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China International Construction & Building Material Machinery Expo

Organized by China Municipal Engineering Association and Asia Association of Building Technology Alliance, 2013 China International Construction & Building Material Machinery Expo will be held from 9th to 11th May, 2013 in China Import and Export Fair Complex.
According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban: during "Twelve Five" period, total national municipal infrastructure investment is expected to around 7 trillion RMB, clearly put forward the key tasks and major projects, continue to give priority for infrastructure, accelerate the construction of transportation, water conservancy, real estate-focused moderate advance;"plan" clearly rural infrastructure by 2020 is expected to invest 3 trillion RMB; high-speed railway construction investment will remain at 7,000 RMB per year, for a total of about 3.5 trillion RMB; rail traffic over the next five years will commence the construction of more than 2500 kilometers of subway, the scale of investment of more than 1 trillion RMB; 620,000 km of new road network; new coastal ports capacity of 23 million tons.
With the advance of urbanization and modernization of the infrastructure, many cities have been started. Since the end of February, the approval rate of major construction projects significantly accelerated, part of the highway network, airports and rail transit project was approved by the centralized, batch after batch of key areas, key industries and around the housing project is being launched. End of March, the State Council executive meeting requirements should focus on the mission objectives, determined by the "12th Five-Year" plan to promote infrastructure construction. There are indications that the next five years, is still historical opportunity for development of infrastructure. This is bound to pull a strong demand for construction machinery and building materials equipment.
Exhibits: glass, glass products, materials, Artificial Stone, molding, molding machine, molding machinery, electrical equipment, cranes, separation, separator, steel, high-altitude, aerial, aerial vehicles, engineering machinery, welding, welding equipment, drying equipment, concrete, concrete machinery, machinery, processing machinery, processing equipment, detector, detection equipment, building materials, building materials, machinery, construction, electrical construction, construction, construction machinery, building templates, scaffolding, stirring, stirring station, metal materials, hoist, boring machine, air compressor, fasteners, wire drawing, wire drawing machine, cold-rolled, parts, road machinery, template, Floor, repair machines, crushing, crushing machine, lifting crane, lifting machinery, blocks, wall materials, cutting, winding, lubrication, oil, sand, mortar, lift, lift, production machinery, construction hoist, stone, stone processing, cement, cement products, crane machines, ceramic, ceramic products, paints, excavation, excavator, mining machinery, bending, repair, press, General Hardware, compaction machinery, hydraulic, hydraulic machines, vibration, fabrication, heavy machinery, brick, brick and tile production machinery, piling machinery, loading, loading machines, drills.
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