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Warm accessories

Do not think that selecting a warm winter coat means once and for all, warm accessories are the ones you can win in the key. Just as each season designers are not only to fine costume design, but also each details of the accessories are delicate. A suitable match is the most perfect! During the retro era, fedora hat, women sandals, fur collar, Shoes Accessories, shaped sunglasses, Work Glove, just a sum of absolute can let you become the focus of attention.
The leather hat is sustained heat in this season. It is particularly chic to appear alone in people's vision, no longer stitching leather or other elements, people can also feel the full warmth from the visual. However, as a fashionable environmentalist, the designer think leather grass is the best choice with its stylish, warm and parity. Whenever you see the dome of narrow-brimmed hat, would your mind emerge the old Hollywood actress wearing that looked out from the retro classic cars in a black and white picture? If you want to learn the retro girl wearing this hat, you must see whether they are suitable or not! Because the brim is slightly narrower, it is not easy to proliferation of sight and the face will look large. This hat is more suitable for small head circumference, pointed chin girls. Stiff texture, soft touch of the finest materials make the wide-brimmed fedora become a kind of innate extravagance, if you match up with the texture of the coat and high-heeled shoes to hand carry a retro doctor's bags, you will have the incarnation of Hollywood actress fashion sense. This season designers thought a lot of on it, feathers decorated with flowers, velvet stitching or jewelry inlaid of the hat bodies ... these subtle design, there will be a move you! A playful neutral wind is still raging in the season, whether it is the leather equestrian cap, or high street brands cap, both with a sense of playful chic. The rounded profile shoulder movement pullovers with Benn baseball cap is the most fashion in the dress of the season.
In the turtleneck restoration era, thick warm scarf not heat as usual, and undoubtedly the most stylish is the luxurious fur collar, it can protect the back of the neck and looks noble and modern.
Winter is the time to competition of sunglasses, overbearing and perverse sunglasses can keep your fashion status. Compared with the spring and summer, exaggerated shaped and colorful is the main around this season. Pentagon, cat's eye-shaped is the highlight and red, sapphire blue, mustard, green is the king.
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