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Advantages of metal furniture

Metal tubes, plates or sticks and other materials for the main structure, wood, all kinds of plywood, glass, stone and other manufactured furniture, as well as a completely made of metal material, collectively referred to as Metal Furniture.
Commonly known as " Steel and wood furniture " from a professional understanding of the concept should be of metal furniture. Steel and Wooden Furniture manufacturers is only a kind of metal furniture. Metal furniture and Living Room Chair can be a good way to create a different atmosphere in different rooms of the family, but also make the home more diverse and richer modern style. The following is the advantages of metal furniture:
1. Greens environmental protection
Metal furniture raw materials are cold-rolled steel, mineral resources from the smelting, rolling. With the rise of steel industry "green revolution" and the production process promotion "zero energy", from the selection of metallic materials to the production process and eliminated after use, do not give society a waste of resources and unfriendly effect on the ecological environment. This is the reusable and sustainable development of resource products. Some manufacturer using the ten-station cleaning phosphate process, can effectively guarantee the coating and the surface of the solid, and its coating materials commonly used eco-friendly powder coating, high utilization, work process scattered powder can be recycled, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde.
2. Fireproof, Moisture-proof, antimagnetic
Fireproof mainly reflect in metal furniture can withstand the test of fire, so to minimize the extent of the loss. Moisture-proof’s characteristics are most suitable for the southern region. China's vast southern region, as long as the Celsius temperature 12 ℃ ~ 14 ℃, relative humidity of 60% or more, is a paradise for mold growth and hotbed of corrosion. Besides, precious paper documents, photographs, instruments, expensive drugs, and various volumes are likely to get wet. Moisture-proof metal furniture can solve people's troubles. The manufacturer remind you magnetic properties is particularly important in the computer age, with trade secrets, statistics, personal data disks, tapes of historic significance files, images, or the classic CD and other precious objects, fear by a sudden strong magnetic interference, the magnetic properties of metal furniture can be a good solution to this problem.
3. Functional diversity, space saving
As good strength cold-rolled sheet, metal furniture processed through bending process can meet the functional requirements of many aspects, multi-drawer, multi-door, moving, simple, etc. in different products can do. In addition, many varieties of metal furniture with folding function, not only convenient to use, but also save space.
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