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Nokia: What else can we do after selling mobile phone business?

Although Microsoft has spent $7.2 billion in buying Nokia mobile phone business and a series of patent portfolio, but the dying old cell phone company will continue to focus on their maps and network technology. For this series of changes, Nokia's current chairman and interim CEO Risto Siilasmaa, takes optimistic attitude toward this, and said: "this is the starting point of Nokia's next 150 stories."
150 years ago, the enterprise from Finland made a fortune with their own paper manufacture, shoemaking, production of tires and other business, and finally got into the mobile phone manufactures field that made her famous. In a recent media interview, Siilasmaa expressed a view on the topic about specialized equipment and services department acquired by Microsoft, and the influences on 32000 employees. "After leaving the mobile devices and services fields, Nokia will become very different, but it is still a powerful company, and have a healthy financial performance. Nokia still has three mainstay businesses, includes Nokia Solutions and Networks, Here map and Advanced Technologies. Besides, each of them is the leader in the field of technological innovation." Siilasmaa said.
In short, after stripping the mobile phone business, Nokia will continue to focus on the business development of network, Here map and Advanced Technology. Among them, the Nokia solutions and network company is mainly responsible for the sales of communications equipment, R&D of mobile broadband; Here map belong to one of Nokia's long-term plans, the service has become the default map provider of Microsoft Windows Phone, and Nokia hopes the service can further offensive to the vehicle-mounted navigation field; Advanced Technology development actually is equivalent to Nokia’s future products R&D department.
In the past, Nokia has established a set of fairly strong mobile and data patents portfolio, Nokia hopes to be able to take more profit from this in the future."Previously, we have successfully established a whole set of patent and technology authorization process, our company plans to take use of this advantage to increase revenue and profit." Siilasmaa said.
In fact, in the current deal between Microsoft and Nokia, Microsoft has cost $2.17 billion to buy Nokia's patent portfolio. Currently, the main work of Siilasmaa is to reshape the Nokia with no mobile phone business, and find a new CEO for the company. After losing the Smartphone business, Nokia Here map technology is perhaps the only link between her and consumers. At the same time, Nokia’s pride brand: Lumia and Asha are now owned by Microsoft. We all love the large capacity lithium batteries Lumia Smartphone, but now the company cannot ensure that Microsoft will continue to add Nokia’s genes on these two brands. Microsoft’s surface makes users can operate the PC without mouse and keyboard, we hope Microsoft can launch a series of innovative Smart-phones.
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