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2013 Guangzhou Fashion Week

2013 Guangzhou Fashion Week will be held on 10-12 August 2013 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. With the same address as the canton fair address.
Show Background:
The brand is the king: after finished the scale expansion, as the core brand development, value and innovation will become the new historical tasks of China's garment industry. Especially in southern China, high-end brands are favored and the infinite spaces of non-mainstream clothing market, international brands have more setting up shop!
Distribution center: Guangdong is the largest garment production base in china, 1/3 of the country garment manufacturers production over 2/3, as the global clothing distribution center, Guangzhou has more than 30 textile and garment market, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, radiation Southeast Asia, is an ideal city to hold professional exhibition.
Industrial chain: different from Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou as the center of the Pearl River Delta, its clothing and downstream industry chain is very complete, with the unsurpassed supporting industrial chain advantage, Guangzhou Fashion Festival is committed to creating a one-stop shopping from the clothing brand, processing, design to surface materials and equipment negotiate trade platform, with continuous resource integration, functionality and vitality.

Exhibition Scope (2000 booths, 50,000 square meters, and 100,000 professional visitors):
Men's Series: formal wear, business casual, sports equipment, leather clothing, jeans, knitwear men's tracksuit, Men T Shirts, etc.
Women Series: ladies fashion, suits, ladies wear, evening dress, wedding, women Skirt, etc.
Kids Series: children's clothing, infant clothing and related apparel, footwear, OEM / OBM / ODM enterprise, etc.
Apparel products: leather shoes, ties, scarves, shawls, shoes, hats, bags, jewelry and other fashion accessories etc.
Site facilities: e-commerce area, creative DreamWorks and Forum Zone, fashion T-Taiwan show; VIP trade negotiations of a Kind "live rooms.

Show Features:
Aggregation brand: Following the 2012 Guangzhou Fashion Festival Return of the dazzling, display size of 40000 square meters, attract 38,256 professional buyers, more than 300 enterprises with more than 600 exhibiting brands; 2013 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival & Guangzhou Fashion Week will create a larger brand clothing professional exhibition, 50,000 square meters, but declined to retail!
Fashion feast: Through static display, dynamic fashion show, Forum, matching buyers, designers and creative performances DreamWorks theme activities to attract global attention, to create the fashion capital of Asia, and promote the development of cultural and creative industries to show the world the charm of Guangzhou fashion!
Trade matching: For each area sub-categories selected a number of key VIP buyers for procurement, investment, synchronization object surveys buyers for exhibitors, advance screening of both the supply and demand for trade matching, and set up the VIP trade negotiations to the touch "live room in the field, within three days to arrange supply and demand by the time the scene of both sides screening and packet docking, large-screen scroll between the background and outcome of negotiations to achieve a one-to-one precision docking! The planned docking screening 200 games! Media-weather track reported!
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