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2013 spring and summer apparel fabric trends

2013 spring and summer China Textile City Garment fabric will show different trends, the majority of the fabric marketing sales flat, new fabrics to find markets from a breakthrough to improve its market share, as many textile fabrics business on the agenda of the event.
2013 China Textile City, the spring and summer apparel fabrics will continue to dominate the market with a new creative design to advocate green and expand the export market, the apparel fabrics will still designed to focus on the natural environment, fashion fabrics will focus more on color and creative design, creative arty fabric pattern in the women remained outstanding.
China Textile City in spring and summer apparel fabric trends in Snake Spring Festival kicked off after the market opened, the main condition can be moved to look into the following aspects:
At 2013 spring pre-sales trend analysis and forecasting, knitted fabrics design will focus on natural environment in spring and summer this year. This spring and summer Men T Shirts knit fabric products emphasize on natural comfort, functionality and ecology both, from yarn, morphological, fabric structure to finished will lead to the fabric development, but also makes this spring and summer popular ladies Skirt and Garment Accessories knitted fabric becomes more diversified.
Spring and summer T-shirt fabric selection mainly in the following categories: mercerized cotton due to comfortable, breathable, soft, wrinkle resistant, and this advantage is still the main material of upscale business and leisure brands; Fine Cotton products due to soft and comfortable, fabric style stickers combined mass, a more appropriate young casual brand; half jersey cotton canvas cotton back primaries, stark-sided rounds, plus bamboo cotton rib knit and small spots. Lightweight cotton yarn and knitted unexpected lightness plane formation, Cotton products because of its functionality, such as moisture wicking, anti-UV, anti-bacterial and other performance sports brand to become the first choice; consumer recycled material in the pursuit of environmental protection, low-carbon environment to become the darling of the clothing brand at home and abroad, many sports brands have begun large-scale application of such materials. Meanwhile, it can be seen through the investigation of multi component fiber fabric because of its performance in the T-Shirt complementary market share is slowly expanding. China Textile City in 2013 spring and summer knitted T-shirt fabric in 118D matt FDY, 100DDTY after class rotary screen printing paste dot sequin, sprinkle gold and silver and new-style flower-shaped dominate the market. Knitted printed on both sides with 118DFDY bomb T-shirt fabric, 118DFDY knitted printed lycra T-shirt fabric will occupy the majority of marketing share.

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