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Guangzhou Home Expo

As the largest fair in South China, Guangzhou Home Expo would be held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center every year in April and August.
In this season, Guangzhou Home Expo will integrate the brand display decoration design, decoration materials, furniture, appliances, soft furnishings, kitchen facilities with the home improvement purchases consumption chain. Create a home improvement supply and procurement of new mode for the first time, all processes to provide quality home improvement (home improvement design, material selection, cost-effective new products) one-stop services a day to get, easy to complete the home improvement big project. More to save time, effort and money to serve the purpose, and strive for the general public in the Pearl River Delta to build a high-specification, high-quality, high-quality brand-stop decoration procurement-commerce service platform.
With the regulation of the highlights of the benefits of the policy, rigid demand has been unable to control and the decoration season come just in time, Guangzhou Home Expo continues to “integration of resources, hold together for warmth, to reduce intermediate links, reduce marketing costs, to help the people, affordable home "for the tenet. In addition, let the home improvement industry elite game on the same stage, the exhibition heroic, co-development effort, catch up and lead the trends of the home improvement and fashion. Third Home Expo remain hosted by Guangzhou City Building Decoration Industry Association, Guangdong Province Decoration Industry Association and the Guangdong Provincial Construction Decoration Materials Industry Association, 2013 Guangzhou Home Expo will be 25-27 August 2012 held in Jin Han Pavilion, over 900 preset booth, exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, to "home improvement feast • build win-win" as the theme, creating a decoration procurement Guangzhou Festival.
Exhibit: refrigerator, restaurant, dining room furniture, Kitchen Furniture, kitchen appliances, mattresses, flooring, TV, TV, children, children's furniture, mahogany furniture, home appliances, home, furniture, building materials, building materials exhibition, living room, living room furniture, air conditioning, doors and windows, sofa, design firms, Cosmetic Bottles, mobile phones, digital, ceramics, paint, Coat Racks, Shoe Racks, bedroom, bedroom furniture, laundry, washing machines, small appliances, wardrobe, audio, video, paint, overall home decoration
1. If you ready to participate in the show, please fill out the application form, together with the Corporate Profile fax to the organizing committee.
2. After Organizing Committee receives the application form and confirmed participation qualifications, exhibitors shall be cost to the conference's designated account within seven days.
3. The booth arrangement to the principle of first come, first pay, application vendors such as failure to require payment at the time organizers reserve the right to adjust its booth.
4. Exhibitors have no right to booth rental or transfer to a third parties, shall not be entitled to in any way non-exhibitors at the venue publicity.
5. Refer to “Exhibitor Manual” for conference reception, accommodation, exhibits checked. Application Deadline: March 31, 2013.
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