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Japanese media: in this winter, the sales of air purifiers will exceed last year

Japan’s PM2.5 pollutants will increase dramatically in this winter, which will lead to hot sales of air purifier in Japan, the air purifier price will also continue to rise. On November 4, the high concentrations PM2.5 observatory which is located in Chiba prefecture, Japan, issued warning information. As a result, Japan's high-end air purifier market will be booming.
According to a Japanese electrical home appliances store's sales staff, "the air purifier with humidifying function has been selling well. In the first season of this year, there are reports that a lot of PM2.5 pollutants had floated away from China to Japan, which directly promote the air purifier market. Compared to last year, air purifier sales increased by 110% - 120%. For now, the sales of this year will exceed last year. In addition, there are reports that PM2.5 has high carcinogenic, which will further make air purifier market hot."
In fact, on October 17, the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer has said in a news release, "the risk of PM2.5 cause cancer is at the highest level." Sharp and Daikin’s air purifier products are particularly popular with consumers. Home appliance store’s sales staff said, "Consumers generally can be divided into two kinds, one is willing to choose Sharp for the affordable price, another is to choose Daikin for higher product performance. Women who have children, seems to prefer Daikin brand."
It is reported, the Sharp air purifier has the function of releasing plasma beam. Sharp’s staff said," the dust and small particles floating in the air will attached on the wall because of static electricity. Sharp air purifier can release plasma beam to remove them by positive and negative electrostatic, and achieve the effect of purify air."
It is known that air purifier products at a price about 70000 to 80000 yen are selling well in Japan. But Daikin’s air purifiers are generally higher than that price. Daikin industry said:” Our products have the functions of dehumidification and humidification, they can absorb harmful substances and decompose, and release a large amount of reactive plasma at the same time. Only our products can provide these two functions at the same time, that’s the reason why our air purifiers are so popular.” Now, people have entered into an era that spends money on clean air.
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Dyson invented new bladeless fan heater

Dyson Corporation has developed a bladeless fan heater, which is one of the most remarkable inventions of Dyson. This kind of heater is called "Dyson Hot", it can quickly heating the entire room without any visible active components.
Dyson Corporation is one of the best fan heater manufacturers in the world. With the advanced technology, Dyson Hot has made the noisy traditional fan heater far left behind; the traditional fan heater basically had no change in the past 30 years. Before reinvent the fan heater, Dyson also invented a new vacuum cleaner. Dyson Hot have made great leap forward in technology and the appearance. The gap between traditional fan heater and Dyson Hot is like Hillman and Porsche.
In Malmesbury, the scientists of Dyson Corporation combined jet engine technology with thermoplastic plastic that used to manufacture riot shields, car bumper and crash helmet. Sir James says: "we created hundreds of prototype to develop a new type of heater that heating faster than any others. Traditional heater only can heating some areas of the room, and has a burning smell that worrying people. By contrast, Dyson hot fan heater can heat the whole room without any smell."
In 2009, Dyson launched bladeless fan and had a great success. Dyson Hot is another big step forward that Dyson Corporation has made after bladeless fan. Dyson Hot is designed as annulus shape, like a bubble stick, but it blows out a lot of warm air instead of bubble. Dyson Hot is adopted air multiplier technology, the generated heat can be greatly amplified five times.
This kind of heater is equipped with thermostat, in order to keep the temperature in the room maintaining at 1 to 37 degrees Celsius. When the interior temperature is below the set temperature, thermostat will automatically start. Dyson Hot is made from ABS resin materials, its body feels cool and refreshing, shut down automatically after knocked.
Dyson is the model of British successful enterprises, its products sale to all over the world, 80% of Dyson’s products sale to overseas; such as fan, washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Japan is considered as the source of technological progress by many people, but now Japan has become one of Dyson’s huge markets.
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Air purifier supplier, air humidifiers, best air cooling fan, Air Solution International Limited

Air purifier is just like a security guards who protects our family’s health, so we should consider the specific situation while selecting air purifier, for the sake of your family's health and create a clean indoor atmosphere. You need to consider about these three aspects, remember to be careful.
First, whether is absolutely safe
To choose and buy air purifier, is aim to create healthy and fresh air. So, it’s important to care about whether the air purifier is safe before buying. The shell, movement and purification technology of air purifier will directly affect its safety. With ion purification technology, air purifier can create positive and negative ions the same as nature.
Second, whether have scientific purification principle, achieve efficient air purification effect
There are five internationally accepted principle of air purification, includes physical, electrostatic, chemical, anion and composite. In general, simultaneous use of different purification modes of the air purifier, the purify effect will be better. For example, you can filter dust, odor, pollen and other large particulate matter by physical purification; and use chemical purification to purify harmful substances, such as allergenic substances, viruses and formaldehyde. These mixed purification modes can make the surrounding atmosphere become better.
Third, whether can meet the specific purification needs
In terms of air purifier, the purification function is the most concern. If your requirement of indoor air purifier is just based on improving indoor air quality, then you can choose the type of clean air and high cost performance.
However, with people’s requirements to the quality of life is increasing day by day, the demand for air purifier is no longer simply purify indoor air. For those people who work in an airtight air conditioning room, the air condition makes interior air and skin being dry, so when choosing air purifier, they will choose those have the function of humidifying. And for the crowd who work in serious indoor polluted places, they need to breathe the fresh air in a short distance; when they buy air purifier, they would prefer a small one so that can put it on desktop.
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Sharp releases mini air purifier

In summer, because of the high temperature, everyone would stay at home or the office rather than go outside. But, staying for a long time in air conditioning room is easy to be dry skin, and the air is full of all kinds of bacteria in less ventilated place. Such an environment is the best working environment for plasma air purifier to function better. Then, Sharp’s "Plasma Air Purifier IB-CH12" was born.
This kind of mini plasma air purifier has a small clip on the back, so the user can directly caught it in a suit or shirt pocket. Its body measurement is 38 x 11.5 x 60 mm, about 30g weight. You can choose black or silver color, appearance design is very suitable for office.
Sharp’s IB - CH12 small plasma air purifier carries the cell that can produce "25000 high concentrations of plasma, its blowing field covers over 30 cm. There are two optional modes: standard and weak. It is worth mentioning that you can hear buzzing noise in the standard mode when you put your ear close to the air purifier. When using the air purifier, you can feel the breezes blow out from outlet, though the wind is not as strong as USB fan, it still has a certain air volume. It is not very cool, but still can drop a little bit of temperature around the face.
Testers said, some colleagues often have lunch in the office and make the office has a strange smell. But as long as you open this mini air purifier, then the surrounding smell will be better, and the skin will no longer dry like before. It is also very convenient while taking the high-speed rail or subway, the electric power can maintain for two and a half hours. But there are two things make people feel distress: one is the blue and red lights keep flashing when it is charging, and this makes office life more anxious. The other is the mini air purifier is a little heavy, and it is not appropriate to carry if you wear a thin clothes. Now, Sharp’s IB - CH12 plasma air purifier has started selling in Japan, priced at 8980 yen.
Air Solution International Limited is professional in developing, manufacturing and marketing air solution products. We are specialized in air humidifier, dehumidifier, electric aroma diffuser, heating, air purifiers and best air cooling fan. Our experience and superior products have won us a good reputation with overseas clients. We care of your air quality, so if you have any needs, please contact us.
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The sales volume of air purifiers will continue to grow in the future

Since the government formally put haze governance on the agenda, and consumer’s awareness of respiratory health promoted, the seriousness of air pollution has caused the comprehensive attention from government to private. Corresponding is the continued hot air purifier market, there is a monitoring data from China Market Monitor Co., Ltd. shows that the domestic air purifier market retail volume rose 70.9% year-on-year, retail sales rose 86.9% in the previous eight months of 2013.
It is understood that the air purifier is mainly use to solve all sorts of indoor pollution, air purifiers with different filtration systems can have different purify effect. For example, the adsorption ability of activated carbon is very strong, it can effectively adsorb the harmful material in indoor air (such as dust, particles, free molecules, bacteria, etc.); Negative oxygen ion purifier can create a remarkable effect on second-hand smoke pollution, effectively remove dust and enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood about 20%, it also can have an obvious effect on the interior odor elimination.
The growth of the whole air purifier industry also makes air purifiers that equipped with different filtration system achieve substantial growth. According to the monitoring data from China Market Monitor Co., Ltd., in the previous eight months, the sales of air purifier that equipped with ion filter system rose 94.6% year-on-year, activated carbon air purifier rose 68.7%, and the kind of catalyst filtration system rose 58.9%.
In the aspect of brand, at present, the foreign brands with technology leading advantage have occupied more than 80% of China’s market share, but domestic brands only occupy less than 20%. According to the analysis of experts, the reason why domestic brands only get a small market share is closely related to the shorter development time. It is said that the penetration rate of air purifier in American families is 27%, 17% in Japan, 71% in South Korea, and less than 0.1% in China. In 2013, the sales of air purifier are expected to reach 90% year-on-year.
Air Solution International Limited was founded in 2007 and located in South China. We are professional in developing, manufacturing and marketing air solution products. The annual sales figures of our corporation exceed ten million. 90 percent of which comes from exporting to Europe, the United States, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East, etc. We are the air purifiers supplier and fan heater manufacturers. In addition, we are specialized in humidifier, dehumidifier, aroma diffuser, heating and best air cooling fan. Our experience and superior products have won us a good reputation with overseas clients. We care of your air quality, so if you have any needs, please contact us.
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