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The arrival of LED lighting era

As the development of society, LED lighting will definitely be a trend in the future. The phenomenon of rising hot money investment and emerging LED enterprises show that LED lighting has been recognized by many enterprises. The great support of local government has also accelerated the steps of enterprises to get into LED lighting era. Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Japan and the European Union have formulated the policy to phase out incandescent lamps and encourage the promotion of LED lighting into homes. It also makes the Chinese government realize to promote the use of LED lighting. The use of LED lighting is one of the effective ways to save energy, protect environment and live a low carbon life. But LED lighting has not been accepted by the users, such as business men and residents. At the same time, the high price and the different qualities of LED lighting make it hard to sell. Therefore, the promotion of LED lighting is a tough battle that you have to fight if you want to eat the cake.
The ban of using incandescent lamps has create a huge market for LED lighting, but how to promote LED lighting will be a difficult challenge for LED enterprises to face. The promotion of LED lighting needs a slow cognitive process, in this process, enterprises need to seize the opportunity and make a strategy to promote the arrival of LED lighting era. The LED enterprises have to combine online and offline resources to implement network marketing strategies, so that they can promote their own LED products, like energy saving lamp, LED stage lighting, and LED indoor lighting, etc. At the same time, they need to hold the terminal channels that first contact with the users. Through the cooperation with more terminal channels, and then sell the products to all residents, make price promotion and know the public demands the first time. Thus the enterprises can promote LED lighting and their own products at the same time. Secondly, according to the strategy of educating consumers, you can guide the consumers to identify the quality of the products and know about functions and features. Let the consumers buy practical and functional products, meanwhile, the enterprises can achieve word-of-mouth marketing result. All in all, to complete the LED lighting promotion job is a matter of whether can achieve LED lighting era and it involves in all facets of enterprise, such as technology hardware, product strategy, channel strategy and after-sales service.

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