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Dyson invented new bladeless fan heater

Dyson Corporation has developed a bladeless fan heater, which is one of the most remarkable inventions of Dyson. This kind of heater is called "Dyson Hot", it can quickly heating the entire room without any visible active components.
Dyson Corporation is one of the best fan heater manufacturers in the world. With the advanced technology, Dyson Hot has made the noisy traditional fan heater far left behind; the traditional fan heater basically had no change in the past 30 years. Before reinvent the fan heater, Dyson also invented a new vacuum cleaner. Dyson Hot have made great leap forward in technology and the appearance. The gap between traditional fan heater and Dyson Hot is like Hillman and Porsche.
In Malmesbury, the scientists of Dyson Corporation combined jet engine technology with thermoplastic plastic that used to manufacture riot shields, car bumper and crash helmet. Sir James says: "we created hundreds of prototype to develop a new type of heater that heating faster than any others. Traditional heater only can heating some areas of the room, and has a burning smell that worrying people. By contrast, Dyson hot fan heater can heat the whole room without any smell."
In 2009, Dyson launched bladeless fan and had a great success. Dyson Hot is another big step forward that Dyson Corporation has made after bladeless fan. Dyson Hot is designed as annulus shape, like a bubble stick, but it blows out a lot of warm air instead of bubble. Dyson Hot is adopted air multiplier technology, the generated heat can be greatly amplified five times.
This kind of heater is equipped with thermostat, in order to keep the temperature in the room maintaining at 1 to 37 degrees Celsius. When the interior temperature is below the set temperature, thermostat will automatically start. Dyson Hot is made from ABS resin materials, its body feels cool and refreshing, shut down automatically after knocked.
Dyson is the model of British successful enterprises, its products sale to all over the world, 80% of Dyson’s products sale to overseas; such as fan, washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Japan is considered as the source of technological progress by many people, but now Japan has become one of Dyson’s huge markets.
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