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Fashion Clothing Accessories

Accessories are very popular in recent years,people become increasingly inseparable from these exquisite small accessories. Like amulets, accessories witness our lives bit by bit. Reporters fond that affected by the international economic downturn, the apparel industry is also suffered varying degrees of impact. To increase sales, the majority clothing brands attract consumers through a variety of accessories. Facing with the serious economic, upgrade and integration of clothing and accessories and related products, can better improve the industry chain, to help the apparel industry to tide over the difficulties.

Known as “China’s commercial windows”, Shanghai organizes the Global Fashion Accessories Sourcing Fair in 2012.During the exhibition, we can see not only an array of all kinds of clothing, and colorful accessories are no longer willing to do a supporting role. So you can enjoy the fashion accessories of the scarf, shoes accessories, jewelry, hats, working glove, backpack,wholesale webbing and all kinds of the garment accessories in this season. Besides, the exhibition booth number is expected to more than 400. The professional Products Pavilion is divided into 9 categories, covering thousands of products in the industry. 70% of exhibitors are the mainland brand suppliers; major exhibitors will do their best to showcase their own brand of charisma.

Predicted by the experts of the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), at the end of 2012, China will be exceed the Euro area, four years later, China will become the world's number one economic power. Meanwhile, some reported that, by 2020, the per capita income of urban and rural residents is more than double of 2010. The face of the broad prospects for the domestic market and rising personal income levels, consumers increasingly enhance the demand for high-quality consumer products, which also manufacturers put forward higher requirements. Thus, Shanghai Global Fashion Accessories Sourcing Fair aims to help the excellent production of consumer goods companies to build their own brand, enhance brand value and stand out in the fierce competition in the market.

In addition, the brand exhibitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region will be one of the highlights of the exhibition. Because the oversea corps, the domestic market leads to a intense competition, causing the battle of the brands. Not only that, the exhibition will be held with the Gifts and Furniture Fair in the same period, the combination of creative and trend-setting. Everybody expect this grand exhibition.

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