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The new mobile experience from Toshiba's new products

With the development of science and technology, computers have become an indispensable entertainment office assistant in people's life. As the first laptop computer maker in the world, Toshiba Computer Company devotes herself to the r&d and manufacturing of computer products, adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the core advantage, improve product quality continuously, satisfy the user's final demand. Toshiba Computer Company has led the rapid development of the computer industry.
Innovative concept, Toshiba computers launch new products in 2013. In July, Toshiba computers launched all new computer products, included mixed Ultrabook, ultimate game laptop, high-end tablets. Among those digital equipments, PortegeZ15t - A is a product that combines the new concept of fashion technology. The new plug type fission structure design, makes it can be easily to switch between tablet and Ultrabook by pulling and plugging. 11.6 -inch IPS wide Angle 1080p full hd touch screen, with exclusive electromagnetic pressure pen and capacitance pen, users can do handwritten operation anytime and anywhere. Besides, its screen positive can withstand 100 kg pressure, drop without damage from 76cm high and the solid design of keyboard to resist 30 cc liquid splashes. Those advantages make businessmen have nothing to worry about during the long journey.
Toshiba AT10PE is currently the most advanced tablet product, it has a 10.1 inch, 2560 x1600 resolution and IPS wide Angle screen. Its 300 ppi high precision can present as fine as magazine pictures. The latest Tegra4 quad-core processor and 2 GB operation memory, ensure that each program can run smoothly. The use of High-end audio and video equipment, like Harman/Kardon, makes users can enjoy perfect video games on a tablet. Toshiba AT10PE tablets also have perfect intelligent handwritten office function, it is equipped with a TruPen intelligent handwritten pen. Using 1024 grade pressure design, handwriting is closer to written in real effect, cooperate with software can achieve more practical function.
Considering consumers’ expect of light touch of notebook, Toshiba launches U40t-A touch Ultrabook, and M40 - A/M50 - A thin and light notebook to give users more choose space. With the design concept of continuous innovation, Toshiba computers promote the progress and development of the industry, the laptops have established a model of high-quality and high-performance products. At the same time, Toshiba brings more and more frivolous, fashion, high performance and excellent products to Chinese consumers. And it improves the quality of our life and change the user experience better. In the future, Toshiba computers will continue to commit to the development and application of new technology, service the users better and bring more excellent products for consumers.

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