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The 14th International Expo for Textile Fabric & Accessories Hangzhou China will be held from 24-26 June, 2013 in the Hangzhou International Convention and Exhibition center.
China International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories Fair have entered a mature stage in the situation of the good economic operation of the textile industry and it becomes a textile industry brand exhibition. Judging from the previous "fabric show”, CHITE has the largest scale, highest level, a wide range of exhibits, the most exhibitors and professional audiences in the current textile show in China. Along with the growth of China's textile industry development,Fabric show from the beginning of the founder of nearly 10,000 square meters to nearly 60,000 square meters, the audience from the thousands of people to nearly 50,000 people. In addition, Fabric Exhibition brings together the leading enterprise of China's textile industry and has attracted many foreign outstanding enterprises, it reflects the status and influence of China's textile industry in the world, and become the barometer and weather vane of China's textile market.
After work integration with the Shanghai International Textile fabrics and accessories (autumn) Expo in 2001, Hangzhou International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (spring) Fair highlights the purpose of the business co-operation, the industry has won widespread praise, various hard targets increasing year by year. In 2006, for example, a total of 689 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions attended the meeting, the number of exhibitors increased by 12% over the same period last year; area increased to 30,000 square meters; 17,337 professional visitors from 55 countries and regions Login admission, which overseas professional audience of over 2,000 people. China International Textile fabrics and accessories (autumn) Expo has become an important trade platform for procurement of quality textiles.
Fabric: linen | cotton | silk | chemical fiber woven woolen knitting | coated fabrics | Flocking fabric | functional fabric composite fabric |Lace embroidery | stretch fabric | textile fabrics | printed cloth | hot stamping | Nanotechnology | textile testing;
Cloth accessories: | Men T Shirts| buttons | zippers | Trademarks | reflective material | embroidery | lace | Embroidery | women Skirt | lining | shoulder pads | tag | webbing suppliers| Hanger transfer materials | printed label barcode | cable | Velcro | sewing thread | embroidery thread | fashion belts;
Yarn: circular knitting | flat knitting | knitting | Woven | hosiery | Fancy | metallic | wool yarn | natural fiber | synthetic fibers;
Home textiles: bed linen | curtains | sofa | upholstery | tassels | lace | carpet | cloth | feather products and accessories;
Others: Apparel Software / CAD / CAM | Laser Engraving | Cutting Equipment | Textile and Apparel (City) commercial real estate;

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China Electronics Fair

2013 China Electronics Fair will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from 11-15 November 2013.
China Electronics Fair is the authoritative and comprehensive professional Electronics Show. China Electronics Fair (CEF) began in 1964, is the oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibition of China. China Electronics Fair leading the basis of electronic technology to promote independent innovation and grow together with China's electronics industry. China Electronics Fair annual exhibition scale of 150,000 square meters, serving the application industry such as 3C, industrial and national defense, help you develop the China market and win more business opportunities. China Electronics Fair is one of the members of Asian electronic UFI (AEECC), with the Japan Electronics Show (CEATEC JAPAN), Korea Electronics Show (KES), the Taiwan Electronics Fair (Taitronics), the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HK Electronics Fair) is called Asia's Top Electronics Show. Mutual cooperation among the members greatly improves the CEF's influence in the international arena.
China Electronic Fair (CEF) is the only exhibition supported by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry. It is the most authoritative (government support), the oldest (since 1964), the most all categories (display electronics industry chain), the largest (all year 15 million square meters), the most widely used layout (Shenzhen, Xi'an, Shanghai -cooperate with each other in spring, summer and autumn), and with a high-level multi-class seminars activities. CEF is the most representative of large-scale exhibition in domestic electronics industry, 85% of the industry and the company had participated in the CEF, 80% of China's electronic components company and 65% of instrumentation, electronic equipment and electronic tools and other related industrial enterprises growth and development through CEF. 2013 China Electronic Fair will move to the next level, to help you develop a comprehensive market between domestic and foreign and win more business opportunities.
Exhibits: measurement, Professional Audio, measuring instruments, measuring instruments, test systems, sensors, circuits, power supply, power supply module, electronic materials, electronic measuring instruments, Power Cable, electronic measuring instruments, PCBA, electronic tools, electronic components, high-performance, industrial, optical, optical and electronic.
The 82nd China Electronics Fair - to promote electronic information technology upgrades, Shanghai is China's largest economic center and famous port city in the leading position in China's economic development. China's "economic growth pole and the engine" is known as the Yangtze River Delta region, the electronic information industry with its capital intensive, technology intensive has been developed as a new pillar industry of Jiangsu and Zhejiang two provinces.
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LEDth Summit

The LED of the world's most influential annual event - New Century LED Forum (formerly: LED Forum in Asia) will be held from 9-10 June 2013 at the Pazhou Complex Convention Center. According to the organizing committee, the size and specifications of the forum there will be a new breakthrough, Expand 6 screenings Technology Branch, the forum will focus on the global market in the afternoon of the 9th Global Conference of the market within 2 days, and the number of participants is expected to more than 2012. The opportunities and challenges coexist with the industry authorities, in-depth market and technical aspects of break out the plight of the global industry to seek change strategy.
A number of international the LED industry bodies, associations, experts will be invited to attend the forum, such as China Council for the Promotion of Cooperative, Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA), South Korea LED Association, Japan Lighting equipment industry, University of Colorado, Dr. Song, director of the LED-FPD engineering technology research and development centers of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor Li, the chairman of Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association, etc. The forum will condense senior industry research; analyze the staff's point of view; analyze current situation for the industry. The organizing committee also said that the forum topics this year will be directed at the development of LED industry heated and difficult, throughout the LED on the middle and downstream industry chain, provided the whole industry chain authoritative technical solutions.
In the past year, the global LED industry is experience a baptism, East China LED manufacturing situation become more severe. There is no doubt that Chinese manufacturing is experiencing the pain of some kind of transformation, the foreign trade market is facing a huge challenge; On the other hand, in the absence of core equipment such as MOCVD, MO source of key materials such as sapphire substrate field, Chinese companies also been actively seeking their own opportunities. In the capacity growth, intense competition, how to upgrade its technology, reduce costs, LED industry will be an important decision in the face of great change.
It is reported that the new century LED Forum will be held in conjunction with the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition).It organized by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt, hosted by LED Network. At the appointed time will gather LED top experts, as well as several thousand industry elite participate in the consultation, counsel choice and change of LED industry road. Main Exhibits: LED, LED display, LED lighting, backlight, LED PAR Light, measuring, LED Panel Light, lamps, lighting accessories, power package, the light source, control systems, modules, drivers, epitaxial wafers, LED Tunnel Light, display, display, chip, lighting, lighting control, lighting control systems, lighting, production equipment, professional lighting, professional lighting, decoration, decorative lighting, and so on.
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Guangzhou Home Expo

As the largest fair in South China, Guangzhou Home Expo would be held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center every year in April and August.
In this season, Guangzhou Home Expo will integrate the brand display decoration design, decoration materials, furniture, appliances, soft furnishings, kitchen facilities with the home improvement purchases consumption chain. Create a home improvement supply and procurement of new mode for the first time, all processes to provide quality home improvement (home improvement design, material selection, cost-effective new products) one-stop services a day to get, easy to complete the home improvement big project. More to save time, effort and money to serve the purpose, and strive for the general public in the Pearl River Delta to build a high-specification, high-quality, high-quality brand-stop decoration procurement-commerce service platform.
With the regulation of the highlights of the benefits of the policy, rigid demand has been unable to control and the decoration season come just in time, Guangzhou Home Expo continues to “integration of resources, hold together for warmth, to reduce intermediate links, reduce marketing costs, to help the people, affordable home "for the tenet. In addition, let the home improvement industry elite game on the same stage, the exhibition heroic, co-development effort, catch up and lead the trends of the home improvement and fashion. Third Home Expo remain hosted by Guangzhou City Building Decoration Industry Association, Guangdong Province Decoration Industry Association and the Guangdong Provincial Construction Decoration Materials Industry Association, 2013 Guangzhou Home Expo will be 25-27 August 2012 held in Jin Han Pavilion, over 900 preset booth, exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, to "home improvement feast • build win-win" as the theme, creating a decoration procurement Guangzhou Festival.
Exhibit: refrigerator, restaurant, dining room furniture, Kitchen Furniture, kitchen appliances, mattresses, flooring, TV, TV, children, children's furniture, mahogany furniture, home appliances, home, furniture, building materials, building materials exhibition, living room, living room furniture, air conditioning, doors and windows, sofa, design firms, Cosmetic Bottles, mobile phones, digital, ceramics, paint, Coat Racks, Shoe Racks, bedroom, bedroom furniture, laundry, washing machines, small appliances, wardrobe, audio, video, paint, overall home decoration
1. If you ready to participate in the show, please fill out the application form, together with the Corporate Profile fax to the organizing committee.
2. After Organizing Committee receives the application form and confirmed participation qualifications, exhibitors shall be cost to the conference's designated account within seven days.
3. The booth arrangement to the principle of first come, first pay, application vendors such as failure to require payment at the time organizers reserve the right to adjust its booth.
4. Exhibitors have no right to booth rental or transfer to a third parties, shall not be entitled to in any way non-exhibitors at the venue publicity.
5. Refer to “Exhibitor Manual” for conference reception, accommodation, exhibits checked. Application Deadline: March 31, 2013.
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China International Construction & Building Material Machinery Expo

Organized by China Municipal Engineering Association and Asia Association of Building Technology Alliance, 2013 China International Construction & Building Material Machinery Expo will be held from 9th to 11th May, 2013 in China Import and Export Fair Complex.
According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban: during "Twelve Five" period, total national municipal infrastructure investment is expected to around 7 trillion RMB, clearly put forward the key tasks and major projects, continue to give priority for infrastructure, accelerate the construction of transportation, water conservancy, real estate-focused moderate advance;"plan" clearly rural infrastructure by 2020 is expected to invest 3 trillion RMB; high-speed railway construction investment will remain at 7,000 RMB per year, for a total of about 3.5 trillion RMB; rail traffic over the next five years will commence the construction of more than 2500 kilometers of subway, the scale of investment of more than 1 trillion RMB; 620,000 km of new road network; new coastal ports capacity of 23 million tons.
With the advance of urbanization and modernization of the infrastructure, many cities have been started. Since the end of February, the approval rate of major construction projects significantly accelerated, part of the highway network, airports and rail transit project was approved by the centralized, batch after batch of key areas, key industries and around the housing project is being launched. End of March, the State Council executive meeting requirements should focus on the mission objectives, determined by the "12th Five-Year" plan to promote infrastructure construction. There are indications that the next five years, is still historical opportunity for development of infrastructure. This is bound to pull a strong demand for construction machinery and building materials equipment.
Exhibits: glass, glass products, materials, Artificial Stone, molding, molding machine, molding machinery, electrical equipment, cranes, separation, separator, steel, high-altitude, aerial, aerial vehicles, engineering machinery, welding, welding equipment, drying equipment, concrete, concrete machinery, machinery, processing machinery, processing equipment, detector, detection equipment, building materials, building materials, machinery, construction, electrical construction, construction, construction machinery, building templates, scaffolding, stirring, stirring station, metal materials, hoist, boring machine, air compressor, fasteners, wire drawing, wire drawing machine, cold-rolled, parts, road machinery, template, Floor, repair machines, crushing, crushing machine, lifting crane, lifting machinery, blocks, wall materials, cutting, winding, lubrication, oil, sand, mortar, lift, lift, production machinery, construction hoist, stone, stone processing, cement, cement products, crane machines, ceramic, ceramic products, paints, excavation, excavator, mining machinery, bending, repair, press, General Hardware, compaction machinery, hydraulic, hydraulic machines, vibration, fabrication, heavy machinery, brick, brick and tile production machinery, piling machinery, loading, loading machines, drills.
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Time of event: April 11-14, 2013
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition
Exhibition City: Shanghai
Exhibition Profile: 2013 China (Shanghai) International Leisure Show is the only one professional exhibition relates to fashion, leisure, life, heath and sports theme, Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is the exhibition management agency. The 18th China International Boat Technology & Equipment Exhibition will be held over the same period. 2013 Leisure Expo with the yacht space, outdoor leisure, water sports, leisure and fitness exhibitions, is expected to exceed an area of 50,000 square meters, and to attract over 3 million professional visitors. The show will be held from April 11th to 14th, 2013 in the shanghai expo exhibition, expansion of 20,000 square meters will focus on fashion sports and leisure lifestyle on display.
Exhibits: video game products and accessories exhibition area: game machines, simulators, remote control devices, hitting consoles, game consoles (GB), arcade, home console and peripherals, basketball machines, interactive video games, professional audio, dolls, gift, stickers cameras, all kinds of amusement machines, educational and entertainment facilities, equipment, coin, color version of the game screen, display (tube), touch screen, power supply, game tokens, game lottery accessories, game software development. Park and playground equipment exhibition area: roller coaster, scooter, Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper cars, go-karts, tour buses, sightseeing ropeway, simulated golf, simulated shooting system, rafting equipment, water slides, water walking ball, bumper boats , matte screen curtain of fog facilities, LED(LED LED Fluorescent Light,(LED Tunnel Light, LED Panel Light, LED Bay Light), pyrotechnics, special effects, dynamic film, 3D, 4D movies, water curtain movie equipment, vending machines, playground management software, ticketing systems, kiosks, a children's park, combination play toys , Inflatable etc.. Leisure sports goods exhibition area: golf supplies and ancillary facilities, sports facilities and equipment, sporting goods, shooting and archery supplies, sports clothing, backpack, sports footwear; Sports and fitness equipment, massage equipment; automatic mahjong, mahjong table, mahjong table, mahjong tiles, poker, sports and recreation equipment; health club, outdoor sports facilities, playground facilities, swimming place its equipment. Fishing Tackle exhibition area: fishing rod, hooks, fishing line, fishing nets, fish bags, fishing reels, fishing reel, floats and accessories, bait, fish baskets, fishing glasses, bite indicator; fishing boats, fishing club, fishing clothing, fishing bag, tent, fishing beds, fishing tool, parasol, fishing chair, night fishing lights; dip net, fishing bracket; fishing clothing, fishing boats, fishing fish Club and so on. Leisure exhibition features area: scenic, leisure resort, expand the training base, extreme sports grounds, leisure and recreation clubs, leisure and health clubs, hot spring spa, sauna, spa equipment.
Organizer: Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tourism Industry Association.
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2013 Guangzhou Fashion Week

2013 Guangzhou Fashion Week will be held on 10-12 August 2013 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. With the same address as the canton fair address.
Show Background:
The brand is the king: after finished the scale expansion, as the core brand development, value and innovation will become the new historical tasks of China's garment industry. Especially in southern China, high-end brands are favored and the infinite spaces of non-mainstream clothing market, international brands have more setting up shop!
Distribution center: Guangdong is the largest garment production base in china, 1/3 of the country garment manufacturers production over 2/3, as the global clothing distribution center, Guangzhou has more than 30 textile and garment market, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, radiation Southeast Asia, is an ideal city to hold professional exhibition.
Industrial chain: different from Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou as the center of the Pearl River Delta, its clothing and downstream industry chain is very complete, with the unsurpassed supporting industrial chain advantage, Guangzhou Fashion Festival is committed to creating a one-stop shopping from the clothing brand, processing, design to surface materials and equipment negotiate trade platform, with continuous resource integration, functionality and vitality.

Exhibition Scope (2000 booths, 50,000 square meters, and 100,000 professional visitors):
Men's Series: formal wear, business casual, sports equipment, leather clothing, jeans, knitwear men's tracksuit, Men T Shirts, etc.
Women Series: ladies fashion, suits, ladies wear, evening dress, wedding, women Skirt, etc.
Kids Series: children's clothing, infant clothing and related apparel, footwear, OEM / OBM / ODM enterprise, etc.
Apparel products: leather shoes, ties, scarves, shawls, shoes, hats, bags, jewelry and other fashion accessories etc.
Site facilities: e-commerce area, creative DreamWorks and Forum Zone, fashion T-Taiwan show; VIP trade negotiations of a Kind "live rooms.

Show Features:
Aggregation brand: Following the 2012 Guangzhou Fashion Festival Return of the dazzling, display size of 40000 square meters, attract 38,256 professional buyers, more than 300 enterprises with more than 600 exhibiting brands; 2013 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival & Guangzhou Fashion Week will create a larger brand clothing professional exhibition, 50,000 square meters, but declined to retail!
Fashion feast: Through static display, dynamic fashion show, Forum, matching buyers, designers and creative performances DreamWorks theme activities to attract global attention, to create the fashion capital of Asia, and promote the development of cultural and creative industries to show the world the charm of Guangzhou fashion!
Trade matching: For each area sub-categories selected a number of key VIP buyers for procurement, investment, synchronization object surveys buyers for exhibitors, advance screening of both the supply and demand for trade matching, and set up the VIP trade negotiations to the touch "live room in the field, within three days to arrange supply and demand by the time the scene of both sides screening and packet docking, large-screen scroll between the background and outcome of negotiations to achieve a one-to-one precision docking! The planned docking screening 200 games! Media-weather track reported!
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Warm accessories

Do not think that selecting a warm winter coat means once and for all, warm accessories are the ones you can win in the key. Just as each season designers are not only to fine costume design, but also each details of the accessories are delicate. A suitable match is the most perfect! During the retro era, fedora hat, women sandals, fur collar, Shoes Accessories, shaped sunglasses, Work Glove, just a sum of absolute can let you become the focus of attention.
The leather hat is sustained heat in this season. It is particularly chic to appear alone in people's vision, no longer stitching leather or other elements, people can also feel the full warmth from the visual. However, as a fashionable environmentalist, the designer think leather grass is the best choice with its stylish, warm and parity. Whenever you see the dome of narrow-brimmed hat, would your mind emerge the old Hollywood actress wearing that looked out from the retro classic cars in a black and white picture? If you want to learn the retro girl wearing this hat, you must see whether they are suitable or not! Because the brim is slightly narrower, it is not easy to proliferation of sight and the face will look large. This hat is more suitable for small head circumference, pointed chin girls. Stiff texture, soft touch of the finest materials make the wide-brimmed fedora become a kind of innate extravagance, if you match up with the texture of the coat and high-heeled shoes to hand carry a retro doctor's bags, you will have the incarnation of Hollywood actress fashion sense. This season designers thought a lot of on it, feathers decorated with flowers, velvet stitching or jewelry inlaid of the hat bodies ... these subtle design, there will be a move you! A playful neutral wind is still raging in the season, whether it is the leather equestrian cap, or high street brands cap, both with a sense of playful chic. The rounded profile shoulder movement pullovers with Benn baseball cap is the most fashion in the dress of the season.
In the turtleneck restoration era, thick warm scarf not heat as usual, and undoubtedly the most stylish is the luxurious fur collar, it can protect the back of the neck and looks noble and modern.
Winter is the time to competition of sunglasses, overbearing and perverse sunglasses can keep your fashion status. Compared with the spring and summer, exaggerated shaped and colorful is the main around this season. Pentagon, cat's eye-shaped is the highlight and red, sapphire blue, mustard, green is the king.
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Guangzhou International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Fair

Organized by Hongkong New International Co., Ltd and Guangzhou RHF Exhibition Co., Ltd, the 8th Guangzhou International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Fair was held on May 1st to May 3rd, 2013 in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. The exhibition will be held with the 113th Spring Canton Fair in the same period, it will bring domestic exports booming and sharing the canton fair 100,000 buyers.
South china textile and garment industry base is a paradise for investment with boundless business opportunities. Printing technology machinery and materials are widely used in the textile, clothing, leather goods, Backpack suppliers, furniture, girls sandals, hats, tents, sporting goods and even medical, military and other aspects. Because it’s easy to use and versatile, printing machinery and material has been regarded as one of the top ten inventions of the 20th century. The PRD (Pearl River Delta) manufacturing textile and garment industry occupies a pivotal position in the country, the annual production of textile, garment, shoes, luggage and bags in Guangdong reach 4.8 billion, accounting for 60% in the country, in addition, the export delivery value over 290 billion dollars. Guangdong, known as a largest province of the textile and leather industry, the overall level of production technology, production scale, product quality, innovation capacity is in a leading position in china. Pearl River Delta, adjacent to HongKong and Macao, it will obtain the latest information and materials faster than others. However, the demands of the matching industry of the textile and garment such as the printing machinery and information services will greatly enhance. Guangzhou as the vanguard of the capital city of Guangdong Province, is also the country's economy and weathervane, has Asia's largest and most complete facilities Exhibition hall, held nearly 1,000 exhibitions every year, attracting more than 80 million people around the world come to visit.
Held with the 113th Spring Canton Fair of textile, clothing and backpack exhibition in the same period, it will bring domestic exports booming and sharing canton fair 100,000 buyers. Successive Canton Fair came foreign orders up to as much as 200,000 in over 170 countries and regions, turnover of more than a thousand billion dollars, can be described as thousands of businessmen gathered and business opportunities; This exhibition immediately in the 113th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the spring Fair) on the same period held, and at the same location, very convenient for the domestic and overseas professional traders and buyers come to purchase visit.
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Turning waste into treasure

Make the best use of turning waste into treasure is the rules of nature reincarnation and the path of sustainable development. It means things which do not want to re-use, or cannot be reused to produce materials or finished products for recycling, and then by remanufacturing become available.
Nowadays, the trends of globalized tight supply is more and more obvious, voice that conserve limited resources, protect the living environment is louder and louder. Renewable resource recycling has become a subject of research around the world. In recent years, China also attaches great importance to renewable resources, renewable resource recycling system construction speed up year by year. Childhood memories of the street still clearly, but to be different ,not only the meaning of "waste" is already in excess of metal scraps, old newspapers, a large number of electronic waste, industrial waste, but also the ways of "waste collection" has a great changes, even the Internet has also become a way to" waste collection "," waste "treatment is a combination of biotechnology, nanotechnology , information technology and other high-tech, and become a new industry.
Renewable resource industry plays an important role in the marketing space and the protection of the ecological environment. Now, more and more stories of turning waste into treasure occur. For example, March 29, 2013, Renmin University of China Primary Division, the site of the Fourth Beijing Educational Equipment Forum held in Beijing Exhibition Center on display more than 100 pieces by the Chinese People's University Preparatory School students use plastic bottles, egg cartons, cans, Packaging Carton, reel spool household waste produced, ornaments, Cosmetic Bottles, craft painting and other works, attracting a large audience and the education sector to visit. This fully shows today's education focus on environmental protection. The data show that China in the future every year at least 15 million units of home appliances, 500 million computers and tens of millions of mobile phones into disuse. These waste materials for recycling will be a small market.
“12th Five-Year Plan” clearly pointed out that improve renewable resource recycling system; promote the large-scale utilization of renewable resources. This is the first time that the renewable resource recycling work included in the national economic and social development plan, which shows the importance and urgency of this work. With the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover, the canton fair in china can appropriate to increase such topics Booth, an occasion to promote environmental awareness.
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