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The huge development potential of biomass energy

Biomass energy is the energy that solar energy in the form of chemical energy stored in biomass, namely to biomass as a carrier of energy. It comes directly or indirectly from the photosynthesis of green plants, can be converted into conventional solid, liquid and gas fuels. It is a kind of renewable and inexhaustible energy, and the only renewable carbon source, too.
Biomass energy has always being important resource to human’s survival, it ranks fourth in the world’s total energy consumption, occupies an important position in the whole energy system, second only to coal, oil and gas. Experts estimate that biomass energy is most likely to be a part of the future sustainable energy system, to next century, all kinds of biomass alternative fuels that produced by new technology will account for more than 40% of total global energy consumption.
Renewable energy will be a leading energy in 2050, now there are three major energy supply systems has formed all over the world, electric power system, the oil supply system and gas supply network. The three major energy systems are difficult to change in short term, but the world's major economies have made renewable energy strategy. For example, in 2020 and 2050, the use of renewable energy will be respectively reached 20% and 50% of European Union’s energy consumption proportion; In 2030, the proportion of United States’ wind power generation will be reached 20% of its whole electricity generation, and biological liquid fuel will replace 30% of oil products; For Japan, by 2050, alternative energy, such as renewable energy will be reached more than 50% of Japan’s energy supplies. China's future strategic about renewable energy is: around 2010, the proportion of renewable energy will be reached about 10% of energy consumption, its strategic positioning is supplement energy; Around 2020, the proportion will be increased to 15%, and the strategic positioning is alternative energy at this time; Around 2030, renewable energy accounted for about 25% of the energy consumption, strategic positioning is the mainstream energy; Around 2050, the proportion will be risen to 40%, strategic positioning is the dominant energy.
GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. We mainly produce and sell full -automatic & semi-automatic biomass pellet plant which includes stalk pelleting﹑wood sawdust pelleting﹑stalk briguette pressing and rice husk/peanut shell/sunflower husk pelleting etc. Our products range from pellets & briquettes pressing machines including flat-die pellet mill﹑ring-die pellet mill﹑and roller pellets press, shreding﹑grinding two series, air flow drier﹑rotary drier two series and their accessories like screeners and conveyors as well.
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The production of Biomass Molding Fuel will be amounted to 50 million tons in 2020

Each year, there are about 340 million tons of straw and agricultural residues, 840 million tons of animal manure and nearly 75 million tons of urban living garbage in China, and these resources can be used as energy utilization. Total biomass resources is equivalent to about 460 million tons of standard coal each year. In accordance with the relevant national planning, by 2015, biomass energy industry will have a large-scale of utilization, realize commercialization and have large-scale use in the electric power, heat supply, and rural life.
"China's rural energy construction mainly rely on state funding to support, we call it transfusion industry, now it needs to become a hematopoietic industry." The professor of energy research institute of National energy bureau, Qin Shiping said that the rural biomass energy use target is marketization, to build the integration of urban and rural energy service system, and achieve sustainable development.
There is an engineer who engaged in biomass energy equipment manufacturing said:" To build such an energy services system is very difficult, such as our biomass energy standards has a problem. For example, in biomass molding fuel industry those have higher degree of industrialization, a nominal yield of 900 kg/h mechanical, its actual output of pellet fuel may be less than 700 kilograms, or even only 400 ~ 500 kg, and nobody would care about it, they just write down the fake data whatever they like. And the enterprise can mark mold life indicators freely." So there is still a long distance to build such an energy services system and combine it into a big energy network market-oriented operation.
It is important to note that in this exhibition, Jiangsu MuYang Biomass Company exhibited two core host machines, MUZL1610M wood pellet mill and mixers. The single output of MuYang MUZL1610M pellet mill can achieve 3 to 5 tons. According to the manager’s introduction, among MuYang’s total biomass energy market, there are about 60% comes from overseas market, it is expected to obtain a bigger development in the fields of Biomass Molding Fuel and pretreatment of raw materials in the future.
At present, the National Energy Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture are working to build Biomass Molding Fuel industry standard, including the classification standard of solid molding fuel, burner technology and the specification about key components of molding equipment. The insiders analyze that the standard will improve industry’s entry barriers and overall competitiveness, and then improve the economic benefit of biomass energy.
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How to select unique lamps to decorate house

Household lamps are the main indoor lighting facilities that provide decorative effect and lighting function for interior space. It can not only add new contents to ceiling’s simple color and modeling, at the same time, these lamps can also achieve the action that change the feeling about structure and foil the indoor atmosphere, through changing interior lamp’s modeling and adjusting light intensity. Lamps basically can be classified into droplight and absorb dome light, according to the styles, it can be divided into fabric lamps, glass lamps and crystal lamps, etc. Basically, many families will consider the indoor style when chooses interior lamps. This article will mainly introduce some kinds of unique household lamps.
European lamps
Simple style is one of the European decorating style. European style mostly used white color, its overall atmosphere is simple, the matching lamps can release pure and fresh feeling, also conforms to people’s aesthetic standard. Simple European style is closer to the nature, also accord with Chinese aesthetics, so in recent years, it has a rapid development in China. European lamps mainly are multi-bull droplight, it usually uses the glass surface or floral cover face material to reflect European feelings.
Chinese lamps
The Chinese lamp has classical characteristics, there are also various of traditional Chinese elements inserted into Chinese lamps, even classical novels and mythologies have been combined into Chinese lamps. Such as LED flood lights, LED wall washer, etc. Different styles of lamps make people refreshing and memorable. Secondly, Chinese lamps not only emphasize symmetry and delicate, but also pay attention to colorific contrast to create the charming feeling of classical and traditional cultural.
Contemporary and contracted style lamps
Contemporary and contracted style is now one of the most popular decorating styles, a lot of families will choose contemporary and contracted style when they decide to decorate house. With its compact model, perfect details and fashionable design, countless of people like contemporary and contracted style. The material of contracted form light usually is glass or steel structure; people would like to pay attention to a contracted style and strong sense of line.
Different styles need to match with different lamps, how to select a perfect collocation is getting more and more important.
Canton Fair Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. has registered the trademark “SOLID RISE” both at home and abroad. Our main business includes merchandise trade, service trade, and home trade. The main exporting products of our company include LED Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, LED Industrial Lighting, LED Decorative Lighting.
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China's LED lighting market ushered in rapid development period

China has promoted the use of LED energy saving lamp for a long time, however, due to its high manufacturing cost, the price is more expensive. Though it has a very good energy saving effect, it hasn’t been accepted and used by general consumers. Since this year, the prices of International LED are falling while the luminous efficiency is improving. Customers will improve the acceptance of LED gradually, and the market penetration will also increase, China’s LED lighting market will have a big development period.
The wide use of led lamps is an inevitable trend, nowadays, influenced by the prices of International LED lamps and rare earth fluorescent lamps, China’s LED industry ushered in a development opportunity. However, how to improve consumers’ cognition about LED and establishing reasonable industry standard is still the key issue for whole LED industry to consider.
Data analysis shows that in July this year, the retail price of global LED bulbs that used to replace 40 w incandescent bulbs has a slight drop about 0. 6%, dropped to $15.5. And the 60 w LED bulbs drop to $22. 6. The falling prices make consumers more willing to replace incandescent lamps with led lamps. Because of the rising price of rare earth, rare earth fluorescent lamps are being more expensive. Though the current market share of rare earth fluorescent lighting accounted for 70% in big cities, it is believe that the pattern will be changed. In 2012, LED energy-saving lamps sales rose nearly 34% while rare earth fluorescent sales declined. In the first half of 2013, led civilian market sales rose more than 150%. LED light suppliers and manufacturers’ operation revenue have increased for years.
In the commercial lighting market, although led’s price is expensive, it has better energy saving effect and can bring more energy-saving benefit. So the lighting application demand of commercial, industrial, outdoor is relatively strong, especially LED indoor lighting. But at present, Chinese consumers do not have fully understanding about LED products, nor have particularly strong demand of energy saving, and sensitive to the price, so the permeability of LED lighting is low. In addition, there is no regulation rule to standard product’s quality. So, the government needs to take some measures to standardize the products.
With the promoting luminous efficiency and falling prices, LED lighting’s market share will be risen in household lighting, commercial lighting, automotive lighting and backlighting, it can be predicted that LED will enter into a golden development period.
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The business opportunities of LED lights will increase after 2014

At present, LED indoor lighting mainly used in decorative lighting, such as underground parking lot and star hotel, has not really enter into the huge market of ordinary household lighting. The main indoor lighting products include commercial fluorescent lamps, LED down lights, LED spot lights, LED bulb, freezer lights. Someone pointed out that according to some foreign countries’ development plan about LED indoor lighting, they mainly push commercial lighting from 2010 to 2012, and will mainly push ordinary household lighting from 2012-2015. From a technical point of view, the current quality of light is not so good, and home lighting has a high requirement for light, so it is not available to promote residential lighting in recent years.
As the development trend of future lighting, how will LED massively enter into the field of indoor lighting? According to the global lighting market research that incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LED bulbs will dominate the market together till 2017. LED bulbs still need some time to replace traditional lighting and mainstream energy source. Now LED bulbs are still in the market introduction phase. The business opportunities of LED bulbs will have a quite strong explosion after 2014, and its demand will substantially ahead fluorescent lamps or other light sources in 2018.
The growth of LED bulbs in lighting market can be broadly divided into three stages: before 2012, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps will be the main source of bulb lighting. And the price of LED is high, it’s mainly aim to replace incandescent lamps. During 2012-2014, as the global countries publish policy to ban the use and production of incandescent lamps, incandescent lamps will gradually disappear in the market after 2012. In this phase, energy saving lamp begins to enter the peak of growth and occupy a major share of the lighting market. But in 2014, LED bulbs will substantially replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and enter into a mature period. At the same time, the cost of LED bulb is declining, with the recent investment of LED manufacturers continue to increase, the decline speed will be faster, the outbreak of LED market may be ahead 1 to 2 years.
The outlook of LED indoor lighting market is absolutely good, what companies can do to conquer the future market? Maybe they should strengthen technology research and hold certain campaigns to raise consumer’s awareness of the LED. Besides, manufacturers should standardize the products and enable consumers to choose from 20 to 50 standard products, rather than thousands. Otherwise consumers will not able to find a replaceable product. Lighting companies should strengthen their research and development ability to acquire more technology with core competitiveness.
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China LED lighting trading network accelerates the development of lighting industry

As the concept of energy-saving gradually improves, the topic of green lighting has been referred by various countries, and become the theme of every big energy environmental congress. Energy-saving and emission reduction become the target of every city. Such as, implement LED lighting lamps renovation project on Beijing subway line 1, the cars configurate LED lamps, iphone 5s with double LED lights. The applications of LED lighting are starting to penetrate in each part of our lives. Now, LED lighting products have been widely used in many fields and in a rapid development. (Such as LED decorative lighting and LED indoor lighting)
Complying with the requirements of LED lighting industry, with the support of Chongqing safety bureau, China Network Library formally established China LED lighting trading network in June 2012. Internet changing people's life style and production mode constantly, as well as changing the traditional production and service mode of lighting industry. Only comply with the requirements of times, can LED lighting enterprise avoid being eliminated. China LED lighting trading network is one of China Network Library’s website, and it is a professional online trading platform for LED light suppliers and manufacturers.
There are so many manufacturers in LED lighting industry, and the competition in the industry is fierce. How to stand out from the lighting industry and become a dominant leader? Maybe you can find the answer if you open the China LED lighting trading network. China LED lighting trading network especially develops E-Commerce platform for LED lamps to guide LED companies to carry out online sales, extend the traditional single offline channels and quickly build a brand. China LED lighting trading network is mainly provide a B2B online trading platform for the vast number of LED lighting companies to achieve the transform from traditional offline store marketing to online marketing, open the online market of LED lamps and gradually achieve the LED industry e-commerce mode. As a professional item website, it is expected to become China's largest LED lighting online trading platform.
Since China LED lighting trading network officially launched, it has gotten each big manufacturer, distributor and consumer’s consistent high praise. It both helps related LED companies expand the dealer channel, and provides consumers with convenience; a new item trading website is growing up. With the strategy of "merger single product, quotation is the king", China LED lighting trading network has broken the traditional entity company’s marketing mode.
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How to choose ideal household LED lamps

LED lamps have gradually become the family’s first choice to choose and buy, but there are too many bad quality LED lamps in the market. How can we choose and buy the ideal LED lamps is becoming many consumers’ problem. This article is written to introduce how to choose and buy the ideal LED lamps.
The first thing we should do is to consider the principle of simple. Lamp acts the role of making the room extraordinary. Too complex modeling, multifarious design and color, are not suitable to design a simple room. The next is to choose and buy convenient pre-loaded LED lamps, most of people have experienced the awkwardness when they change LED panel lights. We must considerate whether it is easy to change while we choosing lamps.
Of course that Energy saving is also very important, LED lamps are basically designed with the concept of energy saving. Energy saving lamp can save electricity, and its lighting effect is good. It does not send out heat, either. Energy-saving lamps are mostly equipped with standard screw, and droplight has two kinds of caliber, one kind is standard which can use energy-saving bulb; the other kind is non-standard, and it cannot be equipped with energy-saving bulb.
Furthermore, we should consider the product’s safety problem, and must choose the LED lamps that produced by formal manufacturer. Only the led light supplier and manufacturer’s products can have security assurance. Formal products are marked with total load, according to the total load, we can determine how many wattage the bulbs are used, especially important for bull droplight. Besides, we should choose waterproof lamps if the place is drippy.
The last consideration is the coordination problem; the LED lamps we have chosen should coordinate with the overall styles of room. And the lamps in the same room should keep the color and style with same coordination, wooden cabinet, wooden rectangular balcony is suitable for loading a rectangular wooden lamps. Learn to coordinate lamps and lanterns collocation cleverly, and make the family more sweet.
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Lighting Science Group published the world’s first LED bulb which can help sleep

The global leader in innovative energy-efficient lighting corporations, Lighting Science Group published Definity Digital series of LED bulbs three days ago, and it is the world's first lighting product that meets law of biology. The product is designed to improve sleep quality, support natural melatonin secretion, alert, promote plant’s growth and protect wild animals. Based on LED digital technology, Lighting Science successfully designed this product for International Space Station and U.S. South Pole Station, it has made a breakthrough in science and technology. This LED bulb can be inserted into the traditional socket, provides consumers with bright white light and benefit their health.
We all know that Lighting Science is a famous LED light supplier and manufacturer, their products are innovative and practical. The founder and chief technical director of Lighting Science, Fred Maxik said:" Definity Digital does not replace the light source, it’s just a new way to use lighting". " The benefits that Definity Digital series of products can provide consumers are far more than they want to obtain from LED lighting, such as energy saving and environmental protection. Our lamps can radically improve people’s lifestyle, by providing physical, emotional and environmental support to maximize work efficiency and make your body operates more natural."
Definity Digital series of products include Good Night, Awake & Alert, My Nature Grow and My Nature Coastal. Each kind of product has its unique performance, they can be used as LED decorative lighting or LED table lamps.
Among Definity Digital series of products, the technology that Good Night and Awake & Alert lamp adopt was firstly developed to help astronauts to manage their circadian rhythms, refresh themselves, and avoid being lack of sleep in space. My Nature Grow lamp can instill growth power for edible plants to grow under the worst and darkest environment, and then help the researchers who do research in the U.S. South Pole Station to solve their food problems. These technical breakthroughs have inspired Lighting Science and many former NASA scientists. They believe human can use the power of light to make life easier, healthier and more effective.
The research director of Lighting Science, Rob Soler explanation that:" After seeing the remarkable effect on astronauts, how to solve the sleep problem that troubles 500000 to 700000 Americans is our priority consideration," "We know that the traditional bulbs and other LED bulbs can produce inhibit melatonin blue light, so, when you are going to go to bed, actually your body do not want to sleep. Good Night bulb is a solution to support the body's natural sleep process. Not like some prescription drugs, it won’t create any side-effects, such as drowsiness and dependency syndrome."
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Home lighting market outbreaks and LED panel light will no longer snubs

With the accelerating development of LED industry, the traditional lighting companies began to focus on the development of LED in recent years. Emerging LED companies also actively make a layout to seize market. However, relative to the heat production of LED companies, the public still concerns about the technical drawbacks of LED.
LED has the obvious advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection. However, the glare question is still a headache of LED production companies. How to solve the problem of glare and build a comfortable lighting environment for consumers is always the key point for LED companies to research and develop. By contrast, LED panel light has obvious advantages in this context. As a relative new type of light, LED panel light has began to replace the common grille lamp, ad has been widely used in high-grade hotels, offices, viewing balcony and corridor, etc. LED panel light uses LED strips as lighting source, plus a LGP or diffuser plate, can effectively disperse the light point-blank, make the light downy not dazzling. Besides, it has uniform illumination and high brightness. Compare to other kinds of lights, LED panel light has obvious advantages and the current application range has been expanded.
Take the LED table lamp for example, currently almost all LED table lamps on the market are adopted the use of LED flat light. Because the LED table lamp has a very high requirement to protect eyes, and LED panel light just can meet this need, so it is been widely used.
With the enlargement of the LED application range, indoor home lighting is the focus of many lighting companies. According to statistics, in 2012, the market penetration of LED panel light in building lighting is as high as 56%, but also due to the mature market, its growth has been slowed. Benefiting from the government’s policy to create the market demand, LED outdoor lighting makes the application of LED panel light grows slow. So the penetration of LED panel light in industrial lighting applications is only about 6%, while its market penetration has reached to 15% in commercial lighting.
House is one of the largest global application markets, LED panel light was firstly used as bulb to enter into residential lighting market and replace traditional incandescent lamps. But due to consumers’ sensitivity for the price is high, so the penetration of LED panel light in residential lighting market is only about 13% in 2012, it still has a vast space to be promoted.
With the improvement of public spending power, many people are willing to choose the LED lighting lamps, and now the main consumers who purchase house is the younger generation, their recognitions of the LED are high, and the future home lighting market should be the focus of lighting companies’ competition.
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China’s brilliant lighting products will be appeared in Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair

On October 27 to 30, the 15th Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair will be held in Hong Kong convention center. The national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LTD. will show several of new products in this lighting event.
In this Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair, HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LTD. will continue to inherit the concept of quality first and innovation, a series of products with independent research and development will be showed one by one in this fair, among them, the rotating tube, track lights and other new products will bring you more ideas and solutions.
HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC mainly involves in four major lightings in this Hong Kong lighting fair, one is for the road lighting, such as the LED street light, LED tunnel light, solar street light; The second is landscape lighting, such as LED outdoor lighting and LED decorative lighting; The third is for indoor commercial lighting, such as grille lamp, absorb dome light, flat light, etc. The fourth is for workshop lighting applications, such as LED high bay light.
Hong Kong international autumn lighting Fair is sponsored by the Hong Kong trade development council. Since 1999, it has been successfully hosted for 14 times, the 15th Fair will be held in 2013. The exhibition venue - Hong Kong, as an international economic center, financial center, trade center, logistics center, its active production and distribution activities, not only attracted a huge group from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland enterprises to join this exhibition, but also attracted buyers from all over the world. And the superior geographical position and developed transportation are shortening the distance between Hong Kong and the world. The complete infrastructure and perfect supporting services have solved the problems about enterprise and audiences’s live and eat. A large number of buyers and exhibitors, and constant innovation of high trading volume make the exhibition have a prominent reputation in the industry. The Hong Kong international autumn lighting Fair has become Asia's largest industry exhibition, ranking the second in the world.
In 2013, the exhibition has made more reasonable arrangements for product zone, so as to highlight the main business areas of lighting industry, accurately grasp the global lighting industry trends, meet buyers changing needs. They are set up to ten categories of products zone, specific as follows: advertising lamps and lanterns lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, LED and environmental protection lighting, outdoor lighting, lighting accessories and spare parts, intelligent lighting and lighting solutions, inspection and verification services, trade services and publications, lamp assemble gallery. These zones can let exhibitors contact with the target buyer faster and easier, and then obtain the biggest benefit.
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GE lighting launches economical LED lights

Recently, the well-known LED light supplier and manufacturer, GE lighting has launched a new economical LED product for consumer market-- LED Snowcone A19. The product will be listed in most of the Asian countries in September, and will be sold in South Korea in October. The LED light is designed for household lighting, there are two specifications: 7 w and 10 w, their illumination effects are respectively equivalent to the traditional 40 and 60 watts incandescent lamp. With the continuous development of China's energy-saving lighting industry, incandescent bulbs will be phased out in the end, and the demand of the LED market will continue to rise. GE lighting launched this brand of new energy-efficient LED lights, not only conforms to the trend of the development of lighting industry, but also brings high quality alternative products for consumers.
The best choice for household lighting
GE lighting’s new LED Snowcone A19, as the ideal substitute of incandescent lamp, it is the perfect choice to build a comfortable and energy saving lighting environment. It is one of the energy saving lamps and can be used in LED indoor lighting. The LED light has no glare, and equipped with a standard E27 lamp holder, can directly replace the incandescent bulb. In addition, the LED lamp can be chose from 2700 k, 3000 k and 6500 k color temperature, to create different lighting environment.
Except the household environment, LED Snowcone A19 also can be used in hotels, restaurants and retail stores and other application occasions.
Energy conservation and environmental protection, long service life and high efficiency
In response to China's energy conservation and emission reduction policy, GE lighting is preparing to launch more energy-saving products, and LED Snowcone A19 is one of the important products. LED Snowcone A19 has the similar lighting effect with traditional 40 and 60 watts incandescent lamps, but save 80% of the energy. By compared with 1000 hours service life of incandescent lamp, the LED lamp wins a lot because of its 15000 hours life. In addition, the product is environmental protection, so it won't produce ultraviolet or infrared radiation.
The general manager of the Asia-Pacific product management of GE lighting, Luo yongyi said: "as LED Snowcone A19 entered into a broader consumer market, the competition of LED market will be affected. Nowadays, consumers can choose LED illuminant to light up their homes directly, and that is both economical and efficient. GE’s LED Snowcone A19 advantage mainly is that it can maintain similar lighting effect with traditional incandescent lamp while replacing it. All in all, the new LED light, not only enriched GE’s existing LED products combination, but also embodies GE lighting’s commitment that we will lead the changes of LED lighting, and provide energy-saving and efficient solutions to meet today’s lighting demands."
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China's LED lighting market is still in short supply

With the falling prices of LED lighting products, the company's sales have appeared in the explosive growth. The chairman of KINGSUN OPTOELECTRONIC CO. LTD. Li Xuliang said that at present, the company is full load production for 24 hours, but still can't satisfy the customer demand, so we need to outsource some production links.
Since the beginning of this year, traditional enterprises strengthen the transformation of the LED lighting. After May, the industry appeared a significant turning point, and the industry entrepreneurs and experts have never expected this phenomenon. Everyone thought the industry transition will appear in 2014, but now there are many very obvious signs have showed that the LED lighting market is in short supply.
This phenomenon has two main reasons behind it. One reason relates to the launch of indoor lighting market, the second is the domestic LED lighting enterprises especially the upstream was manufacture inadequate. Since last year, because of the lower profit, a glut on the market, domestic manufacturers generally manufacture inadequate, equipments basically didn't run 100%, and the market supply and demand kept balanced. This year, the demand of market increases suddenly, but it needs a process for the equipment to completely start production. The capacity temporarily couldn't keep up with, so the market appeared in short supply situation.
The Vice President of China’s lighting appliances association, Wang Haibo also agreed with the point. On the one hand, recently, the market situation is bad, the industrial chain are basically manufacturing according to sale, dare not to have inventory. For example, the time for chip manufacturers to start manufacture generally less than 50%. On the other hand, the cost performance of LED lighting products makes it has the basic conditions of the marketing sales, the average consumers also accept the price. After all, its price is not much higher than energy-saving lamps.
The promoted cost performance of LED lighting products is the important reason for the rapid growth of the market. With the falling price of LED lighting products, they have been widely used in all fields. From the point of the domestic market, previously LED lighting products are mainly used in engineering, such as hotels, shopping malls, parking lots, etc. Such as LED display screen and LED decorative lighting. But, now more and more family consumers use LED lighting products, such as LED table lamp and LED fancy lamp. From the foreign market, the demand of LED lighting products also has maintained growth, and the growth had been very obvious since last year.
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Practical and decorative LED lighting

LED lighting is a new kind of lighting product, it is one kind of lamp which based on LED (light emitting diode) light source. LED lights have been widely used as large advertising light boxes, road lights, stage lighting, etc. Now LED lighting has entered into our home life, the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, makes it will fully replace the energy saving lamps in the next few decades.
The LED lamp is acted the role of both practicability and decorative.
The bedroom is like public construction, LED indoor lighting plays the role of practicability and decorative. We can get a best effect if we handle well the relationship between practicability and decorative.
The practicability of LED lighting can assure indoor illume use, ensure eye of consumed sanitation, protect eyes and eyesight, smooth color without having unusual psychology or physiology reaction. Lamps and lanterns is firm, its circuit is safe and the switch is flexible. And in a sense, the decorative of lamps and lanterns is its practicability; otherwise, decorative problem is impossible. For instance, if we use lamps and lanterns to decorate a bedroom, we can relax our body and mind while we enjoying it, this kind of lighting effect is actually acting the role of real value of decorative.
One of LED lighting’s decorative character is the ornamental value, the material of lamps and lanterns is beautiful, chic modeling and brilliant color. The second one is coordination, arrange the lamp form passes elaborate design, coordinated with room decoration, and furniture furnishings form a complete set of design. The consistency between modeling of lamps material and the modeling material of furniture can reflect master's artistic conception. The third is outstanding individual character, change illuminant color according to people's need to create some kind of atmosphere, like enthusiastic, composed, comfortable, quiet, peaceful, and so on. Highlight the master’s particularity of the requirement to the lamps and reveals different personalities. Nowadays, LED decorative lighting has been widely used in every field, we can find its appearance everywhere.
On the premise that assures lighting, people can have a artistic enjoyment, this is the lamp’s unity between practicability and decorative. Specific to each lamp, some lamps have lay particular stress on illumination; some have lay particular stress on at adornment while others get have both. When we make the choices, we should combine the characteristics of different people, different uses and interior decoration require comprehensive consideration.
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Latest version Android4.3 platform will native support Bluetooth Smart Ready

Google released the latest version of Android operating system Android4.3 - Jelly Bean on July 24. Android 4.3 can support for Bluetooth Smart Ready technology. Google also launched new Nexus 7 tablets and Nexus 4 Smart phones which are the first equipment to run the upgrade version of operating system. The appearance of Android 4.3 makes Android Smartphone or tablets become Bluetooth Smart Ready device which equip with dual mode of Bluetooth chip, and then connected to other Bluetooth Smart devices, reduce the energy consumption when calculating the data transmission. Developers can make full use of advantage of new system with this upgrade version, grasp huge market opportunity of the new generation of Bluetooth Smart application.
The chief marketing officer of Bluetooth SIG, Suke Jawanda said: "this year we have seen hundreds of Bluetooth products, including the digital equipments like family automatic lock, pedometer, shoes, medical equipment, fitness sensors, football, or even a flower pot, these products all adopt the Bluetooth Smart ultra-low power technology. Now this is just a beginning, we are looking forward to combining the latest version of Android platform and Bluetooth Smart Ready technology together to create innovation."
After the launch of Android 4.3, Bluetooth Smart developers can more easily to let the equipments connect with Android applications, can also use the new Android application program interface to read the data collected by other Bluetooth Smart application equipments, for example, we can collect data from fitness monitor and medical equipment through the operation of the application on Bluetooth Smart Ready products such as Smart phone, tablets and audio equipments. In the future, as long as consumers upgrade to Android4.3 operating system, combining with the Android applications which relate to Bluetooth Smart sensor devices, Smart phones and computer products will play a more powerful function.
The developer program director of Bluetooth SIG, Steve Hegenderfer said: "when it announced to consolidate Bluetooth Smart Ready in the Google developers conference, the atmosphere of excitement is exciting, which made me believe that there are many Android applications which fit consumers are under development. Our developer platform includes the tutorials for Android and other operating system, BBS, quick start guide and compiler, hoping to help developers promote Bluetooth innovation products to the market faster." Bluetooth SIG will also open to register to download Bluetooth Application Accelerator of Android, apple and Microsoft systems, it includes the application program and the corresponding instruction generation source, the documents and profiles of main functions.
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IKEA will only sell LED lighting products in 2016

LED lighting is a new kind of lighting product, it is one kind of lamp which based on LED (light emitting diode) light source. LED lights have been widely used as large advertising light boxes, road lights, stage lighting, etc. Now LED lighting has entered into our home life, the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, makes it will fully replace the energy saving lamps in the next few decades.
The world's largest furniture retailer IKEA plans to replace all lighting products with LED lights in 2016, to show support for the LED lighting revolution.
IKEA said, in order to let millions of people live a more sustainable home life and save their electricity bills, the LED lightings they sell will be a lower price on the market. IKEA will start the activity from herself, all the lighting in the shop will be replaced with LED lights, or other more energy-saving lamps and lanterns.
The chief officer of sustainable development of IKEA group, Steve Howard said: "the LED is a lighting revolution. As the numbers on family electricity bills rising rapidly, the global energy consumption increasing continuously, the positive effects that a small LED bulbs brings is unprecedented. It is more energy saving than traditional incandescent lamp, and has brought so many new possibilities for household adornment. Based on a strong faith that all of us should have the ability to live a more sustainable home life, we will ensure the prices of LED bulbs that IKEA selling will be lower than the market’s general prices." LED lighting will be widely used in the fields of LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, and so on.
IKEA said that, in theory, a LED bulb’s life can reach 20 years or so, and LED bulbs consume energy 85% less than incandescent bulbs. At present, only the LED bulb that produced by PHILIPS can reach this level of service life, but its $20 to 60 price has made numerous consumers cannot afford to buy.
For now, it is not clear that IKEA will make what kind of price positioning about LED bulbs, but even IKEA sells LED lighting products with the best price to consumers, I'm afraid it will make many consumers can't accept it, either. But it is worth mentioning that as early as 2010, IKEA announced the company plans to full halt to the sale of incandescent bulbs in its North American retail store since 2011, it also laid the groundwork for the LED lighting products to be replaced.
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