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What are the factors affecting the quality of LED

LED lamps use widely in the worldwide.LED semiconductor light emitting diode, is a new generation of solid cold light ,apply to household, shopping center, bank and all kinds of public places .LED has different species, such as LED PAR Light, LED Down Light, LED Panel Light, LED Bay Light, LED Fluorescent Light, LED Tunnel Light and Indoor LED etc.
Most of the lighting designers think all LED products are the same quality. However, many LED manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, but the Asian manufacturers supply the low-cost. Surprisingly, only a small part of these manufacturers can produce the high-quality LED. For only used as a simple indication to the application of low-quality LED is sufficient to meet the requirements. But in many requirements of consistency, reliability, solid-state instructions or lighting field must be of high quality, especially in harsh environments, such as highways, military / aerospace, and industrial applications.
What factors distinguish the level of quality of LED? In fact, choose the high quality LED must from the beginning of the chip, until assembly is complete there are many factors need to be considered. Excellent LED manufacturer can be manufactured not only the quality of the chip, but also having the ability of classification of its packaging according to the type of the color, the brightness, the voltage drop and Perspective of the LED. High quality LED vendors to provide customers with products of consistent operating characteristics, and lower-quality LED suppliers can only provide LED similar to the "mixed".
In addition to the discrete assembly and supply of LED, LED has a very important impact on its performance, brightness and color indicators. Due to the ambient temperature, current, circuit structure, voltage spikes, and environmental factors can affect the performance of LED indicators, proper circuit design and assembly is critical to protect the LED and the guaranteed performance. LED manufacturers also use a variety of techniques and different materials to design the circuit configuration and assembly, in most cases, LED assembly by experience level difference caused by differences in the overall performance and reliability with an application.
Not every application needs high-quality LED assembly technology. If the assembly of the LED does not meet the requirements of harsh environments, the application does not necessarily appear larger security risk, or, if the final product is not very high maintenance costs, using the worse assembly technique may be more appropriate.
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