the selection of metallic materials to the production process and eliminated after use, do not give society a waste of resources and unfriendly effect on the ecological environment. This is the reusable and sustainable development of resource products. Some manufacturer using the ten-station cleaning phosphate process, can effectively guarantee the coating and the surface of the solid, and its coating materials commonly used eco-friendly powder coating, high utilization, work process scattered powder can be recycled, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde.
2. Fireproof, Moisture-proof, antimagnetic
Fireproof mainly reflect in metal furniture can withstand the test of fire, so to minimize the extent of the loss. Moisture-proof’s characteristics are most suitable for the southern region. China's vast southern region, as long as the Celsius temperature 12 ℃ ~ 14 ℃, relative humidity of 60% or more, is a paradise for mold growth and hotbed of corrosion. Besides, precious paper documents, photographs, instruments, expensive drugs, and various volumes are likely to get wet. Moisture-proof metal furniture can solve people's troubles. The manufacturer remind you magnetic properties is particularly important in the computer age, with trade secrets, statistics, personal data disks, tapes of historic significance files, images, or the classic CD and other precious objects, fear by a sudden strong magnetic interference, the magnetic properties of metal furniture can be a good solution to this problem.
3. Functional diversity, space saving
As good strength cold-rolled sheet, metal furniture processed through bending process can meet the functional requirements of many aspects, multi-drawer, multi-door, moving, simple, etc. in different products can do. In addition, many varieties of metal furniture with folding function, not only convenient to use, but also save space.
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The 21st China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Product Fair

China and Asia's largest gift and home product Fair will be held in the gold purchasing season on April and October each year. The Fair has been successfully held two decades, the organizers together with 3500 first-class brand from all over the world to jointly presenting the largest gifts, toys and household goods exhibition. This is a truly national trade activity, and the active participants will meet here twice a year at this industry's best exchange buying season to establish cooperation and define market trends. China is becoming the world's third largest economy, as the years focused on the domestic market of professional trade shows, Shenzhen Gift Home Show also for overseas suppliers to provide the best opportunity to develop the Chinese market.
Show Features:
● Professional buyers: each show received 130,000 overseas professional buyers
●Government Support: with more than 50 associations and government support.
●Best time: the same period with Hong Kong and Guangzhou Gift trade show, which is the best sourcing opportunity.
●Brand Show: 20 years of brand development, through the Global Association of Exhibition Industry UFI certification authority, is a high-quality professional exhibition.
Show Description:
Twenty-first China (Shenzhen) International Gifts Home Exhibition (Shenzhen Fall Gift Show) will be held in Hall 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, nine hall to accommodate nearly 6,300 international standard booths, with a total area of nearly 120,000 square meters, more than 3,800 exhibitors. And currently, it is the leading exhibition and most influential brand in the gift industry.
Since 2000, this Commodities Fair continuous expanding the exhibits range, the development of household products like gangbusters, including household goods, home textiles, home decoration, tableware, Kitchen Furniture and other team has grown, new brand launches, and is known as the “China gifts home page an Exhibition "," gift industry TOP100”, remarkable influence and innovation spirit leading the industry witnessed gifts industry’s important direction for common development. 2013 Fall Gift Show will fully demonstrate the culmination of industry gifts home and abroad, whether you are Chinese rookie, or the creative star, 120,000 square meters of space at home and abroad grand top original brands are comparable to the same stage to greet this Golden Purchasing season.
●ceramics, tableware, crystal and glassware
●Household goods, textile products, kitchen supplies, home decorations
●Electronic and electrical appliances, toys
●Packaging and paper products
●Sports and leisure travel goods, leather bags
●Stationery and stationery, collectibles
●gifts, handicrafts, Cosmetic Bottles, promotional gifts advertising category
●Jewelry and fashion jewelry, watches Smoking and cigarette lighters, beauty care products
●Household items, small appliances, Shoe Racks, metal utensils, cutlery, household hardware tools, home furnishings, kitchenware, plastic products; health care and personal care products, cleaning utensils, bath and personal care products, interior products, iron and outdoor products, furniture, lighting, children's products, pet appliances, and Christmas crafts.
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China Electronics Fair

2013 China Electronics Fair will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from 11-15 November 2013.
China Electronics Fair is the authoritative and comprehensive professional Electronics Show. China Electronics Fair (CEF) began in 1964, is the oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibition of China. China Electronics Fair leading the basis of electronic technology to promote independent innovation and grow together with China's electronics industry. China Electronics Fair annual exhibition scale of 150,000 square meters, serving the application industry such as 3C, industrial and national defense, help you develop the China market and win more business opportunities. China Electronics Fair is one of the members of Asian electronic UFI (AEECC), with the Japan Electronics Show (CEATEC JAPAN), Korea Electronics Show (KES), the Taiwan Electronics Fair (Taitronics), the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HK Electronics Fair) is called Asia's Top Electronics Show. Mutual cooperation among the members greatly improves the CEF's influence in the international arena.
China Electronic Fair (CEF) is the only exhibition supported by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry. It is the most authoritative (government support), the oldest (since 1964), the most all categories (display electronics industry chain), the largest (all year 15 million square meters), the most widely used layout (Shenzhen, Xi'an, Shanghai -cooperate with each other in spring, summer and autumn), and with a high-level multi-class seminars activities. CEF is the most representative of large-scale exhibition in domestic electronics industry, 85% of the industry and the company had participated in the CEF, 80% of China's electronic components company and 65% of instrumentation, electronic equipment and electronic tools and other related industrial enterprises growth and development through CEF. 2013 China Electronic Fair will move to the next level, to help you develop a comprehensive market between domestic and foreign and win more business opportunities.
Exhibits: measurement, Professional Audio, measuring instruments, measuring instruments, test systems, sensors, circuits, power supply, power supply module, electronic materials, electronic measuring instruments, Power Cable, electronic measuring instruments, PCBA, electronic tools, electronic components, high-performance, industrial, optical, optical and electronic.
The 82nd China Electronics Fair - to promote electronic information technology upgrades, Shanghai is China's largest economic center and famous port city in the leading position in China's economic development. China's "economic growth pole and the engine" is known as the Yangtze River Delta region, the electronic information industry with its capital intensive, technology intensive has been developed as a new pillar industry of Jiangsu and Zhejiang two provinces.
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LEDth Summit

The LED of the world's most influential annual event - New Century LED Forum (formerly: LED Forum in Asia) will be held from 9-10 June 2013 at the Pazhou Complex Convention Center. According to the organizing committee, the size and specifications of the forum there will be a new breakthrough, Expand 6 screenings Technology Branch, the forum will focus on the global market in the afternoon of the 9th Global Conference of the market within 2 days, and the number of participants is expected to more than 2012. The opportunities and challenges coexist with the industry authorities, in-depth market and technical aspects of break out the plight of the global industry to seek change strategy.
A number of international the LED industry bodies, associations, experts will be invited to attend the forum, such as China Council for the Promotion of Cooperative, Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA), South Korea LED Association, Japan Lighting equipment industry, University of Colorado, Dr. Song, director of the LED-FPD engineering technology research and development centers of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor Li, the chairman of Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association, etc. The forum will condense senior industry research; analyze the staff's point of view; analyze current situation for the industry. The organizing committee also said that the forum topics this year will be directed at the development of LED industry heated and difficult, throughout the LED on the middle and downstream industry chain, provided the whole industry chain authoritative technical solutions.
In the past year, the global LED industry is experience a baptism, East China LED manufacturing situation become more severe. There is no doubt that Chinese manufacturing is experiencing the pain of some kind of transformation, the foreign trade market is facing a huge challenge; On the other hand, in the absence of core equipment such as MOCVD, MO source of key materials such as sapphire substrate field, Chinese companies also been actively seeking their own opportunities. In the capacity growth, intense competition, how to upgrade its technology, reduce costs, LED industry will be an important decision in the face of great change.
It is reported that the new century LED Forum will be held in conjunction with the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition).It organized by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt, hosted by LED Network. At the appointed time will gather LED top experts, as well as several thousand industry elite participate in the consultation, counsel choice and change of LED industry road. Main Exhibits: LED, LED display, LED lighting, backlight, LED PAR Light, measuring, LED Panel Light, lamps, lighting accessories, power package, the light source, control systems, modules, drivers, epitaxial wafers, LED Tunnel Light, display, display, chip, lighting, lighting control, lighting control systems, lighting, production equipment, professional lighting, professional lighting, decoration, decorative lighting, and so on.
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