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The 21st China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Product Fair

China and Asia's largest gift and home product Fair will be held in the gold purchasing season on April and October each year. The Fair has been successfully held two decades, the organizers together with 3500 first-class brand from all over the world to jointly presenting the largest gifts, toys and household goods exhibition. This is a truly national trade activity, and the active participants will meet here twice a year at this industry's best exchange buying season to establish cooperation and define market trends. China is becoming the world's third largest economy, as the years focused on the domestic market of professional trade shows, Shenzhen Gift Home Show also for overseas suppliers to provide the best opportunity to develop the Chinese market.
Show Features:
● Professional buyers: each show received 130,000 overseas professional buyers
●Government Support: with more than 50 associations and government support.
●Best time: the same period with Hong Kong and Guangzhou Gift trade show, which is the best sourcing opportunity.
●Brand Show: 20 years of brand development, through the Global Association of Exhibition Industry UFI certification authority, is a high-quality professional exhibition.
Show Description:
Twenty-first China (Shenzhen) International Gifts Home Exhibition (Shenzhen Fall Gift Show) will be held in Hall 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, nine hall to accommodate nearly 6,300 international standard booths, with a total area of nearly 120,000 square meters, more than 3,800 exhibitors. And currently, it is the leading exhibition and most influential brand in the gift industry.
Since 2000, this Commodities Fair continuous expanding the exhibits range, the development of household products like gangbusters, including household goods, home textiles, home decoration, tableware, Kitchen Furniture and other team has grown, new brand launches, and is known as the “China gifts home page an Exhibition "," gift industry TOP100”, remarkable influence and innovation spirit leading the industry witnessed gifts industry’s important direction for common development. 2013 Fall Gift Show will fully demonstrate the culmination of industry gifts home and abroad, whether you are Chinese rookie, or the creative star, 120,000 square meters of space at home and abroad grand top original brands are comparable to the same stage to greet this Golden Purchasing season.
●ceramics, tableware, crystal and glassware
●Household goods, textile products, kitchen supplies, home decorations
●Electronic and electrical appliances, toys
●Packaging and paper products
●Sports and leisure travel goods, leather bags
●Stationery and stationery, collectibles
●gifts, handicrafts, Cosmetic Bottles, promotional gifts advertising category
●Jewelry and fashion jewelry, watches Smoking and cigarette lighters, beauty care products
●Household items, small appliances, Shoe Racks, metal utensils, cutlery, household hardware tools, home furnishings, kitchenware, plastic products; health care and personal care products, cleaning utensils, bath and personal care products, interior products, iron and outdoor products, furniture, lighting, children's products, pet appliances, and Christmas crafts.
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Children’s wear should pay more attention to accessories

Apparel product quality problems are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:
First is fade. Apparel products bleaching due to use improper dye and floating color is not clean in the dyeing process, mainly unqualified items are washing, rubbing, perspiration, light fastness.
Second is pilling. Since the factory cut corners like adding a large number Fluff, reducing the density knit, large area sweater pilling occur in a short term after sales.
Three is the poor strength. Typically consumer complaints the holes, cracks and other problems are very common, mainly due to (in addition to human external influence) is caused by improper handling of weaving and fabric brittle. Second, some light, thin, soft, floating products, enterprises blind pursuit of beautiful, easy to ignore the powerful forces crack.
The average consumer only concerned with clothing styles, fabrics feel, price, workmanship, simply does not know the garment also hidden "invisible killer." The market's "No Requirement" is also indirectly lead the clothing companies and shopping malls ignore the environmental and safety problems. Part of the small businesses use PH value, formaldehyde, biodegradable aromatic amines by the naked eye cannot distinguish the characteristics shoddy, one-sided pursuit of economic efficiency. Experts said that these indicators failed, will cause skin or respiratory disease, severe can cause cancer.
Experts warned that consumers in the purchase of clothing must not only concern about the appearance, but also check whether the specification can be carefully identified. Standardized identification signs shall contain the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product number, type and size, the use of raw materials, components and content, washing methods, conditions of use and storage precautions, product standard number, product quality levels, security category, product quality inspection certificate and other information. In addition, parents buy clothes for the infants and children should pay more attention to some quality problems, such as structural design is reasonable. Because design unreasonable is the biggest quality problems of children's clothing, children's clothing used on the elastic rope, stretched easy to hit child's face and eyes; Kids cap rope, hem rope, fixed waistband, nepotism, straps and other parts over length limit, the formation of long lasso in children during activities surrounding objects easily hooked accidental injury, or may be reined in child's neck, causing a strangulation hazard to children.
Check if the Kid’s wear Accessories Rally meets the requirements. Children's clothing or girls sandals is often with a variety of buttons, Shoes Accessories, rivets, Garment Accessories, and other small parts, small accessories, if binding force does not meet the requirements, in the course it is easy to fall off. If these decorative pieces sewn fastness requirements are not up to the required tension, children's curiosity because of the small objects, they will tear, chew these small accessories, shedding after swallowing, it may cause the child to choke.
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Tips for buying furniture

Purchase of furniture relates to the quality of life of the entire family, good furniture not only looks decent, but also has a certain use, facing the good and bad products on the market, here to tell you some recipe.
Whether the furniture materials is reasonable
Different furniture, the surface material is a difference. Such as tables, Living Room Chair, cabinet legs, Kitchen Furniture and asked to use hardwood, relatively strong, able to load, and the internal materials you can use other instead; wardrobe leg thickness requirement of 2.5 cm thick on the clumsy, easy to bend thin deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets do not use fiberboard, because the water will expand and damage the fiberboard; dining table should be washable, if found wood insect eyes, out at the end, indicating that drying is not complete. After checking the surface, but also open the doors, look inside the drawers and check the material inside there is no rot, you can use a fingernail pinch a pinch, pinch into a decayed material inside it shows. Open the door and smell, if you feel glare and tears, that indicating high levels of formaldehyde adhesives, it’s harmful to humans.
Structural soundness of furniture
Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, Shoe Racks, stools, hangers, etc. in the selection can drag a drag on the concrete floor, if the sound is crisp, it indicate the quality is good; if the voice crack with crackling noise, indicating that combines mortise is not tight, the structure is not strong. Besides, select a sofa, you can sit on it, get a move on if creaking sound, a shake to shake, is a nail live, will not take long. Square table, tables, chairs and other leg should have four triangular clamps to fixed effect, when you pick and choose, take a look at the tables and chairs upside down, pack cloth chairs can hand touch.
Veneer furniture patchwork tight or not
Paste wood veneer, PVC or paste pre-paint paper, should pay attention to whether the paste was smooth or not, with or without drum kits, blistering, loose patchwork phenomenon. Check to see when the light directed, otherwise it doesn’t show. Ash wood veneer furniture easier to damage, generally only two years. Wood veneer, planning veneer is better than the rotary-cut one. Identification of both methods is to look at the wood patterns, sliced veneer lumber straight and dense texture, peeling the veneer pattern and sparse song. Particleboard veneer furniture, the ground to be Edge, Edge board will not absorb moisture, swell and damage. General veneer furniture corner place easy tilt to pick and choose what you can hand to pull the corners, pull it up if one, indicating a problem with the glue.
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Green home improvement must pay attention to several aspects

Decoration should be simple not complicated. Indoor air pollution is a variety of contaminants from accumulating in the air, if the decoration design is too complicated, decoration completion of indoor pollution may up and down in the national standards, then after place the furniture and other decorative items, the decoration in harmful gases will cause indoor pollution exceeded. Therefore, in the home improvement design should be simple not complicated, and strive simple and elegant interior decoration, do not create too much furniture in the room, at the same time try to diversify decoration materials and furniture, such as wood, stone, Coat Racks, glass or wrought iron, etc.
Decoration materials should be carefully selected. The root causes decoration pollution resulting is the use of various decoration materials containing harmful substances; therefore, selecting decoration materials is a prerequisite of the decoration pollution prevention. Decoration materials must be to buy at those who have a good professional reputation of large building materials market.
The selection of the Artificial Stone must be careful. In general, red and green stone radioactive substances exceeding the possibility of relatively large. In addition, some dark-brown, purple-brown granite containing excess probability of radioactive material is often relatively high. Because formaldehyde will emit irritating gas, therefore, for those who have a strong pungent taste of the plate, furniture best shunned, must not lose the greater because of freeloaders. As plywood is most likely contain excessive formaldehyde, the best choice when buying a brand odor.
If the Floor, but also list include full purchase flooring species, meanwhile, try to ask the seller for the purchased product formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the written materials indicators, quality assurance books and other instruments with legal effect. Optional accessories also must be pay attention to the environmental protection. Many consumers choose in the main building materials environmentally friendly materials, while the materials did not carefully selected, the results will also cause indoor pollution. Interior decoration of the main contaminants - benzene, mainly from the renovation process of the solvent, the solvent selection is not good, it is easy to cause these BTEX volatilization cause air pollution.
Invite the authority to conduct a comprehensive "examination." After the renovation, invite the authority test the formaldehyde and radioactive substances and other harmful substances in the indoor environment is the most effective way to understand whether there is an excess of harmful substances, but also effectively prevent the decoration pollution of the premise. If it is found indoor pollution exceeded, please do not panic, you can take some effective measures to avoid contamination decoration.

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2013 spring and summer apparel fabric trends

2013 spring and summer China Textile City Garment fabric will show different trends, the majority of the fabric marketing sales flat, new fabrics to find markets from a breakthrough to improve its market share, as many textile fabrics business on the agenda of the event.
2013 China Textile City, the spring and summer apparel fabrics will continue to dominate the market with a new creative design to advocate green and expand the export market, the apparel fabrics will still designed to focus on the natural environment, fashion fabrics will focus more on color and creative design, creative arty fabric pattern in the women remained outstanding.
China Textile City in spring and summer apparel fabric trends in Snake Spring Festival kicked off after the market opened, the main condition can be moved to look into the following aspects:
At 2013 spring pre-sales trend analysis and forecasting, knitted fabrics design will focus on natural environment in spring and summer this year. This spring and summer Men T Shirts knit fabric products emphasize on natural comfort, functionality and ecology both, from yarn, morphological, fabric structure to finished will lead to the fabric development, but also makes this spring and summer popular ladies Skirt and Garment Accessories knitted fabric becomes more diversified.
Spring and summer T-shirt fabric selection mainly in the following categories: mercerized cotton due to comfortable, breathable, soft, wrinkle resistant, and this advantage is still the main material of upscale business and leisure brands; Fine Cotton products due to soft and comfortable, fabric style stickers combined mass, a more appropriate young casual brand; half jersey cotton canvas cotton back primaries, stark-sided rounds, plus bamboo cotton rib knit and small spots. Lightweight cotton yarn and knitted unexpected lightness plane formation, Cotton products because of its functionality, such as moisture wicking, anti-UV, anti-bacterial and other performance sports brand to become the first choice; consumer recycled material in the pursuit of environmental protection, low-carbon environment to become the darling of the clothing brand at home and abroad, many sports brands have begun large-scale application of such materials. Meanwhile, it can be seen through the investigation of multi component fiber fabric because of its performance in the T-Shirt complementary market share is slowly expanding. China Textile City in 2013 spring and summer knitted T-shirt fabric in 118D matt FDY, 100DDTY after class rotary screen printing paste dot sequin, sprinkle gold and silver and new-style flower-shaped dominate the market. Knitted printed on both sides with 118DFDY bomb T-shirt fabric, 118DFDY knitted printed lycra T-shirt fabric will occupy the majority of marketing share.

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High quality hardware tools market demand continues to grow

Worldwide market demand for high-quality hardware tools will continue to grow. According to reports, the world's growing demand for hardware tools market, including Europe, North America especially in Eastern European countries increased stability; Asian markets rebounded slightly, the market has great potential, significant growth markets in Latin America, particularly Mexico.
In the past year, high-quality synthesis tool has been growth slowly in demand, mainly because the hardware tools longevity increased, and then there is the user request for the entire manufacturing process, replacing many simple hardware tools. Experts predicted that in the future users will more emphasis on the research and development of the hardware tools, not only in materials and surface coating technology, but also the tool products and production processes. The expert said, focusing on production practices that will help increase high-quality integrated tool factory in which they are familiar with the area of market competitiveness.
Technology updates. The application of high-quality synthesis tool increasingly popular, in Europe, high-speed processing of high-quality synthesis tool market share is growing. The dynamic manufacturers, the market in high-tech fields will be a lot of large companies’ powerful combination
In recent years, China's hardware industry in terms of size and quality of enterprises have made great progress, there has been a group to occupy a certain market share and brand influence of leading enterprises. Most SMEs weaker hardware products may decline or even extinction. In addition, General Hardware products overall growth in exports, mainly hardware appliances full bloom, not only power tools, Work Glove, hand tools, construction hardware products of these traditional categories of export products increased very high, and before the export share of small Kitchen Furniture and bathroom products export growth is also very obvious.
For industry research report: With China's integration into the global economic environment as well as to accelerate the process of the rapid rise of economic power, China has become the world's most dynamic economic regions. Chinese economic facilities were perfect, industrial development has been relatively mature and low labor costs, has become the world's manufacturing center of the comparative advantages of hardware, hardware manufacturing export-oriented development of distinctive characteristics.
The next few years hardware industry will be a high-speed shock period and this high-speed shocks the direct consequence of the current hardware kitchen brands to expand the trend of polarization camp. The next few years is expected to really be able to survive in the market is absolutely no hardware business so much than now. However, this high-speed hardware industry will bring tremendous opportunities and the shock results will make the market more rational operation.
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China HuaXia Housing and Furnishing Exposition

China HuaXia Housing and Furnishing Exposition is a collection of home design, home improvement materials, furniture and other soft loading entire procurement chain as one of the home improvement sales procurement service platform. HuaXia expo will be held for the majority of home building and renovation industry enterprises to develop the terminal market, expand the brand influence and opened up new market channels for the city residents to provide one-stop procurement services of high quality renovation.
Currently, the Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce approved organized SAIC trademark registration, China HuaXia Expo has formally established brand, and quickly expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other cities, it has become the home building renovation market to achieve the layout of the scale brand exhibition.
With the Home Expo brand quality comprehensive upgrade, "China HuaXia Furnishing and Housing (Shanghai)" Since the beginning of 2012 fourth year of implementation of the new layout for home decoration industry chain more brands to provide a broader cooperation space. 2013 Chinese New Year home decoration first sourcing event - The Eighth Shanghai Home Expo(2013 Shanghai Spring Fair) will be held on March 8, 2013 -10 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, 30,000 square meters exhibition area, Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center exhibition hall gathered the required purchases home decoration home improvement, furniture, sanitary ware, ceramics, flooring, doors and windows (windows renovation renderings), home appliances, home textiles, integrated building materials and other products, Shanghai is home renovations make public procurement more saving time, effort, worry and money.
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center a total construction area of 240,000 square meters, compose of the east and west wings, and is connected to the air corridor, East Hall into three groups six 30-storey Siamese-style large-scale integrated buildings, including 30,000 square meters exhibition and conference venues, 40,000 m2 four-star hotels and office buildings, apartment buildings and apartments. West Hall is a standard three large exhibition space.
Office, Office Furniture, Glass, procurement, restaurant, dining furniture, kitchen, Kitchen Furniture, kitchen facilities, cabinets, lighting, flooring, children's, children's furniture, flooring, pipe, scale, outdoor, outdoor furniture, appliances, home, household goods, furniture, home, home improvement, home design, building materials, construction, architectural, architectural glass, water purification, water purification facilities, paint, living room, Living Room Chair, stairs, doors, wood flooring, Wooden Furniture manufacturers, wallpaper , software, sofas, Shanghai, solid wood flooring, interior doors, collection, gutters, steel, steel windows, ceramics, paints, sanitary, sanitary ceramics, bedroom, bedroom furniture, metal, rubber, rubber flooring, sales, paint, paint, kitchens, staircases, terminals, decor, decoration, decorative glass, decorative hardware, decoration etc.
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Electronics Global Sourcing Fair

Electronics Global Sourcing Fair will be held on June 26-28, 2013 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall for the industry to showcase their latest consumer electronics products.
The Fair has more than 700 booths and most of the exhibitors are from mainland China's outstanding electronics companies, while those from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries, exhibitors will also showcase its very competitive and innovative electronic products. Many buyers have been pre-registered and plan to attend the exhibition, which includes international brands Flextronics, Epson, Intel, Canon, etc., but also from Coles Group, Target, e-Bay, Li & Fung and other international procurement offices retailer or representative; and plan to attend the show is well-known brands including ZTE, BYD (002594, stock it), Gree air-conditioning, Shanghai bell, Scud and electronics, but also on behalf of the domestic variety of sources such as China Mobile, cool dynamic digital, Lotus, Yiwu Small Commodity City (600,415, stock it), Orchid Pavilion potential and so on.
The Brand Zone which is set for the Brand Exhibitors will become a major feature of this exhibition. Here not only blend with an array of electronic boutique, but more display and presentation the Enterprise strength. Global Sources vice president of domestic development said: "This exhibition of more than 90% of exhibitors have their own brand, we see that China's electronics companies have been gradually emerging from the shackles of relying solely on the low-end manufacturing, and vigorously to the industrial chain extending upstream development. They rely on product design and brand marketing services, relying on the charming brand to grasp the ends of the value chain development and marketing and this is the value of the most lucrative areas. The general manager of Shenzhen Smart Fish culture Communication Co., said: “Global sourcing Fair Electronics & Components to build a platform where we can communicate with many counterparts to discuss innovative product development and design to enhance the company's brand building, while buyers with the well-known approached to further expand marketing channels.” Another highlight of this exhibition is the Apple accessories exhibition area, the exhibition is the largest scale has been expected to have more than 100 exhibitors 230 booths, the total number of booths nearly one-third.
Exhibits: automotive, computer peripherals, Professional Audio, power supplies, electronic products, positioning systems, home, parts, tablet computers, PCBA, global positioning systems, digital, digital electronics, communications, wireless, Power Cable, mobile, mobile phones, video, entertainment, entertainment equipment, the source device, terminal and so on.
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