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Green home improvement must pay attention to several aspects

Decoration should be simple not complicated. Indoor air pollution is a variety of contaminants from accumulating in the air, if the decoration design is too complicated, decoration completion of indoor pollution may up and down in the national standards, then after place the furniture and other decorative items, the decoration in harmful gases will cause indoor pollution exceeded. Therefore, in the home improvement design should be simple not complicated, and strive simple and elegant interior decoration, do not create too much furniture in the room, at the same time try to diversify decoration materials and furniture, such as wood, stone, Coat Racks, glass or wrought iron, etc.
Decoration materials should be carefully selected. The root causes decoration pollution resulting is the use of various decoration materials containing harmful substances; therefore, selecting decoration materials is a prerequisite of the decoration pollution prevention. Decoration materials must be to buy at those who have a good professional reputation of large building materials market.
The selection of the Artificial Stone must be careful. In general, red and green stone radioactive substances exceeding the possibility of relatively large. In addition, some dark-brown, purple-brown granite containing excess probability of radioactive material is often relatively high. Because formaldehyde will emit irritating gas, therefore, for those who have a strong pungent taste of the plate, furniture best shunned, must not lose the greater because of freeloaders. As plywood is most likely contain excessive formaldehyde, the best choice when buying a brand odor.
If the Floor, but also list include full purchase flooring species, meanwhile, try to ask the seller for the purchased product formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the written materials indicators, quality assurance books and other instruments with legal effect. Optional accessories also must be pay attention to the environmental protection. Many consumers choose in the main building materials environmentally friendly materials, while the materials did not carefully selected, the results will also cause indoor pollution. Interior decoration of the main contaminants - benzene, mainly from the renovation process of the solvent, the solvent selection is not good, it is easy to cause these BTEX volatilization cause air pollution.
Invite the authority to conduct a comprehensive "examination." After the renovation, invite the authority test the formaldehyde and radioactive substances and other harmful substances in the indoor environment is the most effective way to understand whether there is an excess of harmful substances, but also effectively prevent the decoration pollution of the premise. If it is found indoor pollution exceeded, please do not panic, you can take some effective measures to avoid contamination decoration.

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