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Scientific use of all kinds of kitchen utensils

The kitchen is one of the most intimate corners of our family, because there are full of love cooking out of mind. All kinds of kitchenware, the role of different, you should use scientifically. Otherwise, not only useless but be harmful.
First, avoid the iron pan to cook green beans. Because of mung bean contains tannin, in the case of iron under high temperature conditions may produce a black iron tannins, making black bean soup, a special smell, not only affect appetite, taste, and harmful.
Second, avoid stainless steel or iron pot boil herbal medicine. Because herbal medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and a variety of biochemical substances, in particular under heating, stainless steel or iron with a variety of chemical reactions take place, or the failure of the drug, and even some toxicity (complex is large).
Three, avoid aluminum pots filled dishes. Because of its poor corrosion resistance, the case of weak base, weak acid, salt and other substances in a chemical reaction will occur and produce particular compound, so the food, wine, monosodium glutamate, etc. should not be mounted in an aluminum container overnight. Eggs should not be there in the aluminum pan, stirring encounter because the egg white encountered aluminum will become hoar and egg yolk becomes green. Leftovers, soup, should not be left in an aluminum container overnight.
Fourth, avoid cooking by use the Black cypress or the smell of timber. Black cypress contains odors and toxic substances, and cooking with it not only pollutes the dish, and can easily cause vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain. Therefore, Folk preferred wood cutting board is made ginkgo trees, honey locust, birch and willow, etc.
Five, avoid use painting or carving engrave engraving of bamboo chopsticks. The paint on the painted chopsticks not only contains lead, benzene and other chemicals, its harmful to health, and the odor when heated, affecting appetite. Carved chopsticks seem beautiful, its filth, not easy to clean and bacteria, it may easy to cause disease.
Six, avoid all kinds of color porcelain filled condiments. Condiments preferably filled with glassware costumes. Color porcelain contains lead, benzene and other carcinogens. With the aging and decay porcelain color, pattern pigment within the "radon" of food, pollution, harmful.
Along with changes in the environment, low-carbon economy will bring a revolution in kitchen furniture, China Wooden Furniture, Living Room Chair, Shoe Racks and Metal Furniture. Green kitchen is not just a product, but also a grasp of future trends, environmental philosophy, advocating all kinds of commercial kitchen use more environmentally friendly, healthy, efficiency and safety standards in line with green kitchen equipment. Enterprises attach importance to the long-term development of green kitchen equipment suppliers, adhere to the "use technology to create green value" corporate philosophy, ongoing research and innovation, dedicated for users to create economic and ecological sustainability of win-win situation for many heating-related industries on a green, healthy, energy-efficient window of the future.
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