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Household lighting collocation and daily maintenance

Lamps are the good helper to build sweet household atmosphere, they are the eyes of the household, you should be very careful when you choosing lamps. We should unified collocation by considering the integral style and area of the room. Due to every family’s culture levels, hobbies and different economic strength, there are different choices for people to choose suitable household accessories and lighting accessories. The lightings have various kinds of styles and different colors. When you decide to choose household lighting, you should not only consider household style or lamps shape and price, but also handle the relationship between the lamps and their use. For example, you can use LED decorative lighting if you want to create a colorful interior zone.
The main function of bedroom is to rest, but not a single sleep area. On the choice of lamp model and color selection, you should mainly care about how to create a quiet and warmth atmosphere. You’d better use indirect or diffuse lighting and choose light-warm color. You can use wall lamp or table lamp to replace the interior overhead light. In addition, you can also install the footlights under the bed in order to avoid strong light stimulation during the night. There are so many LED indoor lightings for you to choose in the market, the only thing you need to do is to select the suitable one.
The lighting in kitchen and bathroom requires high brightness, but these two places are the most easily for you to ignore. You should install kitchen lighting in the location that can avoid steam and smoke. It’s easy to wash and corrosion resistant if you use appropriate glass or enamel lamp shade. You’d better use energy saving lamp in the bathroom to avoid the water vapor condenses on the lamps and then extend the service life.
Daily maintenance of lamps
To maintain the bright and clean lighting source, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy, you need to follow these three points in daily maintenance: first, clean the lighting lamps regularly. It is easy to make the dust accumulation in tubes and then affect the output efficiency if you do not clean for a long time. We suggest you to clean them once at least 3 months. Secondly, change the old incandescent lamps regularly. When the service lives of the fluorescent tubes and incandescent lamps reached 80%, the output beam can be reduced to about 85%. Therefore, you should change the old lamps after it has used for a long time.
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