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The 44th Wuhan Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition

The 44th Wuhan Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition will be held on 28-30 June 2013, is the largest home improvement building materials exhibition in summer. On the home improvement industry laws, the owners have chosen decoration will generally avoid the December-February period, the first, because the cold and rainy winter is not conducive decoration; second is always busy the end of the year, unmotivated nor energy into decoration. After the Spring Festival this special holiday, opened the first show just to meet the real needs of their owners, in fact, the real benefit for the day.
The 44th building exhibition area expected to 30,000 square meters, the default nearly 2,000 booths, the exhibits cover the Floor, doors and windows, sanitary ware, tiles, kitchen equipment, Kitchen Furniture, home series, Artificial Stone, rattan sofa, textile fabric, plants flowers, home appliances, handicrafts, lighting and other 25 type door thousand varieties, will attract hundreds of home improvement companies, home, building brand exhibitors participating merchants.
Exhibition Profile
2012,Wuhan Building Exhibition layout 13 capital cities, the annual exhibition area of over 1 million square meters of strength among the first private exhibition business. Including Wuhan, Nanchang, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Guiyang, Chongqing and other places show up more than 20 games and nearly 10 games home improvement building materials, automotive supplies, fashion shopping festival and other exhibitions are the industry leaders. In 2013, it still continue in the existing grid refinement soaring exhibition projects, but also will bring a new marketing model exhibition industry, this is the "cloud Exhibition", that allows brand communication, investment exchanges, shopping and spending process in an open platform, all trade visitors only need to be used instead of through the exhibition to learn the location of each exhibitor products, relying the port information platform built to easily know the show information and the opinions of others. "Cloud Exhibition" will bring a group exhibition and the exhibitor's seamless docking, also contributed to the improvement of services, the industry and the audience through word of mouth spread between to achieve brand awareness and precision marketing results. This will not only greatly omitted viewer’s choice and consider the long-term psychological game too, and let the audience is more concerned about the "brand" “quality” and “service” to get feedback directly.
Exhibition Features
After more than ten years of development, with the government's strong support, the home improvement show effective integration of the industry, venues, media, operators and other resources, it has become a home industry showcase corporate brand image, enhance brand value, to discuss cooperation in trade, integration the trade advantages of resources, to seek industry prosperity and development of the professional platform, its exhibition scale, number of exhibitors, trade visitors, turnover and industry influence in the industry's premier, "an exhibition created an enterprise" myth effect renowned industry. 2011, Shangge Decoration Exhibition expanding market in Guizhou, and combine the original resources.

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China Consumer Electronic fair (Shenzhen)

With the development of the electronics industry, electronic products keep to lower prices and the product line is constantly enriched. It allows us to buy more large scope, so that we can better individuality, but that brings us to how to choose the best electronic products.
Consumer Electronics step into intelligent cloud era in 2013, consumer electronics intelligence as the industry trends, whether it is domestic or foreign brands are focusing the development of intelligent products. 3G global coverage of the world quickly into the mobile Internet era, smart terminal development of mobile Internet is becoming a powerful force. Among them, the smart TV, smart phones, tablet PCs, ultra books, e-readers and other types of intelligent terminals become favored by consumers.
Innovation is the mission of the consumer electronics industry. Traditional thinking has become stagnant industry value constraints, Apple bring disruptive product experience tells us that we are now already entered into an era of value creation rely on the wisdom, "the decision by the creative product differentiation, the creation of high value-added contribution far more than the contribution to the quality of products.”From the design, program to cost, tablet PCs, smart phones, super book, Professional Audio and other innovative consumer electronic devices all in the effort of the industry chain has taken the pace of innovation.
Chinese consumer electronics market makes the Chinese market not only become one of the starting place, but also will become the new technologies, new products and the birthplace of touchstone. With the acceleration of urbanization, China's consumer electronics market is still maintained strong growth momentum. Local market nurturing national brand manufacturers and international giants will launch a new round of competition, the rapid development of China's market share opportunities, and to the world.
China Consumer Electronic Fair (CCEF) is the global consumer electronics giant sports arena. Shenzhen is China's mobile Internet industry Product Center, include smart phones, tablet PCs, PCBA, mobile applications, Power Cable, mobile services, etc., on the whole China and the global consumer electronics industry has played the role of radiation. If Beijing occupy the high-end chain of decision-making, leading the development of the whole industry chain, then the realization of the value of Shenzhen is the industry side, is the "value-Star." Shenzhen concentrated 75% Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, 60% of mobile phone R & D providers and 90% of the national mobile phone underwriters, the matching rate of mobile phone production parts reached 99%. In the mobile applications, tencent cooperation with major operators of mobile Internet services early in the 2G era. Today the company accelerates its pace of development of the mobile Internet business, actively migrating existing mature Internet services to mobile terminals, mobile commerce, mobile games, mobile payment and other fields has obvious advantages.

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Occupational Uniform Expo

It is reported that Occupational Uniform Expo will uphold the exhibition purposes "shaping the industry Weathervane • build world brand", tightly around the "service industry" as its core, comprehensive integration of industry resources, innovative vocational elements to promote "clothing manufacturing power" to "apparel manufacturing power". Powerful shaping industry brands, Shanghai International Garment Fair as a platform to leading the occupational clothing (custom clothing) industry faster and better development. Currently China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Britain and other well-known at home and abroad are encouraged to register for professional apparel brand exhibitors. In the overall economic downturn, the exhibitors of Occupational Uniform Expo enthusiasm far more than the organizers of the pre-conceived, display area has seen a doubling of the expansion, some companies may need to audit to get the booth.
As China's first occupation uniform exhibition- Shanghai International Occupation Uniform Fair is the only brand from enterprise units to exhibitor mainstay, set branding, image display, new product launches, channel development and industry information exchange and commerce cooperation in the field of professional apparel international fairs. For Chinese enterprises to the world, foreign brands to enter the Chinese market, build a modern publicity windows and trading platform.
This Exposition based on the international financial and commercial center - Shanghai, on June 5- 7,2013 in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center grand opening, 25,000 square meters of exhibition space, expected to have 100,000 professional visitors, except in the textile and apparel industry design , distributors, agents, franchisees, but also covers the banking, securities, insurance, telecommunications, machinery, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction, tobacco, real estate, hotel restaurant, college institutes and government administration, government procurement centers , procurement intermediary business and service industries.
Specialization: current occupational clothing exhibition located in the professional exhibition, retail sales declined by "three main an auxiliary" to create professional occupations Garment Fair: First, high-end brands of agents joined investment and trade negotiations, brand display, and commercial department butt-based; Second, docking with the international and domestic designer brands dominated; Third is to help develop the Chinese market-oriented international brands; four based on the international platform for buyers to purchase supplement.
Internationalization: the current occupational clothing exhibition invited foreign professional media, government, business networks as well as national representative office, chambers of commerce and other provinces, committed to the "Shanghai International Garment Fair occupation" into industry developments and trends vane, is the international brands to enter the Chinese market.
Business suits: career suits, suits, trousers, shirts, Men T Shirts etc.
Industry-specific uniforms: government agencies and administrative law enforcement departments IDF uniforms and clothes and uniforms, gowns, sportswear and tourist hotels, logistics, transportation, utilities, medical and beauty, security and other industries uniforms, ladies Skirt;
Functional clothing: anti-oil stain and water repellent clothing, cold, fire retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-static, clean clothes, webbing manufacturers, antibacterial clothing, anti-electromagnetic wave, wear clothes, and other functional clothing;

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What are the factors affecting the quality of LED

LED lamps use widely in the worldwide.LED semiconductor light emitting diode, is a new generation of solid cold light ,apply to household, shopping center, bank and all kinds of public places .LED has different species, such as LED PAR Light, LED Down Light, LED Panel Light, LED Bay Light, LED Fluorescent Light, LED Tunnel Light and Indoor LED etc.
Most of the lighting designers think all LED products are the same quality. However, many LED manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, but the Asian manufacturers supply the low-cost. Surprisingly, only a small part of these manufacturers can produce the high-quality LED. For only used as a simple indication to the application of low-quality LED is sufficient to meet the requirements. But in many requirements of consistency, reliability, solid-state instructions or lighting field must be of high quality, especially in harsh environments, such as highways, military / aerospace, and industrial applications.
What factors distinguish the level of quality of LED? In fact, choose the high quality LED must from the beginning of the chip, until assembly is complete there are many factors need to be considered. Excellent LED manufacturer can be manufactured not only the quality of the chip, but also having the ability of classification of its packaging according to the type of the color, the brightness, the voltage drop and Perspective of the LED. High quality LED vendors to provide customers with products of consistent operating characteristics, and lower-quality LED suppliers can only provide LED similar to the "mixed".
In addition to the discrete assembly and supply of LED, LED has a very important impact on its performance, brightness and color indicators. Due to the ambient temperature, current, circuit structure, voltage spikes, and environmental factors can affect the performance of LED indicators, proper circuit design and assembly is critical to protect the LED and the guaranteed performance. LED manufacturers also use a variety of techniques and different materials to design the circuit configuration and assembly, in most cases, LED assembly by experience level difference caused by differences in the overall performance and reliability with an application.
Not every application needs high-quality LED assembly technology. If the assembly of the LED does not meet the requirements of harsh environments, the application does not necessarily appear larger security risk, or, if the final product is not very high maintenance costs, using the worse assembly technique may be more appropriate.
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2013 Ecobuild China

Organized in London in March of each year, Ecobuild is the world's largest green building exhibition. The Ecobuild exhibition organizer UBM held Ecobuild China and related forums successfully with Shanghai Green Building Council and Shanghai Academy of Building Research in Shanghai New International Expo Center in April 2012. The exhibition join with the 20th China International Building and Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) attracted more than 15,383 professional visitors and buyers from 18 countries and regions, solid step on the road towards green building event provide professional, green building enterprises in the field of international exchange and display platform.
Following the successful cooperation in 2012, Ecobuild China the world’s energy-saving environmental protection and ecological construction China Fair will once again be combined with the twenty-first China International Building and Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) from April 1 to 3, 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The strong combination of two foreign Building Materials Exhibition, Ecobuild China mainly to new green building materials, energy efficient equipment and renewable energy products, further demonstrate the "local conditions" of new products, new technology, to achieve the perfect fusion of international cooperation and local resources, 2013 latest green building materials industry information for the construction sector, contractors, designers, manufacturers, distributors and procurement unit.
1. Building energy efficiency area
Energy-saving windows and doors, curtain wall: wooden doors, aluminum windows and doors, glass, steel doors and windows, glass walls, smart energy-saving windows and doors, energy-saving glass, sunshade, blinds, canopy shade, power and control system, membrane structure, solar water heaters, solar building integrated photovoltaic solar intelligence solutions, intelligent building systems, contract energy management, heat pump air-conditioning equipment and technology, fresh air system, air purification equipment, heating technology and equipment, LED Panel Light.
2. Renewable, environmentally friendly materials
Environmentally friendly wooden Residential, light wooden house, water house, wooden structure, landscape, flooring and sheet, PVC wood-plastic, PE wood plastic, eco-wood, anti-corrosion retardant wood, carbonized wood, wooden structure, special coatings, wood structure prefabricated wall, wooden structure building exterior insulation and finish systems, bamboo decorative materials, bamboo Floor, bamboo house, bamboo and plastic materials, Artificial Stone.
3. New building materials area
Wall insulation system, insulation supporting materials, decoration of interior wall insulation, wall insulation decorative plates, new building decoration fireproof materials, roofing materials and systems, waterproofing materials, chemical building materials, construction and decoration green paint.
Concurrent event:
2013 the road of green building practices International Forum
Combined with international forums and professional exhibitions, same period the road of green building practices International Forum supported by "the UK Building Research Institute, the Royal Institution of Chartered Institute of Building, Green Building Council for the Promotion of Shanghai, Shanghai Architectural Institute of Science and Technology and other authoritative bodies, the first forum attracted more than 500 the construction industry veteran to participate. The 2013 Forum will focus on the advantages and applications of BIM in green building design, the hot topic of the 2012 London Olympic green construction, energy use in the building and share, share the latest scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad Green Building and Energy Conservation, trends and success stories.

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Shanghai Textile & Apparel Trade Fair (Spring) 2013

2013 Shanghai Textile & Apparel Trade Fair was held from April 14-19, 2013 in Shanghai Mart exhibition hall. More than 24countries over 1000 exhibitors were participated in the exhibition.
Show Background: Shanghai International Textile and Apparel Fair since 2004 has been successfully held the 9th exhibition, exhibitors and buyers scale increased year by year, the size of the 2012 exhibition increase over 30%, and attract Japanese and Korean companies to exhibit. Besides, domestic full participation in the mainstream department store, this fair become the industry's most influential fashion textile and apparel trade show. Slowdown in global economic growth and weak demand in the international market, the appreciation of the RMB rising labor costs, OEM companies pay more attention to domestic market demand. How to maintain exports, expand the domestic become a common issue in front of the OEM business.
In 2013, China's textile and garment industry is facing with many challenges and opportunities. From the international market, the increasing complexity of international relations, the RMB appreciation, rising labor costs has put pressure on foreign trade, from the domestic market, as China has gradually entered the ranks of the medium, the domestic market is in a stage of rapid development, the brand has brought a wholly unprecedented opportunities for development at home and abroad. Facing with the new situation and new challenges, the global textile and garment industry accelerate to the pace of market development and industrial upgrading, brand enterprises from domestic brands to international brands, and actively develop branded channels, to seize the huge Chinese market; export enterprises from the "Made in China to Chinese wisdom made”, to solid market share at home and abroad and enhance the added value of products; fabric companies from fashion trends to leading fashion", market segments keep innovation, and the fashion is from the fabric. 2013 (Spring) Shanghai textile and garment exhibition will also actively adjust the planning and layout of the exhibition according to market dynamics, 100 domestic and international brands, 200 Sino-Japanese fabric companies, 100ODM/OEM enterprises, brands, foreign trade, fabric comprehensive showing at the top of the stage of the WTO.
Fabric: linen | cotton | silk | chemical fiber woven woolen knitting | coated fabrics | Flocking fabric | functional fabric composite fabric |Lace embroidery | stretch fabric | textile fabrics | printed cloth | hot stamping | Nanotechnology | textile testing;
Cloth accessories: Garment Accessories | buttons | zippers | Trademarks | reflective material | embroidery | lace | Embroidery | lining | shoulder pads | tag | webbing manufacturers | Hanger transfer materials | printed label barcode | cable | Velcro | sewing thread | embroidery thread | fashion belts;
Yarn: circular knitting | flat knitting | knitting | Woven | hosiery | Fancy | metallic | wool yarn | natural fiber | synthetic fibers;
Home textiles: bed linen | curtains | sofa | upholstery | tassels | lace | carpet | cloth | feather products and accessories;
Others: Apparel Software / CAD / CAM | Laser Engraving | Cutting Equipment | ladies Skirt | Textile and Apparel (City) commercial real estate;
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