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Garment industry must increase innovation

The overall operation of garment industry is relatively stable, the growth rate in a reasonable range, industrial restructuring gradual manner. Under force in policy guidance and market mechanisms, a considerable number of enterprises to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, efforts to achieve quality and efficiency of development.
For a long time we are judged on economic development often is to see "growth", or if from this point to interpret two quarters after the garment industry sentiment index, may continue to produce the "pessimistic" conclusion. However, another perspective, you can see a lot of development of the industry highlights.
Through the second quarter performance and key indicators Garment Accessories trend comprehensive analysis, we can draw three conclusions: First, second quarter, the growth rate of garment industry as a whole is slowing, has the "cold" feeling, but warning light shows, 10 indicators have four lights in the blue light district, four in the green zone, indicating that the garment industry overall still stable development, garment industry development and growth of the Chinese economy as a whole in a "reasonable range." Also be noted that in the first quarter rose garment industry are "potential decline in short-term rebound in growth." Secondly, the relationship between industrial elements "tend coordination", that industrial development is the "reasonable interval" element data tends to be "reasonable structure." Again, the adjustment of industrial structure "started." Changes in the data from the second quarter, only to see the industry affected by the impact of international and domestic markets, but also to see the new government intensify reform, promote structural adjustment measures on the positive impact of the garment industry, and the market down forcing mechanisms are also increasingly play a role. China's garment industry is the high degree of market-oriented industries and it’s a considerable number of companies have consciously accelerated the adjustment and upgrading of the pace.
At present, the garment industry to speed up transformation and upgrading, we must pay attention in the past few years, products (ladies Skirt, webbing, Men T Shirts), channels, brands and industrial policy, based on further breakthroughs from the following aspects.
The first is the application of new technologies, clothing industry is new technology, new materials, new energy, new breakthroughs and increase circulation and other aspects of the application. Followed by the industry business model innovation, from a certain sense, the tradition of China's garment industry competitive advantage and growth momentum is still there, but we want to actively cultivate new advantages and new impetus, in addition to new technologies discussed above, is that the new business model. Such as channel construction, a number of competitive enterprises have evolved into pure shopping channel shopping arts center, industrial chain from a pure product of the process evolved into a "logistics, information flow and financial flow one" industry platform. In addition, China's economy facing a transition in the background, many entrepreneurs call this exactly garment enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, it needs a good environment for development. Governments at all levels of the traditional garment industry competitive industries should actively take effective measures to promote the healthy development of the garment industry.
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