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Amazon plans to update the Kindle tablet product line

According to the report from foreign media, Amazon is planning to overhaul and update its Kindle tablet products line in 2013. At present, Kindle is regarded as one of the most powerful competitor with Apple. Though Samsung beyond Kindle and became the second largest shipments in the world last year, according to a survey, Amazon’s kindle tablet is still the most attractive computer product to consumers after iPad. Nowadays, we only can say that the Samsung tablet is ordinary, and the biggest bright spot of products is no bright spot. Due to the competitors of Amazon exit from the competition at a crucial moment, there is almost no obstacle for Amazon along the way. Market participants point out that Amazon Corporation will launch new tablet products in the next few months, and it makes Amazon become the focus of attention once again.
The insiders show that Amazon plans to launch at least three new upgrade versions of the Kindle Fire tablet before this year's holiday shopping season. Like other upgrade digital equipments, the first kind of new product will replace the old 7 inch screen Kindle Fire. The old 7 inch screen Kindle Fire used to be an entry-level tablet of Amazon, and now its price is $159. The size of the new products will not change, but it will use the new display panels which can achieve the resolution of 1280 * 800. And such a high resolution screen had been equipped on the Kindle Fire HD. The existing Kindle Fire tablet are using IPS screen, and its resolution is 1024*600.
Amazon also plans to launch new version of the Kindle Fire HD, in consideration of the resolution of new Kindle Fire had been improved, the resolution of the new Kindle Fire HD will increase to 1920 * 1200. According to the insider’s news, the new Kindle Fire HD will still use 7 inch screen. Another upgrade product that will be launched this year is the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, and the product will use 8.9 inch screen, its display resolution is 1920*1200, but the screen resolution will be increased to 2560*1600 after being upgraded. Thus, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD will win the iPad which is equipped with 9.7 -inch Retina display screen. With the use of audio and video equipments, Kindle can create better user experience. The insiders also say that the new products are lighter than the previous generation products and have a more streamlined appearance.

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