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Turning waste into treasure

Make the best use of turning waste into treasure is the rules of nature reincarnation and the path of sustainable development. It means things which do not want to re-use, or cannot be reused to produce materials or finished products for recycling, and then by remanufacturing become available.
Nowadays, the trends of globalized tight supply is more and more obvious, voice that conserve limited resources, protect the living environment is louder and louder. Renewable resource recycling has become a subject of research around the world. In recent years, China also attaches great importance to renewable resources, renewable resource recycling system construction speed up year by year. Childhood memories of the street still clearly, but to be different ,not only the meaning of "waste" is already in excess of metal scraps, old newspapers, a large number of electronic waste, industrial waste, but also the ways of "waste collection" has a great changes, even the Internet has also become a way to" waste collection "," waste "treatment is a combination of biotechnology, nanotechnology , information technology and other high-tech, and become a new industry.
Renewable resource industry plays an important role in the marketing space and the protection of the ecological environment. Now, more and more stories of turning waste into treasure occur. For example, March 29, 2013, Renmin University of China Primary Division, the site of the Fourth Beijing Educational Equipment Forum held in Beijing Exhibition Center on display more than 100 pieces by the Chinese People's University Preparatory School students use plastic bottles, egg cartons, cans, Packaging Carton, reel spool household waste produced, ornaments, Cosmetic Bottles, craft painting and other works, attracting a large audience and the education sector to visit. This fully shows today's education focus on environmental protection. The data show that China in the future every year at least 15 million units of home appliances, 500 million computers and tens of millions of mobile phones into disuse. These waste materials for recycling will be a small market.
“12th Five-Year Plan” clearly pointed out that improve renewable resource recycling system; promote the large-scale utilization of renewable resources. This is the first time that the renewable resource recycling work included in the national economic and social development plan, which shows the importance and urgency of this work. With the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover, the canton fair in china can appropriate to increase such topics Booth, an occasion to promote environmental awareness.
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