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Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week
As China's original design optimization platform, Shanghai fashion week attracted many excellent domestic independent brands over the years. Especially each first show of the fashion week performances by the local original brand, in October 2011, this amazing is the tenth.
Shanghai fashion week opened on the 11th to the 16th, 2013,people from all over the world will gather in shanghai to build a new fashion picture with their famous brand, fashion designers, models, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars. So we have a good reason to expect this wonderful ceremony. Besides, Shanghai Fashion Week will be the revitalization of the national brand and it stimulate domestic brand as its mission. Based in Shanghai, radiation the Yangtze River Delta region, Strive to create a good and orderly environment for the development of Chinese independent brands and local designers, it will become a virtuous cycle of the national brand revitalization development and the formation of the common progress. Committed to the commercial trade platform between retailers and fashion brands, enter the Asian fashion retail market for the global department store. The exhibition ultimate goal not only as a trade exhibition, presented in front of the public is the only way leading to this huge market of fashion brand for fashion brands and designers, and as a global fashion weathervane.
Shanghai Fashion Week will be the development of the fashion and creative industries, as the core of fashion publishing, create the "wisdom of the city," promote the products released in jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, automotive and other major fashion within the context of cross-border cooperation, fully tap designate works of the value of diversity, promote the development of creative industries in Shanghai banner is its responsibility.
The exhibition focus on the cultural interaction between consumers, You can choose to follow the international trend of the ladies Skirtmen T Shirts,and the women sandals in the shop, you can also appreciate the home furnishing products in the concurrent event. This season ‘s works from the United States, Sweden, Italy international famous brand, Chinese local clothing brand, as well as China's original designer brand. The 10th anniversary of the Shanghai Fashion Week also held a series of celebration activities.
In addition to domestic enterprises, foreign companies will also participate in this exhibition. Before the show, the person in charge has given considerable publicity to it. Exhibition in the foreign mainstream media has always maintained a good cooperative relationship between the propaganda; this laid a favorable foundation for the show improved visibility.

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