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The intelligent LED lighting technology and its application

As a new generation of light source, LED has a series of characteristics, such as low voltage, low power consumption, small volume, fast response, no pollution, high reliability and long life. Because it produces no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, there is no heat and thermal radiation, and can reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, so it is considered to be the true sense of green lighting light source with environmental protection and energy saving. Since 1990s, United States, European Union, South Korea, Taiwan, China and other countries or regions have launched semiconductor lighting plan to promote the LED lighting technology’s research and development. At the same time, the world’s famous lighting light source manufacturers also joined the plan actively. They vigorously develop the LED lighting market by cooperating with semiconductor device manufacturers. With the impetus of numerous forces, LED lighting technology and the industry has made rapid progress, gradually goes into people’s daily life.
In recent years, the concept of green LED lighting has attracted people’s attention. There are various types and distinctive products emerged on the market. Intelligent lighting also gradually draws people’s attention; especially the development of Internet of Things technology makes intelligent lighting become more and more important. Intelligent lighting is not only refers to the intelligent light and reduce energy consumption, but also includes sensing, communication, Internet of the Things and other modern technologies. Intelligent green LED lighting technology can be used in general lighting, landscape lighting and LED display screen.
LED has the very good controllability, which can develop the intelligent LED lighting technology. Intelligent LED lighting technology can real-time monitoring and tracking LED with external sensor and controls circuit. Automatically adjust LED lighting’s shade and colors to achieve the goal of LED’s intelligent control. On the intelligent control software, it has complete control protocol (TCP) and control method, perfect man-machine El, self error diagnosis and prompts: on the hardware, with several means of communication. Such as wireless, electric power carrier, visible light and infrared light.
As the growth and popularity of LED lighting in the next few years, LED’s efficiency will reduce the consumption of energy for the earth and lighting costs, also opened up many new LED lighting development opportunities; those are not possible for common lamps. LED lighting will completely combined intelligent microcontrollers and sensors to ensure that we use energy intelligently. One of the key technologies of intelligent green LED lighting is the continuous innovation and development of integrated circuit chip design technology. Shanghai microelectronics research Institute of Peking University, makes a deep research in the field of intelligent green LED lighting. For different application occasions, they research and develop a series of special IC and system solutions, covering LED landscape lighting, small and medium-sized power LED panel lights, high power LED flood lights and the development of intelligent control network software and hardware. They are trying best to make contributions for the development of intelligent green LED technology.
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