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The traditional PC market will recover in 2014

Though the traditional PC market seems weak when it face with the attack of the mobile Internet products, and people even say that traditional PC will disappear with the passage of time. But that is not the truth. According to IDC and Intel’s survey, although the tablet and Smartphone are doing well, 97 percent of the American families think PC is still their primary computing devices. More than 41% of the families want to update their PC in a year, 54% of the parents and children in these families have the demand to buy a new computer next year. So, these data shows that computer products are still people’s favorite.
American consumers usually spend an average of 43 hours in using all kinds of computer devices, such as Smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops and 2 in 1 equipment. Besides, the desktops and laptops are the main equipment. IDC reports that among the American consumers, 73% of them will choose to give up doing exercise before give up using the computer, 71% of consumers will give up chocolates, 65% of consumers will choose to give up caffeine, 58% of consumers will choose to give up the cable first and 33% of them will choose to give up their car. Digital equipments are very popular with many people like a magic power.
In American family, the time users spend on PC almost more than 4 years. Users spend average of 13 minutes a day in waiting for PC to perform basic functions, such as loading Web pages and startup or shutdown computer, and it is equal to spend 3 days each year to wait. According to the data of IDC, the main reason for American consumers to buy the traditional PC is that product innovation and the adoption of innovative technology, approachable price, and rapid upgrade generation. If their old computer device has a failure, it will seriously affect their work.
In fact, this situation also exists in China, the user’s demand for traditional PC can’t be replaced by mobile Internet devices. Such as word, excel and other office applications. Touching operation is still cannot replace the keyboard and mouse operation. In addition, in many big games, the tablets and Smartphone cannot bring the same awesome impact experience from PC. Even though you use the audio and video equipment, you can’t get the same experience, either.
However, the effects of mobile Internet products to the traditional PC can’t be denied. In fact, the influence factors include the weak economy. And in the case of strong PC performance, product update cycle will be extended obviously. But the step of Intel to launch new products does not slow down, and these factors affect the purchasing power in a certain circumstances.
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