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2013 Spring Canton Fair Pushing Design to Promote Trade

The 113th session of China Import and Export Fair (spring canton fair 2013) will be held in China Import and Export Fair Complex from April 15 to May 5 2013 in pazhou, Guangzhou, China.
According to the report, in order to strengthen trade policy and industrial policy coordination, cultivate new advantages of foreign trade competition, the current Spring Fair will organize a series of activities designed to promote trade, now there are 47 design agencies from nine different countries and regions to apply for participation. During the exhibition, it will organize five docking activities games and inviting domestic and foreign designers to cooperate with the trading groups. The major categories are home appliances, electronics, medical, tools, furniture, home, ceramic product design, graphic and brand design etc. In addition, the Design Forum will be held.
This current Spring Fair is divided into three phases, the first phase of heavy industry begin from April 15, 2013 to 19,2013 ,exhibits mainly for large-scale machinery and equipment, small machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, chemical hardware, tools, vehicles, engineering machinery, household appliances, consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products, computer and communications products, lighting products, construction and decoration materials, sanitary equipment in the Pavilion; second phase of light industry and consumer goods begin from April 2013 23 to27, exhibits mainly for bicycle household ceramics, technical ceramics, home decorations, glass crafts, furniture, weaving, Rattan and iron Arts and garden products, stone and Iron Products (Outdoor) household goods and personal care appliances, bathroom supplies, clocks, glasses, toys, gifts, gifts, holiday supplies; the third phase of textile and medicine products begin from May 1,2013 to May 5, exhibits mainly for kids underwear, sportswear and casual wear for men and women, Furs, Leather, Downs & Related Products Fashion Accessories and Fittings, home Textiles, textile raw materials, fabrics, carpets and tapestries, food, local products, pharmaceutical and health care products, medical equipment, supplies, dressings, sports and tourism and leisure goods, office stationery, shoes bags in the Pavilion; The total exhibition area of 1.13 million square meters, the exhibition total number is 58200.
China Import and Export Fair, also known as the canton fair is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, canton fair is a platform for import and export mainly, with various and flexible patterns of trade in Guangzhou ,you can also receive a free canton fair map in the venue. The canton fair address is No.38, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China.
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How to maintain furniture

Furniture is an indispensable part of the home decoration, because the furniture is the bulky household items and its price is relatively expensive, so it is impossible to be changed frequently. Thus, take good care of the furniture and extended furniture life became a very important part of our family life. However, maintain furniture has been plagued by many consumers, experts believed that furniture maintenance needs perseverance. In addition, dry and wet air will have a different impact on the furniture with the change of seasons, so different categories of furniture have different maintenance methods. Following introduction of several furniture maintenance:
1. Metal Furniture
Metal furniture is divided into chrome fittings, titanium furniture and spray furniture. Chrome fittings cannot be placed in a moist place, or rust easily and even will cause the coating to fall off. Titanium furniture had better little contact with water and often rub with a dry cotton, silk or muslin to remain bright and beautiful. Spray furniture stains, wipe with a dry cloth and pay attention not to retain water. No matter what kind of painting metal furniture, move to be light-light, to avoid the bump; and should avoid touching the hard metal pieces, such as a fruit knife, key fob, etc. Not excessive when folded, ensure the folding mechanism is not damaged.
2. China Wooden Furniture
For wooden furniture, it is susceptible to be deformation in the humid and hot weather, therefore, maintain ventilation and dry environment, at the same time often clean surface complexes can achieve very good maintenance effect. Avoid placed under strong sunlight exposure and the excessively dry place to prevent the wood exclusion fission-shaped. Regular waxing, erase the old wax with a mild, non-alkaline soap and water before waxing. Avoid furniture surfaces exposed to corrosive liquids. To keep the indoor dry to prevent furniture damp moldy.
3. Kitchen Furniture
Correct use and maintenance kitchen furniture will not only prolong the life of kitchenware, but also to enjoy the elegant and comfortable kitchen art. In use, do not put the high-temperature cooker or other hot items directly on kitchenware, you should use a tripod, insulation pad to avoid surface discoloration or blistering. Keep the kitchens clean, after cooking you should clean the countertops and pat dry the water stains on the kitchen to maintain a clean and dry surface. Water on the ground should be promptly removed, to prevent pollution of the cabinet. We should try to choose a national authority on identification of authorized products, pay attention to each interface, countertops openings sectional resin impregnation and iron glue edge treatment to ensure the product waterproof, fire, moisture, mildew. Maintenance, do not use sharp, hard objects to scratch test of the surface, use a damp cloth or a damp cloth dipped in a neutral washing fine or detergent treatment. Kitchen gas stove, water heater, microwave ovens and other electrical at the interface should be checked regularly for leaks or flooding, ensure that the kitchen is dry and air circulation.
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China International Hardware & Electrical Appliances Trade Fair

The 10th China International Hardware & Electrical Appliances Trade Fair was held on April 20th to April 22nd, 2013.Diversity exhibits category will refresh you in the exhibition, so you can choose to follow the trends of the hardware and electrical appliances inside.
Hardware tools in Yiwu relying on the advantage of the international Trade City platform to build the country's largest volume of cutting tool fasteners market .The main general hardware tools in the fair is hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, universal accessories, working glove, measuring instruments Auto tool (accessories), garden tools, etc. In order to meet customer’s demand for "one-stop" procurement and for manufacturers build a sound business platform for marketing, the organizer through publicity and promotion in the annual hardware sales to the whole world. We can describe this as small pieces of achievement opportunities.
According to the customs statistics, in the first half of 2012, China's hardware industry accumulated import and export volume of $ 49.04 billion, a year-on-year growth of 11.27%. Which exports amounted to 38.693 billion U.S. dollars, up 13.96 percent year-on-year, total imports of $ 10.348 billion, and a year-on-year growth of 2.25%.Mainly exported to the United States, Japan, German, Hongkong, Russia, Britain, Australia and other 227 countries and regions. Because the hardware tools itself is less vulnerable to the impact of the weather, thus its market sales potential is steadily and china’s hardware industry is now from “made in china” to “created in china”. China's hardware industry has stepped into the forefront of the global seen from the 23th China International Hardware Fair. In addition, parts of the enterprise not only achieved a good economic but also become the vanguard of the world. Industry insiders estimate that the output value of China's hardware industry in 2013 is expected to reach 730 billion RMB.
In the last year of the Ninth China International Hardware Fair, attracted participants from Hong Kong businessmen Mr. Shao, he found that the full range of products here at the show include measurement tools, pliers tool, wrench tools, hardware tools, the qualities are good, and its products are sold to European and American markets.
At present, the circulation pattern of China's hardware industry in circulation and terminal channels is in the intersect running state , however, with the rise of emerging channels, hardware manufacturing companies facing re-traditional agents, dealers positioning, reconstruction cooperative relations and other issues modern e-commerce marketing platform has become the mainstream of the future development. It is reported that the domestic market for hardware tools are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Guangdong.
You can also enjoy the concurrent event China International Corrugated packaging carton Fair.
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Green decoration

Nowadays, more and more people advocating green decoration, they have a strong environmentally demand of the building and decorative materials, besides, they have higher requirements for indoor air quality. It is necessary to consider the appearance, but also focus on health while conducting environmental decoration. But there are still many details need attention, for example, how to choose the decoration materials to achieve green decoration? Owners should start from what, to eliminate the decoration pollution harm? Some suggestions are given below:
1. First is the material of environmental protection, followed by the construction of environmental protection, again is the design of environmental protection. Except for the building with artificial stone, environmental protection is in fact refers to the material and the furniture. According to the survey, 24.3% of the pollution comes from the furniture, especially wooden furniture manufacturers, so we should pay special attention to purchase furniture.
2. Green design, a pollution superimposed. For example, a floor, reach European level environmental standards, but it just a piece of board reached, if heap 30 board inside a 10 square meters room, it will also be exceeded, even if it is the best environmental protection sheet will be exceeded.
3. In construction materials, plastic or sheet type products cause maximum pollution to your home decoration, including the shape of the door, bookcase, ceiling, the materials used in these areas will constitute pollution. Included in the construction of whether environmental protection or whether maintain the smooth construction site generated pollutants can be discharged in time; whether to use some of the natural elements introduced into the indoor design; whether the use of materials with eco-friendly materials, whether the use of the least material to get the maximum effect.
4. After decoration, don’t eager to live in. you had better ventilation the room for some time, minimize the decoration pollution as much as possible. In addition, you can also use the plants or detection to achieve. Aloe and Ivy plays an important role for the late governance discharged methanol.
5. To achieve a green decoration, materials selection is critical, once again reminded owners preparing to decorate friends must select the brand manufacturers of qualified products when buy decoration materials. Beware of fake and shoddy products. Compare the decoration company, choose formal decoration company; you should attach importance to the governance of the decoration pollution in the process of renovation and late decoration.
6. Finally, to remind consumers, environmental decoration materials does not mean the indoor environment must standards, after all, even if all the materials are environmentally friendly, but after mixed, the quantitative will change and the indoor air pollution is still inevitable. If you want to have a healthy environment, you may wish to invite the specialized agencies to detect governance, and then develop programs.
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Creative home supplies

In our daily life, many home supplies are so common that we do not feel its special, if one day they show a more unique form in front your eyes, you will be shocked and then this amazing will add a little more fun for everyone ' s life.

Creative home supplies refer to the unique shape of daily necessities and home decorations. The core theme of the creative home supplies is “creative”, each species of creative home supplies are the designer’s efforts and inspiration, there are many artistic things hidden inside. Creative home furnishing products mainly in the cartoon, toy and other forms of expression as the carrier, performed on some interesting shapes or classic stories. In general, these products are made of lightweight and environmentally friendly materials. In fact, our life is not the lack of creativity, but just our habits have become accustomed to something, so we do not want to try to change.

As people become increasingly concerned about the health, home supplies began to show concern for the environmental protection of home accessories. In addition, it also began to pay attention to the materials and processes, tend naturally pristine original ecology, and even a little of the original flavor. Using a variety of innovative, unique, contemporary and decorative effect of material dress bedroom, environmentally friendly ornaments become the pursuit of higher consumer. Fashion home accessories including adorable little cosmetic bottles, because the designs are not classic enough, so it transform faster, however as a modern fashion young people, it’s a good choice for us to grasp the trend timely. Good home accessories arranged can bring us more than just sensory pleasure, even can richer home atmosphere. Many people no longer placed their home accessories casually, they began to knowledge gained through books and online, and even consult the experts so that to achieve the effect of the perfect to beautify their homes. The core theme of the creative hone supplies are “creative” Not the ordinary pots and pans everywhere you can see, but also have a creative point of appearance, function, glittering. Because people’s pursuit of life is getting higher and higher, thus creative home supplies prospect broadly.

The difference between creative home furnishings and creative home accessories: creative home accessories is currently the most popular of a creative home project, its coverage is very extensive, including Creative daily necessities, household goods, home decorations, Fine jewelry, kitchen furniture and outdoor activities. And creative home supplies are just a part of the creative home accessories; the main difference in operating the product does not contain fine jewelry and it’s suitable for supermarket shopping, for example the Coat Racks & Shoe Racks.

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History and development status of china’s electronic product

According to the Ministry of Industry and Coordination Bureau,from January 2012 to November 2012, the volume of china’s electronic information products import and export is a total of $ 1,068,500,000,000,an increase of 0.8 percentage points higher than last year. Among this, exports accounted for 33.9%, imports accounted for 26.7%.

Radio and TV Equipment, electronic devices and power cable exports fared well in recent years. From January 2012 to November 2012, Radio and TV Equipment, electronic devices and power cable exports were $ 133.1 billion, $ 10.6 billion and $ 78.3 billion, year-on-year growth of 14.0%, 13.9% and 13.5%.This amazing is the main force of the electronic information products. Besides, computer and electronic equipment exports growth is slow temporarily.

Consumer electronic products have different connotations in different countries, for example, China consumer electronic products is for individuals, families and broadcast television-related professional audio and video products, including TV, DVD machine (VCD, SVCD, DVD), PCBA, camcorders, radios, tape recorders, hi-fi record player, CD player (CD) etc. In some developed countries, phones, personal computers, home office equipment, home electronics, health care equipment, automobile electronic products also normalized in consumer electronics products. With the emergence of new technology development and new product applications, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA is also classified as consumer electronics products. Starting from the late 1990s, the fusion of information appliance computer, information and communication, consumer electronics began to widely use in family life. Broadly speaking, information appliances, including home appliances of all interaction information through the network system, such as PC, set-top boxes, HPC, DVD, super VCD, wireless data communications equipment, video game equipment, WEBTV. At present, audio, video, and the communication device is a major component of the information appliance. In the long run, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. will also be developed into information appliances, and constitute an integral part of the smart appliances.

Electronic technology developed at the end of the nineteenth century. It becomes an important symbol of the development of modern science and technology in the twentieth century because of its fastest-growing and most widely used. The first generation of electronic products seems to the tubes as the core. Late forties, the first semiconductor transistor with small, lightweight, power-saving, long life was born, and it apply quickly for various countries. In a wide range, it replaced the tube. Late fifties, the first IC was born, it integrated the transistors and other electronic components on a silicon chip, and it leads the electronic products to more compact development.

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Fashion Clothing Accessories

Accessories are very popular in recent years,people become increasingly inseparable from these exquisite small accessories. Like amulets, accessories witness our lives bit by bit. Reporters fond that affected by the international economic downturn, the apparel industry is also suffered varying degrees of impact. To increase sales, the majority clothing brands attract consumers through a variety of accessories. Facing with the serious economic, upgrade and integration of clothing and accessories and related products, can better improve the industry chain, to help the apparel industry to tide over the difficulties.

Known as “China’s commercial windows”, Shanghai organizes the Global Fashion Accessories Sourcing Fair in 2012.During the exhibition, we can see not only an array of all kinds of clothing, and colorful accessories are no longer willing to do a supporting role. So you can enjoy the fashion accessories of the scarf, shoes accessories, jewelry, hats, working glove, backpack,wholesale webbing and all kinds of the garment accessories in this season. Besides, the exhibition booth number is expected to more than 400. The professional Products Pavilion is divided into 9 categories, covering thousands of products in the industry. 70% of exhibitors are the mainland brand suppliers; major exhibitors will do their best to showcase their own brand of charisma.

Predicted by the experts of the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), at the end of 2012, China will be exceed the Euro area, four years later, China will become the world's number one economic power. Meanwhile, some reported that, by 2020, the per capita income of urban and rural residents is more than double of 2010. The face of the broad prospects for the domestic market and rising personal income levels, consumers increasingly enhance the demand for high-quality consumer products, which also manufacturers put forward higher requirements. Thus, Shanghai Global Fashion Accessories Sourcing Fair aims to help the excellent production of consumer goods companies to build their own brand, enhance brand value and stand out in the fierce competition in the market.

In addition, the brand exhibitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region will be one of the highlights of the exhibition. Because the oversea corps, the domestic market leads to a intense competition, causing the battle of the brands. Not only that, the exhibition will be held with the Gifts and Furniture Fair in the same period, the combination of creative and trend-setting. Everybody expect this grand exhibition.

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LED lighten China

Development of technology in the past mostly stared from the early freedom explore to the basic research and then to the applied research, finally to the path of industrialization and engineering. This is not totally applicable to the field of semiconductor lighting. The researchers showed that “Not only the technology to promote industrial development, actually, the urgent needs of the market applications and industrial development, strongly driven semiconductor lighting technology continues to progress.”

In 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the "Ten City, ten thousand," semiconductor lighting applications pilot work. Demonstration project in 37 pilot cities have implemented over 2700, application of LED lamps over 7 million, annual saving of more than 2.1 billion degrees.LED lamps use widely in the worldwide. LED semiconductor light emitting diode, is a new generation of solid cold light ,apply to household, shopping center, bank and all kinds of public places .LED has different species, such as LED PAR Light, LED Down Light, LED Panel Light, LED Bay Light, LED Fluorescent Light, LED Tunnel Light and Indoor LED etc.

Driven through the demonstration application, some of the products of semiconductor lighting are on a scale and level in the world’s leading. For example, Beijing Olympic Water Cube first achieve the world's largest full-color variable the scene LED landscape lighting, saving more than 70%; The 60th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square LED display, localization from the chip to the system; Semiconductor lighting renovation project in the Great Hall of the People, original lighting total power close to 800kW, total power less than 200kW after the transformation, the average saving rate of 75% or more.

Throughout China's semiconductor lighting industry, there is an interesting phenomenon, on the middle and lower reaches of all aspects of the industry chain joint very closely that everyone is like “Baotuan." Mention of such research with new mechanisms of cooperation, we have to say that the driving force behind – CSA. China's semiconductor lighting industry on the middle and lower reaches of the backbone of enterprises, research institutions are CSA members, representing more than 60% of domestic output value. Since the establishment of the Union, the establishment of a long-term mechanism as a link, resource sharing, intellectual property rights, standards and research as well as on the downstream collaborative innovation.

It is worth mentioning that the Union is "going out" enlarge the “china light”. October 2010 as the main initiator of the CSA, the joint United States and Australia, the new, the Netherlands, South Korea, India and China Taiwan region's semiconductor lighting industry, the organization established the world's first nonprofit, non-governmental organizations to promoting the development of semiconductor lighting industry of "international semiconductor Lighting Alliance (ISA)". It is headquartered in China International Alliance of strategic emerging industries, and also shows that the international community's recognition of China's semiconductor lighting industry and market strategic position.

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Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week
As China's original design optimization platform, Shanghai fashion week attracted many excellent domestic independent brands over the years. Especially each first show of the fashion week performances by the local original brand, in October 2011, this amazing is the tenth.
Shanghai fashion week opened on the 11th to the 16th, 2013,people from all over the world will gather in shanghai to build a new fashion picture with their famous brand, fashion designers, models, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars. So we have a good reason to expect this wonderful ceremony. Besides, Shanghai Fashion Week will be the revitalization of the national brand and it stimulate domestic brand as its mission. Based in Shanghai, radiation the Yangtze River Delta region, Strive to create a good and orderly environment for the development of Chinese independent brands and local designers, it will become a virtuous cycle of the national brand revitalization development and the formation of the common progress. Committed to the commercial trade platform between retailers and fashion brands, enter the Asian fashion retail market for the global department store. The exhibition ultimate goal not only as a trade exhibition, presented in front of the public is the only way leading to this huge market of fashion brand for fashion brands and designers, and as a global fashion weathervane.
Shanghai Fashion Week will be the development of the fashion and creative industries, as the core of fashion publishing, create the "wisdom of the city," promote the products released in jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, automotive and other major fashion within the context of cross-border cooperation, fully tap designate works of the value of diversity, promote the development of creative industries in Shanghai banner is its responsibility.
The exhibition focus on the cultural interaction between consumers, You can choose to follow the international trend of the ladies Skirtmen T Shirts,and the women sandals in the shop, you can also appreciate the home furnishing products in the concurrent event. This season ‘s works from the United States, Sweden, Italy international famous brand, Chinese local clothing brand, as well as China's original designer brand. The 10th anniversary of the Shanghai Fashion Week also held a series of celebration activities.
In addition to domestic enterprises, foreign companies will also participate in this exhibition. Before the show, the person in charge has given considerable publicity to it. Exhibition in the foreign mainstream media has always maintained a good cooperative relationship between the propaganda; this laid a favorable foundation for the show improved visibility.

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Houjie first Furniture Cultural Festival opened on the 15th

Houjie first Furniture Cultural Festival opened on the 15th
The report shows that Houjie first Furniture Cultural Festival opened on the 15th to the 22th, 2013 in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Hall. The theme of the festival is ‘Golden Age Home, taste Houjie’, many special programs and furniture will appear during the festival.

According to the reporter, in the exhibition, everybody can enjoy the different furniture from all over the world, such as the kitchen furniture of easy to clean, fashion living room chair, especially the traditional china wooden furniture. In addition, the majority of merchants and members of the public can enjoy the home culture feast because the concurrent event Hotel food carnival opened from the 15th,2013 to the 22th,2013.It organized a local star hotel offers traditional cuisine and buffet of different style.
Beside, ‘The domestic dance, Tesco feast’ Houjie household products fairs will also be held in the Industrial Capital of the international furniture and other stores. And then, the visitors would never come empty-handed.

This event invited town leaders and guests , organized home purchasing center bases are concentrated awarding ceremony and other activities, also by 70 meters long, 5-meter ring huge screen with advanced 3D digital home imaging technology is fully restored to show the ‘painting’, trying to give people a general visual enjoyment. Will be held that night at home to create a new living of Houjie home culture themed evenings, chapter architecture, combined with the dance form of folk art, fully show the character and charm of the Houjie home culture.

The organizer said that the world today’s trends is the gradual formation of a high degree of integration of cultural and economic, gave birth to the ‘cultural economy’, the culture gradually become an important economic pillar industries and new economic growth point. Cultural economy as the same of the exhibition, and become the commanding heights of the urban economy, the government and the enterprise look highly of it. Promote the development of cultural industry with the aid of the exhibition industry and further development of the prosperity Houjie cultural and economic, made the formation of a win-win situation for the economy and culture are complementary and mutually supporting.

The current home cultural festival sponsored by the government, enterprises and industry associations contractors. The Houjie first home culture section coordinated focus on urban culture and economic and social development of Houjie cultural industry to further promote the transformation and upgrading, to enhance urban tourism cultural brand, brand of polish of Houjie, "furniture" and raise the city's visibility and reputation has positive significance.

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