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Occupational Uniform Expo

It is reported that Occupational Uniform Expo will uphold the exhibition purposes "shaping the industry Weathervane • build world brand", tightly around the "service industry" as its core, comprehensive integration of industry resources, innovative vocational elements to promote "clothing manufacturing power" to "apparel manufacturing power". Powerful shaping industry brands, Shanghai International Garment Fair as a platform to leading the occupational clothing (custom clothing) industry faster and better development. Currently China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Britain and other well-known at home and abroad are encouraged to register for professional apparel brand exhibitors. In the overall economic downturn, the exhibitors of Occupational Uniform Expo enthusiasm far more than the organizers of the pre-conceived, display area has seen a doubling of the expansion, some companies may need to audit to get the booth.
As China's first occupation uniform exhibition- Shanghai International Occupation Uniform Fair is the only brand from enterprise units to exhibitor mainstay, set branding, image display, new product launches, channel development and industry information exchange and commerce cooperation in the field of professional apparel international fairs. For Chinese enterprises to the world, foreign brands to enter the Chinese market, build a modern publicity windows and trading platform.
This Exposition based on the international financial and commercial center - Shanghai, on June 5- 7,2013 in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center grand opening, 25,000 square meters of exhibition space, expected to have 100,000 professional visitors, except in the textile and apparel industry design , distributors, agents, franchisees, but also covers the banking, securities, insurance, telecommunications, machinery, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction, tobacco, real estate, hotel restaurant, college institutes and government administration, government procurement centers , procurement intermediary business and service industries.
Specialization: current occupational clothing exhibition located in the professional exhibition, retail sales declined by "three main an auxiliary" to create professional occupations Garment Fair: First, high-end brands of agents joined investment and trade negotiations, brand display, and commercial department butt-based; Second, docking with the international and domestic designer brands dominated; Third is to help develop the Chinese market-oriented international brands; four based on the international platform for buyers to purchase supplement.
Internationalization: the current occupational clothing exhibition invited foreign professional media, government, business networks as well as national representative office, chambers of commerce and other provinces, committed to the "Shanghai International Garment Fair occupation" into industry developments and trends vane, is the international brands to enter the Chinese market.
Business suits: career suits, suits, trousers, shirts, Men T Shirts etc.
Industry-specific uniforms: government agencies and administrative law enforcement departments IDF uniforms and clothes and uniforms, gowns, sportswear and tourist hotels, logistics, transportation, utilities, medical and beauty, security and other industries uniforms, ladies Skirt;
Functional clothing: anti-oil stain and water repellent clothing, cold, fire retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-static, clean clothes, webbing manufacturers, antibacterial clothing, anti-electromagnetic wave, wear clothes, and other functional clothing;

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