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China HuaXia Housing and Furnishing Exposition

China HuaXia Housing and Furnishing Exposition is a collection of home design, home improvement materials, furniture and other soft loading entire procurement chain as one of the home improvement sales procurement service platform. HuaXia expo will be held for the majority of home building and renovation industry enterprises to develop the terminal market, expand the brand influence and opened up new market channels for the city residents to provide one-stop procurement services of high quality renovation.
Currently, the Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce approved organized SAIC trademark registration, China HuaXia Expo has formally established brand, and quickly expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other cities, it has become the home building renovation market to achieve the layout of the scale brand exhibition.
With the Home Expo brand quality comprehensive upgrade, "China HuaXia Furnishing and Housing (Shanghai)" Since the beginning of 2012 fourth year of implementation of the new layout for home decoration industry chain more brands to provide a broader cooperation space. 2013 Chinese New Year home decoration first sourcing event - The Eighth Shanghai Home Expo(2013 Shanghai Spring Fair) will be held on March 8, 2013 -10 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, 30,000 square meters exhibition area, Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center exhibition hall gathered the required purchases home decoration home improvement, furniture, sanitary ware, ceramics, flooring, doors and windows (windows renovation renderings), home appliances, home textiles, integrated building materials and other products, Shanghai is home renovations make public procurement more saving time, effort, worry and money.
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center a total construction area of 240,000 square meters, compose of the east and west wings, and is connected to the air corridor, East Hall into three groups six 30-storey Siamese-style large-scale integrated buildings, including 30,000 square meters exhibition and conference venues, 40,000 m2 four-star hotels and office buildings, apartment buildings and apartments. West Hall is a standard three large exhibition space.
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