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China Consumer Electronic fair (Shenzhen)

With the development of the electronics industry, electronic products keep to lower prices and the product line is constantly enriched. It allows us to buy more large scope, so that we can better individuality, but that brings us to how to choose the best electronic products.
Consumer Electronics step into intelligent cloud era in 2013, consumer electronics intelligence as the industry trends, whether it is domestic or foreign brands are focusing the development of intelligent products. 3G global coverage of the world quickly into the mobile Internet era, smart terminal development of mobile Internet is becoming a powerful force. Among them, the smart TV, smart phones, tablet PCs, ultra books, e-readers and other types of intelligent terminals become favored by consumers.
Innovation is the mission of the consumer electronics industry. Traditional thinking has become stagnant industry value constraints, Apple bring disruptive product experience tells us that we are now already entered into an era of value creation rely on the wisdom, "the decision by the creative product differentiation, the creation of high value-added contribution far more than the contribution to the quality of products.”From the design, program to cost, tablet PCs, smart phones, super book, Professional Audio and other innovative consumer electronic devices all in the effort of the industry chain has taken the pace of innovation.
Chinese consumer electronics market makes the Chinese market not only become one of the starting place, but also will become the new technologies, new products and the birthplace of touchstone. With the acceleration of urbanization, China's consumer electronics market is still maintained strong growth momentum. Local market nurturing national brand manufacturers and international giants will launch a new round of competition, the rapid development of China's market share opportunities, and to the world.
China Consumer Electronic Fair (CCEF) is the global consumer electronics giant sports arena. Shenzhen is China's mobile Internet industry Product Center, include smart phones, tablet PCs, PCBA, mobile applications, Power Cable, mobile services, etc., on the whole China and the global consumer electronics industry has played the role of radiation. If Beijing occupy the high-end chain of decision-making, leading the development of the whole industry chain, then the realization of the value of Shenzhen is the industry side, is the "value-Star." Shenzhen concentrated 75% Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, 60% of mobile phone R & D providers and 90% of the national mobile phone underwriters, the matching rate of mobile phone production parts reached 99%. In the mobile applications, tencent cooperation with major operators of mobile Internet services early in the 2G era. Today the company accelerates its pace of development of the mobile Internet business, actively migrating existing mature Internet services to mobile terminals, mobile commerce, mobile games, mobile payment and other fields has obvious advantages.

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