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Energy saving lamp, LED display screen, LED street light

LED lighting is the main application area in the future. The global LED lighting industry is in the rapid development stage. According to LEDinside’s estimate that by 2015, China’s LED general lighting demand will up to $10 billion. To 2020, it will amount to $22 billion.
Key policy guides explicitly to support energy-saving lighting
LED lighting gradually replaces traditional lighting is the trend of the times. Lighting in China which accounts for about 13% of the electricity consumption, the popularity of LED lighting is a great significance for our country to implement green energy saving policy. In recent years, China has issued a series of related policies to increase the promotion of LED energy saving lamp. Chinese government clearly put forward that the LED lighting industrial production was grown by an average of about 30%, it will reach 450 billion CHY in 2015 (including 180 billion CHY in LED lighting application products).
Technical performance has made remarkable progress; innovative applications are on a large scale promotion
In recent years, China constantly improves the luminous efficiency of LED device, blue-ray device technology levels has been increased to 120 lm/W, red light device is 70 lm/W, and green light device is 140 lm/W, these devices has reached the international advanced level. Silicon substrate technology makes a breakthrough and reaches to 120 lm/W. China's independent innovation Metal Organic sources have achieved large-scale supply which account for more than 60% of domestic demand. In the epitaxial chip link of the highest technical content, the biggest equipment investment and the most competitive patent, China’s independent innovation of the sapphire substrate can meet more than 50% of the market demands.
In recent years, China’s LED self-dependent innovation products apply to a number of major projects, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic stadium lighting, the 2009 Shanghai world expo venue lighting and lighting transformation of the Great Hall of the People in 2011, has entered the high technical requirements of medium/large size LED display screen backlight and other fields.
The trend of intelligent development is obvious
First, market demands have speeded up the technological progress, and the costs of production have fallen dramatically. Now all countries are promoting the use of LED lighting in the field of automotive, street, corridor and so on. We can find LED street light everywhere when we go outside. With an annual rate of 30% drop in production costs, it has greatly accelerated the process for LED lamps to replace traditional lamps.
Second, the global LED industry accelerates the shift to emerging market countries and regions. With the market’s continuous development and increasing LED companies, the global LED industry transfers a new trend. In order to save cost, many developed countries move their factories to developing countries. The competition in LED lighting market will be as fierce as the mobile phone market.
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