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The advantages of metal furniture

With the development of economy, more and more people's income has increased. There are more and more people moving into the new house, and bought new furniture. Nowadays all kinds of furniture showed up in the market, so how to choose appropriate furniture is the problem of the buyer. Furniture can be divided into wooden furniture and metal furniture .It also can be divided into the kitchen furniture and living room furniture. This article is mainly recommending the advantages of metal furniture. Mention about metal furniture, people will immediately think of the cold hard "iron man". The raw materials of metal furniture is iron, and this kind of cold-rolled steel sheet, physical properties determine the steel furniture is hard and cold .Therefore ,the metal furniture is unpopular because of its texture , and this kind of characteristic is the opposite to people’s loving sense of warmth . Maybe most of them would like China wooden furniture .In fact, the original cold hard "iron man", is being entered into our life with various of different posture.
The first advantage of metal furniture is green and environment. The raw materials of metal furniture is cold rolled steel, smelting and rolling from the mineral resources. With the "green revolution" and "zero" energy consumption to promote the production technology of the iron and steel industry , metal materials will not make any social resources waste or unfriendly influent on ecological environment .It is a resources products which is reusable and sustainable development .
The second advantage is fire prevention, moisture proof and magnetic prevention .Fire prevention is mainly manifested in metal furniture can withstand the fire text that results to minimize the loss. Moisture is most suited to the characteristics of the south region. In the southern parts of China, as long as the temperature is between 12 ℃ ~ 14 ℃, relative humidity above 60%, then it will be a paradise for mold to grow and a hotbed to rust. Precious paper documents, photos, instrument, expensive drugs, as well as a variety of film disk are likely to be affected by damp. But, moisture resistant of metal furniture can solve this problem.
The another advantage of metal furniture is diversity function and save place. Because of the cold rolled sheet strength is good ,it can meet the functional requirements of many aspects after bending process of metal furniture .The advantages such as multi drawer ,multi doors ,moving ,simple and direct use can be showed up in different products .In addition ,various of furniture have the function of folding ,and it is not only easy to use ,but also can save a space .

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Children’s furniture require careful maintenance

Children's furniture has different styles and different colors on the market, some advocate logs environmental protection, some claiming colored beneficial child, but Experts suggest that parents should first clarify the concept before purchase.
The environmental performance of children's furniture is the parents first consideration, some owners will think solid wood furniture are more environmentally friendly, but in fact, the consumer should be focus on the content of harmful substances based on appropriate furniture materials. National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Director introduced, if not natural Wooden Furniture manufacturers, solid wood furniture panels are also used adhesives, formaldehyde emission problems also exist. In addition, solid wood furniture and Metal Furniture usually will be painted like the kitchen equipment manufacturers, you need to concern whether the excessive heavy metal content of the paint. Class veneer plywood furniture surface using a hot press paper or wood veneer or glued together, which is affixed to the surface of the color of the wood grain color on paper materials, although no heavy metals, but much of this furniture material as plywood, you need to pay attention to whether its formaldehyde emission standards.
Some salesmen said that furniture colors more brilliant, the more heavy metals contained in it, causing some parents abandon colorful children's furniture. An expert introduced the class if it is plywood veneer furniture, veneer furniture color is itself, there is no argument containing heavy metals, while for solid painting wood furniture, regardless of the brush is colorless or colored, as long as the paint, which will contain heavy metals, but it has nothing to do with the depth of color. The manufacturers should have the test report for the heavy metal in paints so that consumers can pay attention to check at time of purchase.
Experts said that due to the current children's furniture are in line with national standards, each brand will try to make their own standards higher, and a special children's furniture is designed for children of all ages, such as beds, tables equilateral corners have been processed, etc., with user-friendly design. And parents often gives the furniture more things would be better when buying furniture together around children, let the children choose their favorite furniture, respect the child's choice.
Environmental protection and safety is a key consideration. In order to avoid the child bump injuries, the best choice for handling relatively smooth corners of the furniture, or furniture corners to put collision angle. On the environment, the State has not established a separate children's furniture for the specific standards. However, if the content of harmful substances furniture standards generally has tested report, and in the instructions for use would indicate. Therefore, parents of children in the choice of furniture, it is best to buy brand products, and according to the characteristics of furniture, view the test reports and furniture businesses use to understand the performance of furniture. And later in the choice of furniture, it is best to be ventilated, and maintain good ventilation.
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Scientific use of all kinds of kitchen utensils

The kitchen is one of the most intimate corners of our family, because there are full of love cooking out of mind. All kinds of kitchenware, the role of different, you should use scientifically. Otherwise, not only useless but be harmful.
First, avoid the iron pan to cook green beans. Because of mung bean contains tannin, in the case of iron under high temperature conditions may produce a black iron tannins, making black bean soup, a special smell, not only affect appetite, taste, and harmful.
Second, avoid stainless steel or iron pot boil herbal medicine. Because herbal medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and a variety of biochemical substances, in particular under heating, stainless steel or iron with a variety of chemical reactions take place, or the failure of the drug, and even some toxicity (complex is large).
Three, avoid aluminum pots filled dishes. Because of its poor corrosion resistance, the case of weak base, weak acid, salt and other substances in a chemical reaction will occur and produce particular compound, so the food, wine, monosodium glutamate, etc. should not be mounted in an aluminum container overnight. Eggs should not be there in the aluminum pan, stirring encounter because the egg white encountered aluminum will become hoar and egg yolk becomes green. Leftovers, soup, should not be left in an aluminum container overnight.
Fourth, avoid cooking by use the Black cypress or the smell of timber. Black cypress contains odors and toxic substances, and cooking with it not only pollutes the dish, and can easily cause vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain. Therefore, Folk preferred wood cutting board is made ginkgo trees, honey locust, birch and willow, etc.
Five, avoid use painting or carving engrave engraving of bamboo chopsticks. The paint on the painted chopsticks not only contains lead, benzene and other chemicals, its harmful to health, and the odor when heated, affecting appetite. Carved chopsticks seem beautiful, its filth, not easy to clean and bacteria, it may easy to cause disease.
Six, avoid all kinds of color porcelain filled condiments. Condiments preferably filled with glassware costumes. Color porcelain contains lead, benzene and other carcinogens. With the aging and decay porcelain color, pattern pigment within the "radon" of food, pollution, harmful.
Along with changes in the environment, low-carbon economy will bring a revolution in kitchen furniture, China Wooden Furniture, Living Room Chair, Shoe Racks and Metal Furniture. Green kitchen is not just a product, but also a grasp of future trends, environmental philosophy, advocating all kinds of commercial kitchen use more environmentally friendly, healthy, efficiency and safety standards in line with green kitchen equipment. Enterprises attach importance to the long-term development of green kitchen equipment suppliers, adhere to the "use technology to create green value" corporate philosophy, ongoing research and innovation, dedicated for users to create economic and ecological sustainability of win-win situation for many heating-related industries on a green, healthy, energy-efficient window of the future.
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Pay attention to buy children's furniture

How to choose the right furniture for children are the problems faced by many parents. Children’s furniture should not only safe and comfortable and accord with room size, but also take into account the child's preferences.
Select furniture, the order has exquisite. It is not the same for us to select the kitchen equipment suppliers, Experts suggest that parents should choose those ergonomically designed furniture for children, the furniture sized should match with the child's height, age and body, and this will let the children feel comfortable when in use, it’s good for their healthy development. Buy children's furniture is very particular about the order; general should first select children's chairs, and then choose the right size according to the chair of the table. Metal Furniture is a good choice. The right seat height, when the child is sitting on top of the seat should be flush with the knees and the feet can touch the ground, the legs 90 degrees. When select the table, the high tables and abdomen should be flush.
According to the report, if you encounter child table can adjust the desktop, you need to pay attention to the degree of its regulation is scientific and reasonable. Because the child often need to pick up items at the top of the table when writing, so if you lie on the move on the table, the child's back development adversely. The inside of the body of the child table tilted back more beneficial development. The official also suggested that children over the age of 3 Select Bedding, we should take into account their growth is faster, the size should leave room dimensions.
Children's room needs to meet the child play, learn and rest. If smaller children's room, you can choose some modular Wooden Furniture manufacturers, such as the above is possible for children to bed rest, below were designed to bookshelves and desk, a children's learning space, while at the children's beds ladder combination storage cabinets into, you can place clothing, this multi-purpose products for the room to save a lot of space.
Children have different needs at every stage of growth, and if they are replaced each time a set of furniture, it is not realistic for most families. Parents must pay attention to the product “growth” when selecting furniture, both for pre-school children who preferred to use, but also suitable for use in school and continue to use. For example: You can add the bed elevated leg of the crib, when the children over 3 years old, they can be turned into a high bed cot can also be equipped with the slides for their home games, the kids grow up to six or seven time, but also in bed with a desk.
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Tips for buying furniture

Purchase of furniture relates to the quality of life of the entire family, good furniture not only looks decent, but also has a certain use, facing the good and bad products on the market, here to tell you some recipe.
Whether the furniture materials is reasonable
Different furniture, the surface material is a difference. Such as tables, Living Room Chair, cabinet legs, Kitchen Furniture and asked to use hardwood, relatively strong, able to load, and the internal materials you can use other instead; wardrobe leg thickness requirement of 2.5 cm thick on the clumsy, easy to bend thin deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets do not use fiberboard, because the water will expand and damage the fiberboard; dining table should be washable, if found wood insect eyes, out at the end, indicating that drying is not complete. After checking the surface, but also open the doors, look inside the drawers and check the material inside there is no rot, you can use a fingernail pinch a pinch, pinch into a decayed material inside it shows. Open the door and smell, if you feel glare and tears, that indicating high levels of formaldehyde adhesives, it’s harmful to humans.
Structural soundness of furniture
Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, Shoe Racks, stools, hangers, etc. in the selection can drag a drag on the concrete floor, if the sound is crisp, it indicate the quality is good; if the voice crack with crackling noise, indicating that combines mortise is not tight, the structure is not strong. Besides, select a sofa, you can sit on it, get a move on if creaking sound, a shake to shake, is a nail live, will not take long. Square table, tables, chairs and other leg should have four triangular clamps to fixed effect, when you pick and choose, take a look at the tables and chairs upside down, pack cloth chairs can hand touch.
Veneer furniture patchwork tight or not
Paste wood veneer, PVC or paste pre-paint paper, should pay attention to whether the paste was smooth or not, with or without drum kits, blistering, loose patchwork phenomenon. Check to see when the light directed, otherwise it doesn’t show. Ash wood veneer furniture easier to damage, generally only two years. Wood veneer, planning veneer is better than the rotary-cut one. Identification of both methods is to look at the wood patterns, sliced veneer lumber straight and dense texture, peeling the veneer pattern and sparse song. Particleboard veneer furniture, the ground to be Edge, Edge board will not absorb moisture, swell and damage. General veneer furniture corner place easy tilt to pick and choose what you can hand to pull the corners, pull it up if one, indicating a problem with the glue.
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