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The collocation design of coffee shop lighting

In the hotel, people prefer to stay in the coffee shop. When interior designers design the coffee shop, they like to highlight exotic amorous feelings, with romantic warmth and comfortable. In the process of achieve a better light environment, there are many details need to be considered. A good coffee shop environment can not only attract guests in the hotel, but also become the preferred location for individual traveler to check in.
The coffee shop is indispensable in the region of the five-star hotel, and is not included in the western restaurant. Although the guests can drink coffee in the western restaurant, the taste of coffee in the coffee shop is mellow taste and the feeling is completely different. In the west, the status of coffee is like Chinese tea, a drink with national blood. So, it is necessary to provide a drinking place.
Coffee shop needs a relaxed, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. It needs to cooperate with the dimming system. According to the area, coffee shop can be divided into three parts, and the need of light and shade degree is different. Due to the coffee shop interior room is made up of various materials, such as desktop material, the materials on the surface of chair and floor. Under the condition of same illumination, the reflectance on all sorts of material surface is different, and its brightness changes different, too. Besides, the brightness of the surface will affect the whole space’s light environment effect. If the reflectance on the surface is low, then the intensity of illumination should be higher. And it is opposite if the reflectance on the surface is high. At the same time, it is important to note the different intensities of illumination between smallpox, metope, desktop and floor. Or the visual will feel drab. Desktop illumination, with candles or energy saving lamps, can completely meet the lighting requirements. Using candles can create a hazy, quiet atmosphere, make the environment has more daydream space.
Interior designer will selected suitable artistic adornment for space carefully, such as sculpture, relief, tapestry, water curtain, etc. Although the interior light environment will be darker, we usually use LED indoor lighting to bright the art decorations. Some manufacturers have begun to research professional use lighting source. There are so many lighting lamps for works of art to choose. We can use color temperature about 3000 k halogen lamp to irradiate relief and hanging decoration of tapestry. Water curtain has a high flexibility, we used underwater lamp, collocation of LED decorative lightings to build subtle effect of light color changing. It is important to pay attention to the concealment of the light source that we only can see the light without seeing the lamps.

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