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The 44th Wuhan Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition

The 44th Wuhan Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition will be held on 28-30 June 2013, is the largest home improvement building materials exhibition in summer. On the home improvement industry laws, the owners have chosen decoration will generally avoid the December-February period, the first, because the cold and rainy winter is not conducive decoration; second is always busy the end of the year, unmotivated nor energy into decoration. After the Spring Festival this special holiday, opened the first show just to meet the real needs of their owners, in fact, the real benefit for the day.
The 44th building exhibition area expected to 30,000 square meters, the default nearly 2,000 booths, the exhibits cover the Floor, doors and windows, sanitary ware, tiles, kitchen equipment, Kitchen Furniture, home series, Artificial Stone, rattan sofa, textile fabric, plants flowers, home appliances, handicrafts, lighting and other 25 type door thousand varieties, will attract hundreds of home improvement companies, home, building brand exhibitors participating merchants.
Exhibition Profile
2012,Wuhan Building Exhibition layout 13 capital cities, the annual exhibition area of over 1 million square meters of strength among the first private exhibition business. Including Wuhan, Nanchang, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Guiyang, Chongqing and other places show up more than 20 games and nearly 10 games home improvement building materials, automotive supplies, fashion shopping festival and other exhibitions are the industry leaders. In 2013, it still continue in the existing grid refinement soaring exhibition projects, but also will bring a new marketing model exhibition industry, this is the "cloud Exhibition", that allows brand communication, investment exchanges, shopping and spending process in an open platform, all trade visitors only need to be used instead of through the exhibition to learn the location of each exhibitor products, relying the port information platform built to easily know the show information and the opinions of others. "Cloud Exhibition" will bring a group exhibition and the exhibitor's seamless docking, also contributed to the improvement of services, the industry and the audience through word of mouth spread between to achieve brand awareness and precision marketing results. This will not only greatly omitted viewer’s choice and consider the long-term psychological game too, and let the audience is more concerned about the "brand" “quality” and “service” to get feedback directly.
Exhibition Features
After more than ten years of development, with the government's strong support, the home improvement show effective integration of the industry, venues, media, operators and other resources, it has become a home industry showcase corporate brand image, enhance brand value, to discuss cooperation in trade, integration the trade advantages of resources, to seek industry prosperity and development of the professional platform, its exhibition scale, number of exhibitors, trade visitors, turnover and industry influence in the industry's premier, "an exhibition created an enterprise" myth effect renowned industry. 2011, Shangge Decoration Exhibition expanding market in Guizhou, and combine the original resources.

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