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2013 The Guizhou Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition

The 3rd Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition sponsored by the Guizhou Daily Newspaper Group, Guizhou Metropolis Daily JO, Guiyang Exhibition Services Ltd. and Guizhou landscape verve advertising companies, was held on 29-31 March 2013 in Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The overall objective of this decoration materials exhibition is to develop 20,000 square meters of exhibition area, 1,000 booths and nearly 50,000 audiences. And such an overall objective, the indicators are in 2012 on the basis of Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition made substantial growth.
Well-known brands together to create the largest exhibition
Just two months time has attracted nearly hundreds of home improvement business registration, booth sign has more than 2/3. Registration companies, occupying more than half of customers, many old customers from the previous 1, 2 booth expanded into 4, 6 booths, and even up to nine booths. All this fully explain Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition positive effects are being recognized by more and more customers. The exhibition very strong team, will also enhance the quality of exhibitors will be more extensive product range. Either from the product category, product style, or from the product style, form, there will be a very significant improvement.
Media strategic alliance will promote various means
Up to now, Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition has been with more than 100 national trade and professional website reached a cooperation; in the province has not only with more than 20 strong network media to reach an amicable and cooperative relations, it is the means of Guizhou Metropolis strong media influence, Guizhou build home improvement building materials exhibition cluster effect. Meanwhile, the "big market", "interactive home", "Guizhou decoration" and other fortification brand magazine will also boost this session of the exhibition, to the general need to install a house; building owners choose to bring a home improvement storm.
Customer service team offer viewers the full expansion
Currently, Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition customer service team successfully completed the expansion, and has focused years after the professional audience invitations. On the one hand, a collection of 2012-2013 has been submitted to the real estate information, and has been linked to the relevant person in charge and the third being implemented in Guizhou home improvement building materials have visited the exhibition site. On the other hand, were home improvement building materials distribution center in Guiyang City, Guiyang, slum upgrading and Exhibition area of the implant publicity, needs to have the intention of the public decoration, detail scale exhibition, exhibitors businesses, exhibition activities.
Display range
Kitchen equipment:Kitchen equipment manufacturers, Kitchen cabinets and appliances, all types of countertop materials, sink, water purification equipment, etc. Other; flooring materials: wood flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, tiles and other materials for covering earth materials; bath: the whole bathroom, sanitary ware, shower, bath, basin, toilet and other bathroom accessory products; household series: built-in wardrobes, cloakroom, Shoe Racks, bookcase, Artificial Stone, wardrobe sliding doors, partitions sliding door;
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