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2013 Ecobuild China

Organized in London in March of each year, Ecobuild is the world's largest green building exhibition. The Ecobuild exhibition organizer UBM held Ecobuild China and related forums successfully with Shanghai Green Building Council and Shanghai Academy of Building Research in Shanghai New International Expo Center in April 2012. The exhibition join with the 20th China International Building and Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) attracted more than 15,383 professional visitors and buyers from 18 countries and regions, solid step on the road towards green building event provide professional, green building enterprises in the field of international exchange and display platform.
Following the successful cooperation in 2012, Ecobuild China the world’s energy-saving environmental protection and ecological construction China Fair will once again be combined with the twenty-first China International Building and Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) from April 1 to 3, 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The strong combination of two foreign Building Materials Exhibition, Ecobuild China mainly to new green building materials, energy efficient equipment and renewable energy products, further demonstrate the "local conditions" of new products, new technology, to achieve the perfect fusion of international cooperation and local resources, 2013 latest green building materials industry information for the construction sector, contractors, designers, manufacturers, distributors and procurement unit.
1. Building energy efficiency area
Energy-saving windows and doors, curtain wall: wooden doors, aluminum windows and doors, glass, steel doors and windows, glass walls, smart energy-saving windows and doors, energy-saving glass, sunshade, blinds, canopy shade, power and control system, membrane structure, solar water heaters, solar building integrated photovoltaic solar intelligence solutions, intelligent building systems, contract energy management, heat pump air-conditioning equipment and technology, fresh air system, air purification equipment, heating technology and equipment, LED Panel Light.
2. Renewable, environmentally friendly materials
Environmentally friendly wooden Residential, light wooden house, water house, wooden structure, landscape, flooring and sheet, PVC wood-plastic, PE wood plastic, eco-wood, anti-corrosion retardant wood, carbonized wood, wooden structure, special coatings, wood structure prefabricated wall, wooden structure building exterior insulation and finish systems, bamboo decorative materials, bamboo Floor, bamboo house, bamboo and plastic materials, Artificial Stone.
3. New building materials area
Wall insulation system, insulation supporting materials, decoration of interior wall insulation, wall insulation decorative plates, new building decoration fireproof materials, roofing materials and systems, waterproofing materials, chemical building materials, construction and decoration green paint.
Concurrent event:
2013 the road of green building practices International Forum
Combined with international forums and professional exhibitions, same period the road of green building practices International Forum supported by "the UK Building Research Institute, the Royal Institution of Chartered Institute of Building, Green Building Council for the Promotion of Shanghai, Shanghai Architectural Institute of Science and Technology and other authoritative bodies, the first forum attracted more than 500 the construction industry veteran to participate. The 2013 Forum will focus on the advantages and applications of BIM in green building design, the hot topic of the 2012 London Olympic green construction, energy use in the building and share, share the latest scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad Green Building and Energy Conservation, trends and success stories.

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