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Create a romantic house with LED lighting

In recent years, LED lighting transcended the traditional style of square and circular, with the posture of curve to show concise and beautiful line with dynamic, and gradually become the daring of household accessories to create a romantic atmosphere.
As the rising of people’s living standard, people’s concept of environmental protection and energy saving strengthen constantly. When consumers choose lamps and lanterns, they not only consider the appearance, energy saving and use fixed number of year have become a important choose factor. It seems that 90% of consumers only choose beautiful lamps without considering the stability of light source and energy saving degree. But now more and more consumers would like to consider energy saving as a important reference index when they choose lamps. Energy-saving lamps are more and more popular with consumers. It also reflects the improvement of consumer’s culture and it accords with the trend of environmental protection and energy saving. As we all know, LED’s performance is outstanding, the most important is it can save energy and more bright.
LED lighting is very small, usually less than 2 square mm, but it can emit bright lights and won't heat up. It can save as much as 85% of energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. If there are 1 million people change a light bulb for led lightings in the house, we can offset in carbon dioxide emissions by 6700 cars, also is equal to plant 17 million trees in a year. In addition, the service lives of them up to 20000 hours, as other things change every time in life, the lamps will always be the same. Now, almost any kinds of lamps that designer imagine or draw can become a reality. Put the LED in the plastic pipe and bend plastic pipe into ring, make the light source locate in the middle position, mimic fireflies fluttering illuminated image, make the whole light turns on like dancing fireflies. Meeting the youngster’s need of romantic feelings, and realize the life pursuit of low carbon environmental protection.
Mention about LED lighting, if you think of high-tech, the blue light and slow turn on reaction, then it is necessary for you to change your mind. Because now the LED lamps change color richness which is limited by the traditional lamps, use digital control light emitting chip to produce a variety of colors. No matter table lighting or concentrated lighting, LED lights are practical and reliable, and can be used for various occasions. For example, you can use LED decorative lighting to decorate your house like a magic place, or use different LED indoor lightings to light up the whole house. All in all, you can have so many ways to create a romantic house with LED lightings.

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