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The rising share of LED home lighting market

As the LED industry competitive increasingly, eventually shows is not only the product competition, but also increases the competition of niche market. LED indoor lighting, as one of the important niche market, some people think this field will become the mainstream in the future, while others disagree .According to professional industry insider’s prediction, household lighting will become one of the fastest growing niche market of LED lighting in the next few years. LED home lighting is a huge market and its prospect is great. There is no doubt that many companies invest in it, and it has attracted dealers’ attentions so that they are willing to engage in selling LED lighting. LED home lighting maybe will be the terminal dealers’ commercial blue ocean.
In recent years, home lighting enterprises had increased the investment in LED research. While launching traditional new products, home lighting enterprises introduce a lot of LED products at the same time. Such as LED stage lighting, LED street lighting, LED display screen, LED floor lighting, etc. And these actions had accelerated the steps of LED lighting.
We have known that many dealers don’t know how to choose the LED home lighting brand and do not know which price of LED home lighting products are easy to sell? The survey finds that many terminal merchants would like the good design brands and those who launch new products faster when they choose the LED lighting brand. Meanwhile, terminal merchants prefer the brands with good quality and moderate price.
Nowadays, selling LED lighting has been a trend. Middle grade LED home lighting selling good, while the high grade and the low grade selling bad. The customers have concern on it. Now there are many terminal merchants engage in retail channels and distribution channels, and the middle grade brands is more suitable for consumers. According to the news from dealers, consumers prefer the energy saving lighting. It is hard to accept if the price is higher than 40% of the traditional energy-saving lamps. So, the middle grade LED lighting get a stable market and always sells good.
Although people think LED household lighting is good and also develops fast and steady, LED light manufacturers need to improve the quality of products to increase the share of market, because good quality is the key to succeed. If every enterprise and dealer just to cater to the market and bring a large number of immature and unqualified products to the market, it will damage the image of LED lighting brands and get the opposite effect eventually.

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