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China International Auto Parts Expo

The Seventh China International Auto Parts Expo is organized by the Ministry of Commerce of China National Automotive Parts Exhibition, a comprehensive display of the overall level of China's auto industry, and it plays an important role in strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. At present, China International Auto Parts Expo has a wide influence in the world, and it has become an internationally renowned auto parts exhibition.
Time and place
Time: September 13-15, 2013
Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Library)
Address: No.6 North Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Exhibition Profile
China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) is held in accordance with the internationalization, specialization, market-oriented principles of China's only state-level International Auto Parts Expo. Since 2007, every year a session, has been successfully held the sixth, more than 130 countries worldwide and regions, more than 8,000 high-quality automotive parts suppliers, more than 200,000 motor vehicles and parts buyers participants. The quality and scale of the exhibition has been get the support of the global automotive industry and widely welcomed.
CIAPE for the global automobile market and customer service market, set display Chinese and international automotive industry as a whole, trends, new products, new technologies, new materials, new technology releases and achievements, establish a brand image, introduction of advanced technologies, equipment, key parts, advanced management and overseas intelligence, expand imports, increase exports, development of new markets, domestic and foreign investment and cooperation, research and development, production and interaction, foreign exchange and many other functions in one, for the Chinese and international auto parts industry to provide a full range of display, trade, exchanges and cooperation platform.
Held in conjunction with International Auto Parts CIAPE Development summit Forum, the export country policies and regulations career talk, professional seminars and other activities, such as discuss the global automotive industry hot topics, developments and trends. Thus, the colorful activities will provide a wide field, deep-seated value-added services for exhibitors and buyers.
Auto parts: engine systems, chassis systems, body systems, electrical and electronic systems, etc.;
Advanced manufacturing equipment and key technologies;
New energy vehicles and related system components;
Vehicle, motor, electric control, battery, Power Cable;
Automotive repair and maintenance equipment and supplies:
Maintenance testing diagnostic equipment, Work Glove, cleaning and maintenance equipment and lubricants, film, cleaning agents;
Car modification products and services:
Modified cars, special equipment, wheels, stereo, satellite navigation, interior and exterior trim parts, etc.
Automotive materials, general components, General Hardware;
Associate with the automotive industry-related certification, quality, financial, insurance, media, clubs etc.
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