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LED lighten China

Development of technology in the past mostly stared from the early freedom explore to the basic research and then to the applied research, finally to the path of industrialization and engineering. This is not totally applicable to the field of semiconductor lighting. The researchers showed that “Not only the technology to promote industrial development, actually, the urgent needs of the market applications and industrial development, strongly driven semiconductor lighting technology continues to progress.”

In 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the "Ten City, ten thousand," semiconductor lighting applications pilot work. Demonstration project in 37 pilot cities have implemented over 2700, application of LED lamps over 7 million, annual saving of more than 2.1 billion degrees.LED lamps use widely in the worldwide. LED semiconductor light emitting diode, is a new generation of solid cold light ,apply to household, shopping center, bank and all kinds of public places .LED has different species, such as LED PAR Light, LED Down Light, LED Panel Light, LED Bay Light, LED Fluorescent Light, LED Tunnel Light and Indoor LED etc.

Driven through the demonstration application, some of the products of semiconductor lighting are on a scale and level in the world’s leading. For example, Beijing Olympic Water Cube first achieve the world's largest full-color variable the scene LED landscape lighting, saving more than 70%; The 60th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square LED display, localization from the chip to the system; Semiconductor lighting renovation project in the Great Hall of the People, original lighting total power close to 800kW, total power less than 200kW after the transformation, the average saving rate of 75% or more.

Throughout China's semiconductor lighting industry, there is an interesting phenomenon, on the middle and lower reaches of all aspects of the industry chain joint very closely that everyone is like “Baotuan." Mention of such research with new mechanisms of cooperation, we have to say that the driving force behind – CSA. China's semiconductor lighting industry on the middle and lower reaches of the backbone of enterprises, research institutions are CSA members, representing more than 60% of domestic output value. Since the establishment of the Union, the establishment of a long-term mechanism as a link, resource sharing, intellectual property rights, standards and research as well as on the downstream collaborative innovation.

It is worth mentioning that the Union is "going out" enlarge the “china light”. October 2010 as the main initiator of the CSA, the joint United States and Australia, the new, the Netherlands, South Korea, India and China Taiwan region's semiconductor lighting industry, the organization established the world's first nonprofit, non-governmental organizations to promoting the development of semiconductor lighting industry of "international semiconductor Lighting Alliance (ISA)". It is headquartered in China International Alliance of strategic emerging industries, and also shows that the international community's recognition of China's semiconductor lighting industry and market strategic position.

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