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Touch is the future of computer

Julie Larson, chairman of the Windows product R&D department, said the computer keyboard and mouse operation will be simpler in the future once she joined an interview, touch will be a part of the PC’s total user experience. "Due to cost considerations, PC manufacturers now offer PC products mostly traditional without touch, but I believe the touch will become a very important measure of PC in the future." She said: "we have seen the development trend and potential of the touch screen PC is very strong, I can't imagine how bad it would be if we do not have touch screen PC. Once you experience, it is difficult for you to use the traditional PC with no touch"
Truly, now we have accepted the phone and tablet touch operation, so that we would subconsciously use hands to click the computer screen after we had just finished using the cell phone. After clicked the screen, you suddenly realized that you are just using ordinary notebook. So we can only have a helpless smile, and then took up the acquainted mouse. As Julie said, now the cost of the touch screen is very high, PC manufacturers will not give up the current greater market instead of pursuing perfect experience. But it conflicts with the user’s need, the user always like to pursue a better experience and higher cost performance. As for now, though Microsoft had launched Windows 8 computer product with better user experience, most of users do not have better experience equipment.
Due to the price fails to meet consumer expectations, many users start to solve the problem of touch by themselves, technicians began to DIY their computers, transform their own computers with a touch screen. With the use of audio and video equipment, they could have the better use experience. Another part of the users try to find all kinds of auxiliary peripherals, such as touch mouse, touchpad with gestures, but it still has a certain distance to the perfect touch experience, cannot better experience the charm of Windows 8. Later, some manufacturers began to launch more perfect touch solutions, the digital equipment like Windows 8 stylus recently appeared on the market. Some users had gotten the firsthand experience and wrote a lot of feelings. Its use experience is the same as official propaganda, and the touch operation is perfect that can be able to reach the level of finger operation, even may be better in more sophisticated operation.
Believe as Julie said, touch will be an important criteria to measure PC in the future.
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