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Factors influencing LED lamp life

Many factors influence the LED lamp life, except the most common poor heat dissipation, according to the experience of the application of LED death or LED light failure, the cause of discoloration due to the chemicals in the manufacturing process.
LED packaging factory after tests found some of the LED like LED PAR Light, LED Panel Light, LED Fluorescent Light, LED Bay Light, LED down Light, LED Tunnel Light can easily affect the normal function of the chemical, the client is best to establish a comprehensive chemical testing and evaluation systems are not compatible. With proper precautions, design and testing, the impact can be minimized or until eliminated. The adverse effects of chemical incompatibilities most obvious is blue, dark blue light white LED, rarely observed in red or green LED.
Designers should take full account of minimizing the impact of chemical substances between (mainly a LED optical lens Molding gum and in electronic assembly and lamps used in various chemicals), mix together because these items may damage LED light output efficiency, or even cause permanent failure LED occurring phenomena (such as dead lights, color, dark, light, etc.). Because the chemical incompatibilities and high temperatures cause the LED package LED failure result is the same: the flux decay, color temperature drift.
LED which chemicals can be used together, what type of potting? Can Glue? Glue on the LED has any effect?
Potting adverse effects on the LED:
In most cases, these silicone encapsulant penetrate into the interstices molecule volatiles does not damage the polysiloxane functionality itself. In such a case, if the removal of the discoloration of the LED light above the sealing cover, and continue the aging, so that diffusion of gases inside the LED and evaporate, and it is possible to restore the original state, which is why a lot of not test in a sealed environment of the LED of similar little or no discoloration.
However, as a lighting designer to note is that there are a considerable number of VOCs (volatile is not just a color, mostly volatile colorless gas) that can damage plastic packaging, causing it to swell and crack, making LED cannot afford, because the swelling and cracking of the plastic packaging inside the package will be snapped gold wire, causing flickering, dead lights and other undesirable phenomena.
Chemicals Selection Considerations:
The materials used in the selected fixtures, particularly when used in potting need to be considered, bonding glue, thermal paste, flux and residual chemicals, the LED will be exposed to any chemical should be carefully considered, even the circuit board, with the Operating temperature will release the possible damage to the LED has a gas.
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