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Philips: by 2015, the market share of global LED lighting will increase to 45%

In September, LED industry enters into busy season. Due to affected by TV backlight adjustment and off-season factors, Taiwan chip and packaging industry performed weak in July and August. But the accelerated start of LED lighting and peak season will keep the industry maintain prosperity.
According to the recent research, many brand companies like Philips, Cree and Everlight Electronics had launched cheaper LED products. LED lighting has entered into a stage of rapidly increasing permeability, international companies generally expecting LED lighting’s permeability will reach more than 45% in 2015.
September will be the launch date of consumer electronics products. Except the high-profile apple products, consumer electronics show IFA will be held in Berlin on September 6-11. Samsung will launch GalaxyNote3, new tablet and GalaxyGear smart watch, Sony also will launch the new 5 inch Honami mobile phones and the first lens module on the same day.
Recently, the greater China's vice President and general manager of lighting solution department, Chandra Vaidyanathan said “the future world needs to go toward the three directions of more lighting, more efficient lighting and digital lighting. The development of LED and control technology can reduce energy consumption to 20%. In 2015, LED lighting will own a 45% share of the global lighting market. Especially in China, with the government’s strong promotion, this proportion will be bigger." Though there are many LED lighting products appear in the market, such as LED indoor lighting and LED decorative lighting, many new innovative products will be invented in the future.
In order to meet the Chinese market opportunity, Chandra, Philips lighting is continuously invest in China to build a "end-to-end" customer value chain that takes the customer as the center, from market research, products design and develop, manufacturing to marketing. And accelerate the steps of strategic transformation from lighting products parts manufacturer to integrate lighting solution provider, create a closer local market business model. "These are in order to achieve the goal that LED business accounted for 45% of overall volume in 2015." Chandra said.
At present, the OLED is a hotspot of current market, its brightness is higher than LED, the thickness is thinner and maybe it will replace LED display screen in the future. But the China r&d director and institute director of Philips, klaasVegter thinks OLED is still in the early development stage, there are more development spaces for it, but the LED enters into “full age” is the development trend of today's lighting.
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