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The output value of LED lighting market will increase in 2013

As the lowest retail price of LED lighting has declined to 10 dollars, the lighting industry is optimistic and predicts that the output value of LED lighting market will increase quickly next year, and the related supply chain vendors will have the chance to get profit.
The Asian marketing director of Philips Lumileds Lighting Company Zhou Xuejun pointed out that as the price of the LED bulbs decline gradually and the support of government, LED lighting market scale is possible to expand quickly next year. Due to the declining price of LED lamps, the support of government’s policy and the concept of green energy, LED lighting industry can grow strongly next year. Among these reasons, the low retail price of LED lamp affects the growth of LED lighting market most directly. Including general led indoor lighting, led outdoor lighting and energy saving lamps, and the output value of these lightings are possible to improve.
Zhou Xuejun further pointed out that, in addition to the retail price of LED lighting that replaced the 40w incandescent lamp has reach a sweet price. The price of those replace 60w incandescent lamp is more likely to be declined to an acceptable price next year. Besides, because of the high amount of light, it is more proper to play the role of main indoor lighting. So its shipments and market penetration rate make the industry more willing to look forward.
However, though the declined price is good for LED lamps to expand the market, it also shrinks the profit of related supply chain industry. So how to get more orders to extend revenue has become a focus to breakthrough. Zhou Xuejun said, take LED lighting for example, you must launch various kinds of matching product in different application markets to meet consumer’s need. By the strategy of meager profit but high turnover, expand the market and then make the high profit.
In order to master the opportunities of different application market, the characteristics of LED lighting products should be change, too. General indoor alternative LED bulbs mainly emphasized on the affordable price, the outdoor led lighting needs the high reliability and high lumens per watt. In order to meet the need of those application markets, manufacturers should divide the product positioning further to get business opportunities.

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