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McAfee inserts biological identification into cloud storage

In 2011, Intel acquired MacAfee with $7.68 billion. After that, Intel takes some steps to apply this security company's assets to the chip level. The combined product is DeepSafe. A security layer in the Intel chips allows McAfee malware protection software to identify and block some security threats, or analyze potential hidden behavior of malicious software. This application would improve the safety index of computer products.
Intel is introducing new ideas to ensure the safety of the public cloud. Intel will provide a service that the users would be allowed to access online files after face recognition and voice recognition. Intel's McAfee will add a product called "LiveSafe". This product provides 1 GB online storage and it can be accessed through biological identification. LiveSafe has a web-based management console, it can identify the users by face recognition, speech recognition, or entering the PIN number. In addition, LiveSafe includes anti-virus and other security features. McAfee compared the service to the online storage in the cloud, and users can store sensitive information there. You can access the service with tablets, smart phones and PC. The identification schemes of all sorts of digital equipments are different.
The functions of biological Identification and identity protection bundled together can add an extra layer of protection to Intel’s chip. Audio and video equipments are crucial to PC. A PC needs to configure a network camera and an Intel processor to use voice and face recognition. Biological identification is not all effective in Mac computers, mobile devices and the PC with AMD’s x86 processors. But the users can access the files after entering right PIN number without biological identification. LiveSafe will also compatible with Android and apple's iOS operating system in the future. The price of the software is $19.99 for 12 months if you install it in new PC. After that, the users need to pay $79.99 a year. For current users, the software for 12 months subscription fee is $79.99.
McAfee’s vice president of global consumer business department Gary Davis said that security files stored in the McAfee data center. We need to make sure that we put the files in absolute safety place. McAfee software, like “Total Protection”, has a function to store files in local storage’s safe place. LiveSafe will not synchronize the security files that created in local storage. Intel said it will use the McAfee's assets to integrate security functions into chip level, so that their products are different from competitors' products. Some functions will be embedded into the atom chip to protect the security of smart phones and tablets.

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