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Qualcomm launches a low-power Wi-Fi platform for home appliances and electronics products

Qualcomm has announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros launches new chip series, this is part of low-power Wi-Fi solutions series, can be formed into various kinds of devices. Just like many computer products have the function of WIFI, QCA4002 and QCA4004 network platform insert IP stack and complete network services into the chip, assist customers with minimal development inputs or cost, and add Wi-Fi to many products. The platform is equipped with a single chip processor and memory, without using other microprocessor (MCU), avoid to increase the product’s cost, complexity and power consumption. By using QCA4004, customers can not only use the platform for Wi-Fi connection, but also write their own applications on Atheros’s platform.
The applications of QCA4002/4004 platform include home appliances (such as washing machines, air conditions and water heater, etc.), digital equipments, and sensors that used for household lighting, safety and automation system. Haier is the world's leading manufacturers of home appliances and consumer electronics products, has used QCA4004 on the washer, dryer and air condition equipments.
Haier and Qualcomm Atheros will show two networked appliances that based on QCA4004 platform on IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin 2013. Haier will display washer and dryer machines on the IFA. And Qualcomm Atheros will display the air condition equipment in Hotel Concorde Berlin. Senior vice President of Qualcomm Atheros, Dr Zheng Jiansheng said that: " Qualcomm’s vision about “Internet of things near me” is to provide low-power energy saving connection functions, as a foundation for its development. Qualcomm Atheros is trying to make standard Wi-Fi can be used in audio and video equipments or other office equipments. QCA4002 and QCA4004 platform have reduced the power consumption without microprocessors. By using simple configuration and interoperability to improve the usage and simplify operation, Qualcomm Atheros has become the pioneer of industry."
QCA4002 and QCA4004 have the Green TX function, it can make equipment reduce the transmission power up to 1/2 under the condition of the adjacent equipment or other access points. With less than 1 mw power consumption sleep pattern, the dynamic power adjustment function can achieve more efficient communication function and extend battery life. Low-power sleep mode is run by the awaken management procedures inside the motherboard, equip platform with self awaken and sleep management function, further reduce the sleep mode power. In addition, the speed for platform to awake from pause is four times quicker than any other similar products. QCA4002 chip has already started for mass production, QCA4004 chip is also in the sample stage and has provided the test platform.
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