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Japanese media: in this winter, the sales of air purifiers will exceed last year

Japan’s PM2.5 pollutants will increase dramatically in this winter, which will lead to hot sales of air purifier in Japan, the air purifier price will also continue to rise. On November 4, the high concentrations PM2.5 observatory which is located in Chiba prefecture, Japan, issued warning information. As a result, Japan's high-end air purifier market will be booming.
According to a Japanese electrical home appliances store's sales staff, "the air purifier with humidifying function has been selling well. In the first season of this year, there are reports that a lot of PM2.5 pollutants had floated away from China to Japan, which directly promote the air purifier market. Compared to last year, air purifier sales increased by 110% - 120%. For now, the sales of this year will exceed last year. In addition, there are reports that PM2.5 has high carcinogenic, which will further make air purifier market hot."
In fact, on October 17, the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer has said in a news release, "the risk of PM2.5 cause cancer is at the highest level." Sharp and Daikin’s air purifier products are particularly popular with consumers. Home appliance store’s sales staff said, "Consumers generally can be divided into two kinds, one is willing to choose Sharp for the affordable price, another is to choose Daikin for higher product performance. Women who have children, seems to prefer Daikin brand."
It is reported, the Sharp air purifier has the function of releasing plasma beam. Sharp’s staff said," the dust and small particles floating in the air will attached on the wall because of static electricity. Sharp air purifier can release plasma beam to remove them by positive and negative electrostatic, and achieve the effect of purify air."
It is known that air purifier products at a price about 70000 to 80000 yen are selling well in Japan. But Daikin’s air purifiers are generally higher than that price. Daikin industry said:” Our products have the functions of dehumidification and humidification, they can absorb harmful substances and decompose, and release a large amount of reactive plasma at the same time. Only our products can provide these two functions at the same time, that’s the reason why our air purifiers are so popular.” Now, people have entered into an era that spends money on clean air.
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