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China's LED lighting market ushered in rapid development period

China has promoted the use of LED energy saving lamp for a long time, however, due to its high manufacturing cost, the price is more expensive. Though it has a very good energy saving effect, it hasn’t been accepted and used by general consumers. Since this year, the prices of International LED are falling while the luminous efficiency is improving. Customers will improve the acceptance of LED gradually, and the market penetration will also increase, China’s LED lighting market will have a big development period.
The wide use of led lamps is an inevitable trend, nowadays, influenced by the prices of International LED lamps and rare earth fluorescent lamps, China’s LED industry ushered in a development opportunity. However, how to improve consumers’ cognition about LED and establishing reasonable industry standard is still the key issue for whole LED industry to consider.
Data analysis shows that in July this year, the retail price of global LED bulbs that used to replace 40 w incandescent bulbs has a slight drop about 0. 6%, dropped to $15.5. And the 60 w LED bulbs drop to $22. 6. The falling prices make consumers more willing to replace incandescent lamps with led lamps. Because of the rising price of rare earth, rare earth fluorescent lamps are being more expensive. Though the current market share of rare earth fluorescent lighting accounted for 70% in big cities, it is believe that the pattern will be changed. In 2012, LED energy-saving lamps sales rose nearly 34% while rare earth fluorescent sales declined. In the first half of 2013, led civilian market sales rose more than 150%. LED light suppliers and manufacturers’ operation revenue have increased for years.
In the commercial lighting market, although led’s price is expensive, it has better energy saving effect and can bring more energy-saving benefit. So the lighting application demand of commercial, industrial, outdoor is relatively strong, especially LED indoor lighting. But at present, Chinese consumers do not have fully understanding about LED products, nor have particularly strong demand of energy saving, and sensitive to the price, so the permeability of LED lighting is low. In addition, there is no regulation rule to standard product’s quality. So, the government needs to take some measures to standardize the products.
With the promoting luminous efficiency and falling prices, LED lighting’s market share will be risen in household lighting, commercial lighting, automotive lighting and backlighting, it can be predicted that LED will enter into a golden development period.
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The fashionable dress etiquette of female white collar workers

The female white collar workers are the spokesmen of fashion, they are treated as the fashion pioneer a lot of times. As the arrival of summer, more and more colorful and bright summer clothes have appealed in clothing market as the temperature rising. Fashionable and elegant high waist skirt, bright and elegant leisure wear , comfortable and fashionable shoes accessories, these things are attracting the public.But how to choose their own clothes from so many charming clothes which made by different garment accessories is the problem of them .
Selecting simple styles is the necessary condition of all-match shirt . Its match space will be smaller if you select the complex styles .White is the foundation of shirt and it’s the best choice of women who are in the workplace. It can create different feelings by matching with different color of clothes. Compact texture fabric is the key to highlight the superior feeling, create more space for the shirt .The broad design of collar and cuffs can make matching clothes more elegant. You would better select slim fit styles ,so that you can choose inside or outside wear freely .Choosing a white shirt and elegant women skirt can highlight your graceful figure perfectly and deduce full romantic flavor .
Wearing suit is not the special right for men, it’s also charming for women to wear suit .The British style of the classic small suit can make you like a gentleman , Seven minutes of sleeve jacket can highlight women capable .Fashionable styles of suits , little suits which will not lack of women’s cute are the female white collar’s must-have . Not only can reflect the female’s capable ,but also can match a sweet and handsome queen temperament .
Dress is known as the queen style in various styles of clothing style ,and it’s also the change constantly ,most species ,and most popular style .Elegant skirt and dress can add attractive temperament to women .In the summer ,fashionable white collar workers truly can add young severely with the step of fashion during this hot and passionate season .But you should make a range to keep organized in the end ,after all ,elegant and noble are the most appropriate choice of temperament for fashionable female white collar workers .Plain dress is always the classic choice of fashionable beauties .Women like the simple style most ,just like they work capable and admirable .The key point of wearing this kind of dress is that it will make you look noble ,a carefully selected accessories and delicate makeup can make you outstanding enough .

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2013 China (Shenzhen) Fashion Accessories Fair

2013 China (Shenzhen) Fashion Accessories Fair aim to create a highly effective accessories trade exhibition, gathering the Scarves, hats, necklaces, belts, socks, bags, glasses, and other clothing accessories exhibitors from all over the world and the show will exhibit the latest fashion products of 2013/2014. It held in conjunction with the "2013 OEM Shenzhen International Apparel Fair"
Organizer accumulate thousands of Garment Accessories enterprise, professional merchants and agent resources, this exhibition is expected more than 38,000 audience, including foreign visitors accounted for 1/4 and 3,0000 square meters of exhibition area. Brand clothing styles from the homogeneity regularly update to evolved rapidly changing creative personality, and the update become more fast. This change expanded from downstream brand to the garment accessories and material manufacturers. The garment accessories must pander to the requirement of brand clothing, and through the terminal fashion to influence brand clothing, otherwise, brand clothing through the creativity to enhance the value –added products.
Guangdong province is the largest textile and apparel production and sale base in china, gathering a number of textile and garment manufacturers, Shenzhen’s women apparel has a leading position in the industry, it become the leading trend of the times, a significant symbol of fashion, and it is one of the china’s largest branded apparel design, manufacturer and processing base. In 2011, Shenzhen apparel industry production value of more than RMB 1800 billion, with more than 3000 brands and more than 3,200 enterprises.
December 16, 2013, on Monday, the exhibition layout, eight o'clock to 10:00 pm
December 17, 2013, Tuesday, exhibition opening, live events, receptions, 9 am to 8 pm
December 18, 2013, Wednesday, exhibition opening, 9 am to 5 pm
December 19, 2013, Thursday, exhibition opening, dismantling, 9 am to 5 pm
Main activities
The Exhibition will show the professional designer’s charm, gathering a large number of fashion design, fiber development, fabric designs, pattern design institutions and their works, through this exhibition allow visitors to see how designers through their own idea to design products. Meanwhile, some theme party will be held during that period, the exhibitor will depth involved and highlighting the industry interaction, it will also present you with colorful art, design, and product concept.
Scope of Exhibits
• Scarves and shawls
• Hosiery products
• Fashion Belt, wholesale webbing
• Fashion headwear, gloves products, Work Glove
• Casual & fashion handbags products
• Accessories products
• Stylish footwear
• Optical products
• Fashion jewelry, watches
• Other Fashion Accessories products
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Children’s wear should pay more attention to accessories

Apparel product quality problems are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:
First is fade. Apparel products bleaching due to use improper dye and floating color is not clean in the dyeing process, mainly unqualified items are washing, rubbing, perspiration, light fastness.
Second is pilling. Since the factory cut corners like adding a large number Fluff, reducing the density knit, large area sweater pilling occur in a short term after sales.
Three is the poor strength. Typically consumer complaints the holes, cracks and other problems are very common, mainly due to (in addition to human external influence) is caused by improper handling of weaving and fabric brittle. Second, some light, thin, soft, floating products, enterprises blind pursuit of beautiful, easy to ignore the powerful forces crack.
The average consumer only concerned with clothing styles, fabrics feel, price, workmanship, simply does not know the garment also hidden "invisible killer." The market's "No Requirement" is also indirectly lead the clothing companies and shopping malls ignore the environmental and safety problems. Part of the small businesses use PH value, formaldehyde, biodegradable aromatic amines by the naked eye cannot distinguish the characteristics shoddy, one-sided pursuit of economic efficiency. Experts said that these indicators failed, will cause skin or respiratory disease, severe can cause cancer.
Experts warned that consumers in the purchase of clothing must not only concern about the appearance, but also check whether the specification can be carefully identified. Standardized identification signs shall contain the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product number, type and size, the use of raw materials, components and content, washing methods, conditions of use and storage precautions, product standard number, product quality levels, security category, product quality inspection certificate and other information. In addition, parents buy clothes for the infants and children should pay more attention to some quality problems, such as structural design is reasonable. Because design unreasonable is the biggest quality problems of children's clothing, children's clothing used on the elastic rope, stretched easy to hit child's face and eyes; Kids cap rope, hem rope, fixed waistband, nepotism, straps and other parts over length limit, the formation of long lasso in children during activities surrounding objects easily hooked accidental injury, or may be reined in child's neck, causing a strangulation hazard to children.
Check if the Kid’s wear Accessories Rally meets the requirements. Children's clothing or girls sandals is often with a variety of buttons, Shoes Accessories, rivets, Garment Accessories, and other small parts, small accessories, if binding force does not meet the requirements, in the course it is easy to fall off. If these decorative pieces sewn fastness requirements are not up to the required tension, children's curiosity because of the small objects, they will tear, chew these small accessories, shedding after swallowing, it may cause the child to choke.
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Shanghai Textile & Apparel Trade Fair (Spring) 2013

2013 Shanghai Textile & Apparel Trade Fair was held from April 14-19, 2013 in Shanghai Mart exhibition hall. More than 24countries over 1000 exhibitors were participated in the exhibition.
Show Background: Shanghai International Textile and Apparel Fair since 2004 has been successfully held the 9th exhibition, exhibitors and buyers scale increased year by year, the size of the 2012 exhibition increase over 30%, and attract Japanese and Korean companies to exhibit. Besides, domestic full participation in the mainstream department store, this fair become the industry's most influential fashion textile and apparel trade show. Slowdown in global economic growth and weak demand in the international market, the appreciation of the RMB rising labor costs, OEM companies pay more attention to domestic market demand. How to maintain exports, expand the domestic become a common issue in front of the OEM business.
In 2013, China's textile and garment industry is facing with many challenges and opportunities. From the international market, the increasing complexity of international relations, the RMB appreciation, rising labor costs has put pressure on foreign trade, from the domestic market, as China has gradually entered the ranks of the medium, the domestic market is in a stage of rapid development, the brand has brought a wholly unprecedented opportunities for development at home and abroad. Facing with the new situation and new challenges, the global textile and garment industry accelerate to the pace of market development and industrial upgrading, brand enterprises from domestic brands to international brands, and actively develop branded channels, to seize the huge Chinese market; export enterprises from the "Made in China to Chinese wisdom made”, to solid market share at home and abroad and enhance the added value of products; fabric companies from fashion trends to leading fashion", market segments keep innovation, and the fashion is from the fabric. 2013 (Spring) Shanghai textile and garment exhibition will also actively adjust the planning and layout of the exhibition according to market dynamics, 100 domestic and international brands, 200 Sino-Japanese fabric companies, 100ODM/OEM enterprises, brands, foreign trade, fabric comprehensive showing at the top of the stage of the WTO.
Fabric: linen | cotton | silk | chemical fiber woven woolen knitting | coated fabrics | Flocking fabric | functional fabric composite fabric |Lace embroidery | stretch fabric | textile fabrics | printed cloth | hot stamping | Nanotechnology | textile testing;
Cloth accessories: Garment Accessories | buttons | zippers | Trademarks | reflective material | embroidery | lace | Embroidery | lining | shoulder pads | tag | webbing manufacturers | Hanger transfer materials | printed label barcode | cable | Velcro | sewing thread | embroidery thread | fashion belts;
Yarn: circular knitting | flat knitting | knitting | Woven | hosiery | Fancy | metallic | wool yarn | natural fiber | synthetic fibers;
Home textiles: bed linen | curtains | sofa | upholstery | tassels | lace | carpet | cloth | feather products and accessories;
Others: Apparel Software / CAD / CAM | Laser Engraving | Cutting Equipment | ladies Skirt | Textile and Apparel (City) commercial real estate;
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