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2014 China (Beijing) International Construction Equipment Exhibition

China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation jointly hosted the second session of the China (Beijing) International Exhibition on Construction Four New China (Beijing) International construction equipment, building materials, machinery and construction tools Exhibition will be held in March 2014 4-6, at Beijing national Convention Center once again.
China State Construction Engineering four new Expo is the only China Construction Industry Association hosted and fully supported by the industry technology products exhibition. Exposition in one fell swoop integrates multiple projects related exhibition construction field, through the authority associations and professional group exhibition company strong cooperation, convergence of many construction units, distribution groups, the construction division, construction and technical personnel and other stakeholders, to build a building and construction industry stop sourcing and marketing platform. Last building four new exhibition gathered 412 famous enterprises, brought together more than 31,100 domestic and overseas distributors agents, purchasing and management personnel, construction and decoration engineering units, architects, designers, and real estate development institutions and other professional audiences , and achieved fruitful branding effect, become the northern region's largest and most trade exchanges effect construction industry event. During the exhibition, China Construction Industry Association also held a "promote the use of advanced and applicable technologies construction and architecture engineering and technical experts committee work experience exchange", more than 600 units of large buildings from around the country level and above the total workers who attended the meeting and visit the exhibition.
2014 China International construction equipment, building materials, machinery and construction tools Construction Exhibition 2014 will be an important theme of Four New Expo exhibition. The exhibition will not only set construction equipment and tools, building materials and machinery industry the latest technology, products, solutions, but also through the strong support of China Construction Industry Association, to carry out extensive activities in the same period, brought together a number of groups and the majority of sales agents construction management, procurement, distribution and technical professionals, engineering and technical equipment in the field of architectural effects and industry's most influential trade promotion platform.
- China Construction Industry Association sponsored comprehensive support, and build construction field's top show!
- Extensive industry concurrent activities, many professionals broad participation
- A collection of multi-audience organizational resources, comprehensive promotion, to achieve high-quality show results
- Spring March organized annual industry showcase and promote the best time
- Years of construction industry experience and resources accumulated group exhibition, a comprehensive exhibition services
Exhibits Category:
Construction equipment and tools:
Glass, glass products, materials, products, molding, molding machine, molding machinery, electrical equipment, hoists, separation, separation machine, steel, high-altitude, aerial, aerial vehicles, engineering machinery, Floor, welding, welding equipment, drying, baking dry equipment, concrete, concrete machinery, machinery, Wooden Furniture manufacturers, processing machinery, processing equipment, kitchen equipment suppliers, testing instruments, testing instruments, building materials.

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2013 The Guizhou Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition

The 3rd Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition sponsored by the Guizhou Daily Newspaper Group, Guizhou Metropolis Daily JO, Guiyang Exhibition Services Ltd. and Guizhou landscape verve advertising companies, was held on 29-31 March 2013 in Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The overall objective of this decoration materials exhibition is to develop 20,000 square meters of exhibition area, 1,000 booths and nearly 50,000 audiences. And such an overall objective, the indicators are in 2012 on the basis of Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition made substantial growth.
Well-known brands together to create the largest exhibition
Just two months time has attracted nearly hundreds of home improvement business registration, booth sign has more than 2/3. Registration companies, occupying more than half of customers, many old customers from the previous 1, 2 booth expanded into 4, 6 booths, and even up to nine booths. All this fully explain Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition positive effects are being recognized by more and more customers. The exhibition very strong team, will also enhance the quality of exhibitors will be more extensive product range. Either from the product category, product style, or from the product style, form, there will be a very significant improvement.
Media strategic alliance will promote various means
Up to now, Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition has been with more than 100 national trade and professional website reached a cooperation; in the province has not only with more than 20 strong network media to reach an amicable and cooperative relations, it is the means of Guizhou Metropolis strong media influence, Guizhou build home improvement building materials exhibition cluster effect. Meanwhile, the "big market", "interactive home", "Guizhou decoration" and other fortification brand magazine will also boost this session of the exhibition, to the general need to install a house; building owners choose to bring a home improvement storm.
Customer service team offer viewers the full expansion
Currently, Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition customer service team successfully completed the expansion, and has focused years after the professional audience invitations. On the one hand, a collection of 2012-2013 has been submitted to the real estate information, and has been linked to the relevant person in charge and the third being implemented in Guizhou home improvement building materials have visited the exhibition site. On the other hand, were home improvement building materials distribution center in Guiyang City, Guiyang, slum upgrading and Exhibition area of the implant publicity, needs to have the intention of the public decoration, detail scale exhibition, exhibitors businesses, exhibition activities.
Display range
Kitchen equipment:Kitchen equipment manufacturers, Kitchen cabinets and appliances, all types of countertop materials, sink, water purification equipment, etc. Other; flooring materials: wood flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, tiles and other materials for covering earth materials; bath: the whole bathroom, sanitary ware, shower, bath, basin, toilet and other bathroom accessory products; household series: built-in wardrobes, cloakroom, Shoe Racks, bookcase, Artificial Stone, wardrobe sliding doors, partitions sliding door;
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Green home improvement must pay attention to several aspects

Decoration should be simple not complicated. Indoor air pollution is a variety of contaminants from accumulating in the air, if the decoration design is too complicated, decoration completion of indoor pollution may up and down in the national standards, then after place the furniture and other decorative items, the decoration in harmful gases will cause indoor pollution exceeded. Therefore, in the home improvement design should be simple not complicated, and strive simple and elegant interior decoration, do not create too much furniture in the room, at the same time try to diversify decoration materials and furniture, such as wood, stone, Coat Racks, glass or wrought iron, etc.
Decoration materials should be carefully selected. The root causes decoration pollution resulting is the use of various decoration materials containing harmful substances; therefore, selecting decoration materials is a prerequisite of the decoration pollution prevention. Decoration materials must be to buy at those who have a good professional reputation of large building materials market.
The selection of the Artificial Stone must be careful. In general, red and green stone radioactive substances exceeding the possibility of relatively large. In addition, some dark-brown, purple-brown granite containing excess probability of radioactive material is often relatively high. Because formaldehyde will emit irritating gas, therefore, for those who have a strong pungent taste of the plate, furniture best shunned, must not lose the greater because of freeloaders. As plywood is most likely contain excessive formaldehyde, the best choice when buying a brand odor.
If the Floor, but also list include full purchase flooring species, meanwhile, try to ask the seller for the purchased product formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the written materials indicators, quality assurance books and other instruments with legal effect. Optional accessories also must be pay attention to the environmental protection. Many consumers choose in the main building materials environmentally friendly materials, while the materials did not carefully selected, the results will also cause indoor pollution. Interior decoration of the main contaminants - benzene, mainly from the renovation process of the solvent, the solvent selection is not good, it is easy to cause these BTEX volatilization cause air pollution.
Invite the authority to conduct a comprehensive "examination." After the renovation, invite the authority test the formaldehyde and radioactive substances and other harmful substances in the indoor environment is the most effective way to understand whether there is an excess of harmful substances, but also effectively prevent the decoration pollution of the premise. If it is found indoor pollution exceeded, please do not panic, you can take some effective measures to avoid contamination decoration.

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The 44th Wuhan Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition

The 44th Wuhan Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition will be held on 28-30 June 2013, is the largest home improvement building materials exhibition in summer. On the home improvement industry laws, the owners have chosen decoration will generally avoid the December-February period, the first, because the cold and rainy winter is not conducive decoration; second is always busy the end of the year, unmotivated nor energy into decoration. After the Spring Festival this special holiday, opened the first show just to meet the real needs of their owners, in fact, the real benefit for the day.
The 44th building exhibition area expected to 30,000 square meters, the default nearly 2,000 booths, the exhibits cover the Floor, doors and windows, sanitary ware, tiles, kitchen equipment, Kitchen Furniture, home series, Artificial Stone, rattan sofa, textile fabric, plants flowers, home appliances, handicrafts, lighting and other 25 type door thousand varieties, will attract hundreds of home improvement companies, home, building brand exhibitors participating merchants.
Exhibition Profile
2012,Wuhan Building Exhibition layout 13 capital cities, the annual exhibition area of over 1 million square meters of strength among the first private exhibition business. Including Wuhan, Nanchang, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Guiyang, Chongqing and other places show up more than 20 games and nearly 10 games home improvement building materials, automotive supplies, fashion shopping festival and other exhibitions are the industry leaders. In 2013, it still continue in the existing grid refinement soaring exhibition projects, but also will bring a new marketing model exhibition industry, this is the "cloud Exhibition", that allows brand communication, investment exchanges, shopping and spending process in an open platform, all trade visitors only need to be used instead of through the exhibition to learn the location of each exhibitor products, relying the port information platform built to easily know the show information and the opinions of others. "Cloud Exhibition" will bring a group exhibition and the exhibitor's seamless docking, also contributed to the improvement of services, the industry and the audience through word of mouth spread between to achieve brand awareness and precision marketing results. This will not only greatly omitted viewer’s choice and consider the long-term psychological game too, and let the audience is more concerned about the "brand" “quality” and “service” to get feedback directly.
Exhibition Features
After more than ten years of development, with the government's strong support, the home improvement show effective integration of the industry, venues, media, operators and other resources, it has become a home industry showcase corporate brand image, enhance brand value, to discuss cooperation in trade, integration the trade advantages of resources, to seek industry prosperity and development of the professional platform, its exhibition scale, number of exhibitors, trade visitors, turnover and industry influence in the industry's premier, "an exhibition created an enterprise" myth effect renowned industry. 2011, Shangge Decoration Exhibition expanding market in Guizhou, and combine the original resources.

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2013 Ecobuild China

Organized in London in March of each year, Ecobuild is the world's largest green building exhibition. The Ecobuild exhibition organizer UBM held Ecobuild China and related forums successfully with Shanghai Green Building Council and Shanghai Academy of Building Research in Shanghai New International Expo Center in April 2012. The exhibition join with the 20th China International Building and Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) attracted more than 15,383 professional visitors and buyers from 18 countries and regions, solid step on the road towards green building event provide professional, green building enterprises in the field of international exchange and display platform.
Following the successful cooperation in 2012, Ecobuild China the world’s energy-saving environmental protection and ecological construction China Fair will once again be combined with the twenty-first China International Building and Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) from April 1 to 3, 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The strong combination of two foreign Building Materials Exhibition, Ecobuild China mainly to new green building materials, energy efficient equipment and renewable energy products, further demonstrate the "local conditions" of new products, new technology, to achieve the perfect fusion of international cooperation and local resources, 2013 latest green building materials industry information for the construction sector, contractors, designers, manufacturers, distributors and procurement unit.
1. Building energy efficiency area
Energy-saving windows and doors, curtain wall: wooden doors, aluminum windows and doors, glass, steel doors and windows, glass walls, smart energy-saving windows and doors, energy-saving glass, sunshade, blinds, canopy shade, power and control system, membrane structure, solar water heaters, solar building integrated photovoltaic solar intelligence solutions, intelligent building systems, contract energy management, heat pump air-conditioning equipment and technology, fresh air system, air purification equipment, heating technology and equipment, LED Panel Light.
2. Renewable, environmentally friendly materials
Environmentally friendly wooden Residential, light wooden house, water house, wooden structure, landscape, flooring and sheet, PVC wood-plastic, PE wood plastic, eco-wood, anti-corrosion retardant wood, carbonized wood, wooden structure, special coatings, wood structure prefabricated wall, wooden structure building exterior insulation and finish systems, bamboo decorative materials, bamboo Floor, bamboo house, bamboo and plastic materials, Artificial Stone.
3. New building materials area
Wall insulation system, insulation supporting materials, decoration of interior wall insulation, wall insulation decorative plates, new building decoration fireproof materials, roofing materials and systems, waterproofing materials, chemical building materials, construction and decoration green paint.
Concurrent event:
2013 the road of green building practices International Forum
Combined with international forums and professional exhibitions, same period the road of green building practices International Forum supported by "the UK Building Research Institute, the Royal Institution of Chartered Institute of Building, Green Building Council for the Promotion of Shanghai, Shanghai Architectural Institute of Science and Technology and other authoritative bodies, the first forum attracted more than 500 the construction industry veteran to participate. The 2013 Forum will focus on the advantages and applications of BIM in green building design, the hot topic of the 2012 London Olympic green construction, energy use in the building and share, share the latest scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad Green Building and Energy Conservation, trends and success stories.

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